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The Vaewolfves [HYBRID]

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Shranaia is a former child of their pack's Alpha and Luna. She was save and eventually survived because of Vixen. She is unware something about herself, though, that will surface eventually. She couldn't imagine that she would be close to Vixen and the other packs. She didn't even thought that Vixen would like her, and she didn't even imagine that Vixen would love her will all his heart; even though that she was a hybrid person. Being hybrid doesn't mean that they are monsters. They are just protecting themselves from those who want to hurt them or their loved ones.



Shranaia is fleeing the woods, and someone is chasing her for an unknown reason, but she has no idea what it may be. Her pulse was beating from nervousness; she had no idea how she arrived at the woodland or how to get away. Her feet ached because she was barefoot. She tripped over what she was gazing at and was injured as a result. The beast following her smelled her blood. Even though she was in agony, she ignored it since the person who was after her could easily track her.

She continued to run, and at that time, she did not look behind her. No matter what happened, she had to get out of that forest. She hears rustling all around, and she feels fear every time. She could feel that the person chasing her was closer to her.

“AHHHH!” she shouted, and the shout echoed throughout the forest.

An animal heard that and looked in the direction where it was. Shranaia saw no way to escape from that animal. This is a big dog that is very fierce and has strange colored eyes. Its fur is black, and its eyes are red. She was about to kill when suddenly a wolf-dog jumped out from behind her making her eyes widen.

She held her left chest, and it was like, she was chasing her breath. Another wolf arrived that was different in color from the one chasing her. It seemed to protect her from the strange wolf in front of her. She was shaking with so much fear that she was about to pass out. But she couldn’t handle it anymore, and she lost consciousness.

One of them immediately turned into a human and then went to Shranaia. “Is she still alive?” one asked.

“She’s still alive. She just passed out because she was so scared,” he said, then picked up Shranaia.

“You shouldn’t save that girl, Vixen,” said a black wolf.

“You have no right to tell me that, Fergus,” Vixen said forcefully before seizing the girl from her friend. “You just can't accept that I'll be our pack’s Alpha. You know I'm more deserving, and you know I'm stronger than you,” Vixen stated, turning around and raising the lady.

Fergus was about to attack Vixen, when Ron and Ran immediately blocked him. Because of that, Fergus was thrown not far away, Vixen let them fight and returned to their pack. Everyone bowed to them, and everyone respected him. Because his father is already weak, he is the next Alpha of their Pack. When he got Shranaia down, he caressed her face, then he smiled because even though she was tired from running, she was still beautiful. White, flawless skin, and long brown hair.

Vixen turned around and saw his mother smiling at him. She looked at the girl destined to be his son’s Luna, and she didn’t think that in due time her son would become an Alpha. But there were many who tried to kill the appointed Luna and at that time the girl was not yet eighteen years old to become a full wolf.

“This is not the right time, Vixen,” said his mother.

“But they wanted to kill her, Mother,” he said.

He only wanted to keep her safe from the Mystic Pride. He doesn’t know why they want to kill her and why her parents were murdered. There are a lot of things bothering him, and he’s not sure how to tell the woman when the moment is right. Even though he has no idea what is going on, he is eager to protect Shranaia. Another thing is that he started to love her despite the fact that she was much younger than he was.

“But remember that Shranaia is only fifteen,” she reminded him.

Vixen sighed. He needs to return her and get away from harm. When they finished talking, he then returned the girl to the couple who had sheltered the girl since she was a child. He brought her to her room, and he gazed at the beauty of the woman. Before he left, he gave her a necklace that could hide her smell and prevent the black wolves from finding her.

When he left, he gave a reminder to Shranaia’s parents. Shranaia woke up in her room and looked around. She looked outside, held her left chest, then looked in the mirror and saw her reflection. She breathed a sigh of relief and then stood up. But she was stopped when she felt the pain in her foot, and that’s when she saw the wound.

“How?” she confuse ask to herself.

“Shranaia?” she looked at the door, and her mother appeared.

“Mom,” she immediately called her.

“What are you doing?” she asked. She saw the wound on her foot and frowned at her head. “Oh? What happened to your foot? Why do you have a wound?” she asked.

She pretended to be perplexed and unsure of what had happened to her. She has to keep the facts hidden from her because she knows she'll ask her a question, and she needs to explain why.

“I don’t know either. When I woke up, I already had a wound,” she replied, then she left and got a first aid kit.

When it was treated, she went down and saw her father who was eating and looking at her. “Good morning,” he greeted her.

“Good morning, Daddy,” she greeted him as well.

Her parents did not speak about what happened to her and that matter was just a secret. As long as her eighteenth birthday does not come and the blue moon is a sign that she will become a werewolf, no one else can know Shranaia’s true identity. While he was outside of Shranaia’s house, Vixen saw that she went well. Through that, he can watch over the girl, and he has to wait three more years before he can finally become an Alpha.

After eating, Shranaia immediately went up to her room, and when she got there, she remembered her dream, which seemed to be true. She looked at her door and sighed because she knew what happened was true but what she couldn’t understand was why it seemed like everything was just a dream. She noticed the blue necklace that made her frown and wondered how she got it.

“Whether that’s true or not. I don’t want it to happen again,” she said softly and then lay down on her bed.



As I entered the school, I saw Jenny, who was welcoming me. When She got close to me, She then gave me a letter that made me frown. “What is it for?” I to ask her.

“Adriane said it was for you,” she said.

“What should I do with this letter?” I ask again.

“Don’t you read?” she answered with an annoyed face.

I just sighed, then threw it away. Jenny and I started walking, when we got to the classroom, I saw that my table was full of flowers and it was a mess in my eyes. I just winced and then looked at them. No one spoke, and everyone seemed happy and excited about what was happening, while I was annoyed and irritated. I removed it all. I don't care if they say stupid things to me because it doesn’t matter at all. I sat down, then I put down my book, and I heard Krisha talking about me.

“Tsk. You’re the one who gives flowers, you’re still the angry one. You must be thankful because many people like you,” shrewish


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