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The Unwanted Mate

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Autumn Sanders had always known that she was different, but it wasn't until she stumbled into the pack of Alpha Luka Morrison, the most brutal and feared werewolf pack in the world, that she realized how different she truly was. A hybrid werewolf and witch, Autumn unknowingly possesses powers that could upset the delicate balance of the supernatural world. Luka, the ruthless and unyielding Alpha, has no interest in finding a mate. But when Autumn unwittingly becomes the target of a rival pack and Luka's own father proposes a war to remove Luka from power, his hardened heart begins to soften. As Luka and Autumn navigate their growing feelings for one another, they come to realize that the fate of their world rests in their hands. With danger around every corner, Luka and Autumn must do whatever it takes to protect their pack and their love, even if it means sacrificing everything they hold dear. Will they be able to overcome their differences to save themselves and their world from the terrors that lay ahead?

Chapter 1

Autumn's POV (Point of View)

After my mom's death, life in our pack has been so hard. My dad has been so brutal in my training. As his mate was gone, he has been so depressed and the only option he had left was to turn to heavy drinking. Most nights, he would leave to drink himself to stupor all night with His friends and come back in the early hours of the morning. How he gets home, I don't know. Sometimes, he would come back and beat me to pulp. I suffered greatly, most times asking myself if truly I was his daughter.


One night, my dad came back after his usual drinking. I was on my bed in the smallest room which was the attic. I heard the hatch of the door  unlocked. After sometime,I heard his loud footsteps coming upstairs. He walked to his door and paused. I then heard his footsteps coming towards the little flight of steps leading to the attic. Before I knew it,my door was flung wide open. He walked to my bed. I stoop up readily for him.

Beware, Minor Sexual Content Below

I tried to stand up but I was pushed on the bed with so much force that my legs went numb. In a minute, his zip was pulled down. He came to the edge of the bed where I was and tore my dress into two exposing my full breasts. As he grabbed them, I kneed him in the crotch.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh" he shrieked out in pain as he jumped down and winced in pain. I got up to run, as more adrenaline surged through my veins but as fate would have it, my dad gave me a heavy blow on the left side of my stomach. I fell on the bed and he came closer.

"Dad, please" I pleaded in vain. In a minute, my cotton panties were off my legs. I saw it flying in the air pass my face to the other side of the room where it landed with a soft thump. He came closer and was about to penetrate my hole with his bulky length when my canines extended and I bit on his shoulder blade deeply.

"You b*tch" he shouted as he staggered and fell down holding where I bit him. Now is my chance I thought as I stood up and ran to the window ready to jump out when...............................I felt a sharp pain in my back. I noticed he pierced my back with his sharp claws. He threw me on the bed. As he was about to press his weight into me again, when I  bit his shoulder again, this time I went deeper. He left me a second time. Blooded gushed out so fast soaking the sheets and the remains of my shredded night gown. I ran towards the window and I turned. I saw him shaking due to the loss of blood and I felt sorry for him. In no time, he stoped moving. I jumped out of the window. My wolf begged to take control and with her constant whining, I couldn't bear it again.

I shifted quickly and bolted towards the forest. I kept running in no particular direction, when I heard a large howl. I knew what that meant. In no time I would be found. My dad was the beta of our pack. As I got to the borderlands, I slumped due to loss of blood and energy.

I woke up chained in my human form. Someone had been merciful to clothe me. I shut my eyes trying to remember how I was caught yesterday, but I couldn't recall. I just hoped I would be killed soon as life was so unbearable for me. I remained in my cell for days without food or water. The Alpha of our pack had gone to our neighbouring pack to settle some pending cases. He would be back back today so I'm likely to face my judgement today.

Two hours later, two guards unlocked my cell door  and I  was lifted up by two men hefty. I was taken to our pack center. As we got there,I noticed that all the pack members were present including children. Alpha Daniel called me and without giving me any chance for explanation, he banished me from the pack.

I was escorted by two guards and the Alpha himself to the border lands."Go and never you set foot on The Blue Moon's pack again. From now, you are a rogue wolf and if your scent is ever caught anywhere close to this pack again, I will personally snap your neck. Now go!!!he roared.

End of Flashback

Tears wet my cheeks as I remembered how greatly I suffered as a rogue wolf. Today, the weather is nice, so I'm going for a quick run to satisfy my wolf. I leave the little cabin which i found abandoned a few months ago. As I open the front door, I let the fresh woody scent in and in a minute, I start running.

I quickly shift into my wolf Amy and bolt towards the forest. I love nature a lot especially the feeling you get when you're running and hearing the sound of your feet on the soft forest floor. I get to a stream and pause. I bend down to drink water. As I start drinking, I hear a twig snap not to far behind me. I turn swiftly and I see a large male wolf with lust filled eyes. I know what to do next. I take off in the opposite direction.

The wolf howls and runs after me. Over the years,I have gotten used to this. Not wanting to lead him to my cabin, I try dribbling him in an attempt to lose him but he did not give up. As I look back, I see that he is closing in. I decide to make a new decision. I have been running from wolves since I was banished, and I have never tried fighting back. I stop running and face him.

We circle each other for a few minutes before he lunges at me. He tries landing a blow on my chest, but I dodge easily. In my old pack, my dad made sure I trained so hard and I wasn't going to let all those trainings go down the drain just like that.

I launch an attack on him and bite deeply on his legs. He whines in pain and pushes me off strongly. He lunges at me again, this time with so much  speed.

His head makes contact with my side and I fall on my back. I feel a sharp pain spike in my right leg making me to release a whine as he leaves my leg.

My blood mixes with dirt as it rolled down my leg. I get up with a lot of difficulty. The slightest pressure, cause pain to shoot through my body. He got a good bite on my leg I thought. He grins as he looks at the injury he gave me and it occurred to me that he won't stop there. He must think I won't put up a fight. He runs at me as I get my balance and while trying to  go for my neck, I push him with my body and he lands on the ground.

Now's my chance I thought while running to him. As he raises his head up, I bite deeply into his neck and I taste his blood. When he dies, I shift back and while wiping his toxic blood out if my mouth,I make way back to my small cabin.

Chapter 2

Luka's POV

"Alpha,a rogue family have been spotted near the pack borderland".my beta mind links me.

"Alright,hold them up until I get there" I say.

I quickly run out of the pack house and head in the direction of our pack outskirts. Luan,my wolf wanted to tear them up immediately, but I kept him under control. On getting there, I see a family;a woman and a child of about 7years.

The woman lay on the ground crying and I see the figure of a man who I guess is her husband. He lay motionless on the ground. The little boy's face was full of fear as he must have witnessed his dad's death.

"Woman, what are you doing here?" I ask as calmly as I can.

She doesn't reply but instead, she stands up and walks towards me. My beta growls as she gets closer and I can hear the child whimper in fear. I raise my hand up motioning for him to return to his former position. She gets to my


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