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The Supernatural

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In a world full of the supernatural, many kinds of supernatural were highlighted. It was this world that Derek belonged to. Due to a weak dying mother, Derek had to be born in the human world where he lived normal until things took another turn. It is known to him that his mortal parents know who he is but what's unknown to him is his real parents and where he came from. Figuring that out, he decided to go to his world where he found out a lot and also about his parents. Setting: Fantasy Main Characters: Derek Shawl Age: 18 Role: A selfless, fun loving leader. Ability: smart, strong, fast, intelligent. Personality: Accommodating, fun,cool. Appearance: Fair in complexion, blue eyes, tall and admirable body build, honey brown hair and pink lips. Student Gibson Anderson Age: 18 Role: A good friend to Derek Ability: strong, fast Personality: free, fun, understanding. Appearance: Tall, fair, pink soft lips, brown eyes, nice body build. Student Lyth Louis Age: 18 Role: A skilled teacher and warrior, also a friend to Derek. Ability: Deceive, fast, shapeshift. Personality: fierce Appearance: black, long silky hair, black lipstick on, beautiful and of average height. Student Jenny Law Age: 18 Role: A supportive friend to Derek. Ability: protective, clever Personality: caring, friendly, Appearance: blonde hair, pink lips, cute looking, average height.

Chapter 1

The Start

It was a rainy day and the skies looked mad as thunderclap were louder and scarier. The sky was deep gray, and it was raining heavily in the forest. Thomas and Cecilia were finding it hard to move fast as Cecilia was heavily pregnant and due for birth. She was getting weaker'

"Honey, look! There are 2 people over there." Anne shouted.

"Oh! I can see them. What! A pregnant woman? Let's go help." Alfred said.

They rushed over to meet them and helped them. They looked around and miraculously found a conducive hut and rushed in there with them

"Ahhhh, hmm" Cecilia was screaming and panting heavily. "Thomas, I don't think I can do this." She said weakly.

Thomas felt her pulse and saw she was really weak then he faced the couple who helped them.

"Firstly, I thank you humans for helping I and my wife out. Though, I never thought I would ever say this, but I am about to confess something to you, and I'll need your understanding. You see, my wife is weak and she can not bear this child. We don't want this child to die. We need your help. Please help us." Thomas said.

The human couple looked baffled and looked at each other before Alfred said a word out.

"Uhm, sir, we are not doctors. We haven't even given birth to a child." Alfred said.

"I didn't mean it that way. I'm a wizard and the best from where I came from. I was the one who immediately cast a spell to build this hut, and it will last for 24 hours. My wife is a werewolf, and she is very weak right now due to a circumstance. She might not live to see her child either." Thomas said.

"Wh…wh…where a…are ww…we?" Alfred muttered the words out with fear.

"You are in the nearest forest to our city. The city of the supernatural. You don't need to be scared. We are not going to harm you. All we need is a favor. We want the child to live." Thomas said.

"What do we do then?" Anne said, still scared.

"As I said, I'm a wizard. I want to transfer our child to your womb, so our child can live. I am pleading.", Thomas pleaded.

"A werewolf? my belly? Won't that have consequences?", Anne said in fear.

"No, it won't. It's going to be normal.", Thomas said, observing the great fear in them. "I'm not forcing but pleading. If you can't agree to my plea, you can leave.", Thomas said.

"We're so sorry, but we'll like to leave. We don't think we can do this.", Alfred said in fear.

The couple turned to leave and Cecilia started gasping for breath

"Mom! I'm off to school.", Derek called out.

"Hey, young man. Don't you think you should eat before going out?", Anne said.

"Mom, come on", Derek said, sulking.

"Don't make me force you, Derek. Come join me for breakfast while I'm still asking nicely.", Anne said, with her teeth clenched.

"Ugh! This is why I miss dad.", dropped his school bag and started munching on his food.

"You'll be disappointed this time because no matter what your dad says now, I'll make sure you do what is necessary.", Anne said.

"I won't buy you a present this year", Derek threatened.

'Scoffs and laughs', "You wouldn't dare, son.", Anne giggled.

"I'm done. Love you mom, bye.", Derek rushed out.

"Love you too son.", She said as she smiled lovingly.

Derek got to school and saw his friends, Eunice and Chris waiting at the gate for him.

"What took you so long, Derek. You know that we want to walk in together as it's the first day of school this year., Eunice complained.

"I'm so sorry guys. It was my mom that held me down with breakfast again.", Derek replied.

"Momma's boy", Eunice teased.

"You know that's not true", Derek winked.

"Enough of the chit-chat. Let's go in, or we'll be late for real.", Chris warned.

They got to the classroom and started chit-chatting and Derek paused because he was distracted by Stacy who was talking about him to her friends.

"Can't you see him? He's looking so handsome and perfect. Oh, I wish he's mine and I won't stop trying to make him mine.", Stacy said.

"Tch!" Derek chuckled.

"Hey, were you listening to us at all?" Chris said.

"Uhm... I'm sorry. I was a little bit distracted.", Derek said.

"Hmm , distracted by your crush, Lucy right?", Eunice teased.

"Come on guys, I keep telling you I'm not crushing on her.", Derek defended.

"Yeah, yeah. Then why do you get weak whenever you see her.", Chris said.

"Ugh … You'll never understand", Derek grunted.

"So says all the men in love.", Eunice said.

" Don't be ridiculous, Eunice", Derek chuckled.

The teacher came in and taught them and at the end of the lecture, he decided to arrange the class as he was their homeroom teacher, and he felt it will be better to do a mix-up so that they can relate with others well as this was their last year in high school.

"So, Lucy, come sit next to Derek.", the teacher said.

"What!", Derek exclaimed.

As Lucy sat next to him, Derek started feeling uncomfortable then started wheezing and looking pale.

"What's wrong with him?", the teacher said, looking concerned.

"Uhm, he has a crush on her and can't seem to endure her presence sir.", Eunice said.

"What ridiculous reaction to admiration", the teacher said and everyone laughed except Stacy who was jealous.

Derek stood up with the little strength he had left and ran out of the class. He got to the school's garden wheezing and trying to catch his breath. After few minutes, he was breathing fine but still recovering from the weakness.

"Wolfs bane.", A stranger said.

Derek looked at his left and saw a handsome, tall, fair guy looking at him.

"What did you just say? W… What's that?", Derek said looking baffled.

Before he could say another word, the guy had left. Derek left school and went straight home and met his mother who was watching TV.

"Why are you back early? What's wrong?", She asked looking concerned.

"The teacher got her to sit next to me and I got so weak again. I had to leave.", Derek explained.

"You'll be fine dear. Would you like to take something?", she asked.

"I'm fine now that I'm in your arms.", he said. After 2 minutes silence, he asked "Mom? What's wolfs bane?"

Chapter 2


"Wolfs bane? Where did you hear that from?", She asked.

"Someone I've never seen before just said that. He didn't say anything else. Do you know what it is?", He asked.

"I don't know son. You know you shouldn't be talking to strangers.", She said.

"Mom, I should be an exception. I can handle things.", He protested.

"Oh, in what way? By clawing into his body or feeding on him? You know what the society will do to you when they find someone like you. You're the last of your kind. Who knows what they did to others.", She said.

'Derek broke out in tears', "Why am I born this way? Why am I not normal and you both are. Why do I have so many rules to abide by without true freedom? I'm sick and tired of this. My close pals and I don't keep secrets from each other, but I'm the one keeping a very big secret from them.", he cried.



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