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The Substitute Bride of the Alpha

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Margarett Fellope died in the clan war between the White Clan pack and the Vougch Clan pack. Nate, who was meant to be her husband, murdered her. Beatrice Fellope, her identical twin, pretends to be Margarett and marries Nate to exact revenge and justice. Beatrice intends to murder Nate, but her conscience intervenes every time she attempts to do so. Their love conflict, chaotic marriage, and murder affair slowly transform into a love full of affection and lust full of love. Will she still want revenge and justice for her sister? Or will she fall in love with the Alpha who murdered her twin sister?

Chapter 1: Her Death

A black-tinted car stopped in front of Fellope's mansion, a man wearing a black suit came out from the car and opened the door. A lady wearing black jeans, a leather jacket, and boots emerged. Her hair is long and has a dark chocolate color. She removed her sunglasses and looked at the front door of the mansion.

"Lady Beatrice, it's nice to see you again." The old nanny greets her and takes a bow. She handed her sunglasses to the man beside her.

"Where's is she?" She asked coldly. The nanny looked at Beatrice. 

"She's inside." The nanny answered her shortly. Beatrice began to walk inside. A bouquet of flowers and a sign of condolences greeted her as she stepped inside their mansion.

A big picture of her sister is displayed outside the door of a room where her sister is being mourned.

She suddenly stopped walking and looked at the picture. She feels like she is looking at herself, and it gives her goosebumps as she looks at the picture.

She continued walking until she got inside the room where her sister's body was being mourned by her parents and some guests. 

She looked around and saw everybody mourning in front of her sister's coffin.

She began to walk again. As she stepped inside, all eyes were now looking at her, they were watching her until she was in front of her sister's coffin. 

She looked inside the coffin and saw her sister peacefully sleeping, lifeless and not breathing. She felt anger as she looked at her sister's face.

There is no emotion can be seen on her face. All eyes are looking at her, and all guests feel like they're seeing a ghost. They're waiting for what she will do.

"Beatrice." She didn't look at her mother, who called her name. She's just looking at her lifeless sister inside the coffin.

"What time do you arrive?" She didn't answer her mother. 

"Beatrice, your mother is asking you." This time she looked at her father, who was beside her mother.

"Hello Dad, hi mom." she greets them coldly and turns her gaze to her lifeless sister again.

"Beatrice, I know this is hard for you. We know what kind of bond you have with your twin sister. "Her father said. 

She didn't look at them. Beatrice feels angry for the person who did this to her twin sister.

Her identical twin sister Margarett died in a clan war between the White Clan pack and the Vougch clans. Now, she never knows how her sister died, someone just told her that her sister was stabbed.

 She and Margarett have a lot of similarities, from the face, body, color of hair, and taste in fashion. The only difference between the two is their attitude. 

Margarett is a kind, loving, generous, and calm person, while Beatrice is the vice versa of Margarett. She is the family's black sheep; she is a troublemaker, hot-headed person, and cold-hearted. Margarett is the only one who can soften her stone heart.

Beatrice hates how kind Margarett is, and now as she stands in front of her coffin, she thinks of something.

*I told you many times, Margarett, never let your kindness kill you.* 

"How did she die?" Beatrice asks coldly without looking at her parents.

"She was stabbed during a clan war." Her mother answered. She looked at her. 

"Clan war?" She asks; no one told her that Margarett was involved in a clan war.

"Yes, between the white clan and the Vougch clan. She was stabbed by Nate." Her father said.

Her forehead suddenly crumbled as she was thinking who is this Nate.

"Nate was supposed to be her husband, Margarett, and Nate is in an arranged marriage to save our clan and Nate's clan."

"Then why did he stab her?" Her parents feel how angry she is. 

"We don't know, dear, the investigator told us it was an accident."

Beatrice looked at her lifeless sister again.

"The investigation is ongoing, and we will file a case to seek justice for Margarett's death." When she hears the word ' Justice,' one way of Justice she thinks about is to seek revenge on Nate, who killed her sister.

"Don't file a case and stop the investigation." She said she looked at her parents with vengeful eyes and a dark aura. Her parents know how she thinks and what she is thinking now.

"Beatrice, if you plan to do something that might cause chaos, please don't do it anymore. You're our only daughter, and we won't let anything happen to you." Her mother said. A smirk came out from her lips.

"I promise that nothing will happen to me, Mom."

"Beatrice, what are you planning? Please, Beatrice, listen to us. Let Justice seek revenge for your sister." Her dad said.

"Justice using the hand of the law is useless, Dad; we're just wasting our time waiting for that f*ck*ng Justice to be served. "Beatrice's voice cracked when she told this, her parents know how she is hurting because of her sister loss.

"I will serve the right justice and revenge for my sister, I won't let the law take Nate and put him in Jail, it is more satisfying to see him in hell than jail." She said, full of darkness in her aura.

She looked at her sister again, this time, her tears fell like a waterfall. She is hurting, she lost her sister at the same time, her best friend who's always listening to her rants; she lost the only person who believes that she is not like what others think; she lost the only person who believes in her.

"Don't worry Margarett, I will take revenge for your death, I promise to give the right f*ck*ng justice for your death." This time, a plan that she thinks will work suddenly came into her head.

"I will f*ck*ng marry that b*st*rd and make his life like a living hell and slowly kills him in my hands." She whispered as she hugged her sister's coffin.

That time the new Margarett was born, Margarett was born with Beatrice's body, a Margarett that is heartless, cold, and vengeful Alpha.

Chapter 2: The condition

Three days after the funeral of Margarett, Beatrice finally meets Nate at his house. Beatrice was there because she wanted to negotiate with Nate in terms of their clans.

"Nice meeting you, Ms...?"

"Margarett, Margarett Elice Fellope." Beatrice introduces herself. Nate smiled at her, which made her blood boil. She wondered how this man could put a smile on his face after everything he had done to her sister.

"Nice meeting you, Ms. Margarett," Nate said as he held her right hand and kissed the back of her palm. Beatrice suddenly feels angry about the way how she treats her now. 

*How does this man feel comfortable after he kills my sister?*

"Have a seat, Ms. Margarett," Nate said as he sat in his chair.

"This is the first time I've met you. You're so gorgeous and stunning." Nate said to Beatrice.

"Oh, really? I'd like to know if I already met you. " Beatrice said, looking into his eyes coldly, Nate felt icy as she looked into his eye


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