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The Sealed Legacy: The Alpha’s Lost Luna

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Fate had taken Ifrenia’s home for her with the death of her parents by mysterious rogues, and everythings about her being sealed. Javiel’s heart became cold when the only ray of sunlight in his life was taken by mysterious rogues, crazy to find his lost mate he gets acquainted with Ifrenia, who was led by the moon goddess to find his lost mate, but everything goes south with the sudden attack of the uprising on different packs with a hidden motive. Does Javiel know that the mate he had gone crazy looking for has been right under his nose the whole time? *** “ I am so so so sorry, I will get off you now” I said but when I tried to get up, I fell on top of him again. A flush of warmth spread across my cheeks as I met Javiel’s intense gaze, I found myself unable to move my eyes away. Our eyes locked and our faces were dangerously close to each other, our breaths mingling, my heart raced even faster than it ever had but I did not want that moment to come to an end as I was entranced by Javiels deep gaze. The air became charged with electric intensity leaving us both bewildered by the sudden shift in the atmosphere. I did not even realise when our face was getting dangerously closer, as our lips were about to touch,


The moonrise pack was a powerful force in the werewolf community, with a range spanning through the thick forest and into the rocky mountains. Led by Alpha Gavin, a renowned and able leader, the pack prospered under his direction.

However, his courageous and tough daughter Ifrenia will soon set off on a journey that will determine the direction of the entire werewolf pack. This journey will be filled with heartache, rage, and suffering, but it is through all of these experiences that she will become the capable leader she was destined to be.

Ifrenia was a beautiful young woman with stark white hair, ethereal diamond eyes that captured everyone's attention, perfect bronze skin covered in tattoos that revealed her heritage.

However, don't be fooled by Ifrenia's ethereal appearance; she had a wild spirit that reflected the untamed beauty of the moonlit nights. Every step she took radiated tenacity, a tribute, and the legacy she bore as the daughter of an Alpha.

Her mother, Luna Efraya, was admired by the pack as the mate of the Alpha and was a tower of grace and strength. Her soft disposition complemented Alpha Gavin's ferocious demeanor, as did her stark white hair and ethereal diamond orbs, which her daughter inherited. She was the healer of the pack, mending tendons and fractured bones of werewolves with the wave of her palm.

But this was only a small portion of her special abilities; she also possessed talents that were extremely uncommon across the werewolf nation, but only her husband, Alpha Gavin, was aware of them in order to shield her from malicious gazes.

Javiel, the second-ranking Alpha of the blue moon pack, the most potent pack in the werewolf world, was the rightful owner of Ifrenia's heart. Relationships between the moonrise pack and the blue moon pack would be improved by the union of Javiel and Ifrenia.

The warmth of the sun was reflected in Javiel's flawless bronze skin and the steadfastness in his gaze that was reflected in them. Javiel was created to lead the moonrise pack into a bright future because he is the next in line to be the Alpha. He has been raised to be a strategic leader who can lead the pack and keep them safe from outside threats.

The moonrise pack and the blue moon pack excitedly anticipated when Ifrienia would join Javiel's side as their mating ceremony drew near. The pack held its breath as the dawn of a new age approached and Ifrienia's strength increased with each passing day.


She sat down on the warm plush bed, a feeling of nervourseness washed overher, she kept on replaying how it will go, will he push her away? Their mating cerimony was just the next day, but she could not wait, she just needed to have Javiel, for the assurance.

So without thinking, she took the longest shower ever, sprayed on her most seductive perfume, wore the sexiest pair of night gown she had, called him over, and waited paitiently on the bed.

Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest when he walked into the room, she saw his eyes darken at the sight of her lying seductively on the bed.

“Ifrenia” He said in a warning tone.

“ Javiel, I cannot wait any longer, I need you, I really do need you” she pleaded.

“ Tomorrow is inevitable Ifrenia” He said.

“ But I need you now” she said in a determined voice, without wasting time, she stood up and slowly walked up to him.

She reached in front of him, and she clumsily, held his neck and kissed his face,the anticipation of his response made her heart race, but there was no response from him, which made the anxiety she was feeling to grow ten times bigger.

“ Don’t say I did not warn you,” He said with his voice carrying a hint of desire. Without wasting time, he picked her up, spun her around playfully and pinned her to the wall. His warm firm lips met hers in a passionate kiss as his hands carefully held her waste like she was fragile. As they kissed, she felt a mixture of emotions, but her anxiety began to ease.

“ Javiel, I need you now,” she whispered.

“Not now Frenia” He said with his husky voice, he then carried her to the bed and gently laid her down. As he was about to walk away, she called him back.

“ Mark me,” she begged him, that would have just increased her feeling of a deeper connection with him.

“ Tomorrow I promise,” He said and then he slowly walked away.

Chapter 1

Ifrenia’s POV

I woke up to the soft golden rays of the morning sun peaking through my window, casting a warm glow on the lavender curtains that adorned my room. Fresh pine fragrance filled the air, serving as a reminder of the forest that surrounded our territory. The pale blue walls seemed to shimmer in the morning light, casting a peaceful atmosphere. My room was a reflection of my personality—a mix of cozy comfort and nature-inspired aesthetics. As I stood up from my soft, plush bed,the excitement that was rising up inside of me was almost palpable, and the polished oak floor felt cool beneath my feet.


I was so excited because it was the day of none other than Javiel’s arrival. Javiel was the next-in-line Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, but he had always been the Alpha in my heart. Since the first day I had ever set my eyes on him, I knew that he was the one for me, and ever since that day, I always made sure to pray to the moon goddess to make us mates whe


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