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The Royal Omega

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Katherina Rosemary is an omega who was rejected by her Alpha lover as a mate. She felt so devastated when she realized her fate would be the same as her mom's. Yet, a fortune still followed her when the observation visit took place. She was chosen to be a committee member and met an Alpha from the Scarlet Moon pack named Terrence Gregory. A handsome, charming, and perfect Alpha yet, so cold and annoying. The two of them get closer to each other by the project. Can Katherina open her heart for Terrence or maybe she'll come back to Felix?


Tomorrow is my seventeenth birthday, my first transformation. I hope it'll be for the best, even though everyone said the first transformation hurts because monster harvesters try to chase young wolves. My mom always said they were just telling lies; I hope my mom's words were true.

My boyfriend, Felix, confirmed that, but he's been unusually quiet lately. He declined to meet me after school two days ago, and I have no clue about the reason behind it. Yesterday, when my tires blew out due to tiny nails, he refused to drive me home. He acts strangely whenever I attempt to borrow his phone for a selfie.

I convinced him to try some shrimp balls at the cafe today. He drove me home, standing before me without revealing his cute dimples. It's getting strange; even though our relationship never had a serious quarrel, I admit he's acting weird now. He's transforming into someone different from the first time we met.

"What's wrong, babe?" I questioned.

"Kate, I don't think we're compatible anymore. Our relationship is messed up right now," Felix stated in an ambiguous tone, his amber eyes appearing strange to me.

"But... I don't get it. Who messed up anyway?" I inquired.

"I'm not comfortable anymore. You're acting like a baby, even though you're almost seventeen. You're childish," Felix explained.

"Um, what do you mean? You said that wasn't a problem," I responded in a hoarse voice.

"I admit it isn't a big deal, but you know you're almost seventeen. You can't act like a baby all the time," Felix said, looking at me with an unfriendly gaze.

"Wait, didn't you used to be okay with it? Why are you suddenly saying I'm too childish?" I furrowed my brow.

"Plus, you're a lazy, unambitious Omega, Kate. I can't just be taking care of you alone," Felix continued, shifting his gaze.

I sniffed. "Alright, your acting is getting better every day. I know you're just acting, right?"

Felix sighed in desperation. He averted his gaze to another object in front of us, not wanting to look at me for an extended period as he had done before.

"Kate, I'm serious. This isn't the time for you to think it's a joke."

"Can you give me a sensible reason to end this relationship other than being childish and lazy? We've been together for two years, and we've never even had an argument."

Once again, he sighed but now, he’s going deeper. He turned his head facing me, while grabbing my palm. His breath sounds like someone who’s participated in a marathon contest.

"Listen to me, I'm now part of the strongest werewolf rank, Kate."

"Well, then?" I raised my eyebrow, waiting for the continuation.

"If tomorrow we are truly destined to be mates, I can't just take care of you alone. I want you to start training in anything you can."

I let out an exasperated breath. My chest feels tight and heavy. I turned my gaze to another object. I never imagined I’d be in this position.

"Growing up in an incomplete family makes me feel flawed and weak like this, Felix. I'm sorry; I should have started training since I was thirteen and—"

"You could have started training a year ago, too, Kate. But you refused, didn't you?"

I lowered my head, feeling a bit guilty. "I know."

Felix took a deep breath and shook his head. "I thought this argument would go on forever if I didn't end it soon."

“Which girl can make you fall in love so quickly?”

“Please don’t accuse me of cheating on you with other girls, because I’m not in love with other girls at all.” Felix defended himself and walked up to me.

Felix smiled then stroked my hair gently. He stood up before me.

“I’m sure you’re just kidding with me like last month. You are playing prank with me.”

 Felix shook his head but remained silent. My mom swung open the front door, gazing at us with confusion.

"Why are you here? Kate, why don't you bring Felix inside? It's freezing out, and you could catch a cold chatting outside," Mom inquired with a puzzled tone.

She approached us. Felix greeted her and apologized for bringing me home a bit later than the usual time. Mom understood.

She invited Felix into our home to enjoy a cup of rose tea or hot chocolate. Felix shook his head, mentioning he needed to head home soon as he was going to Elder James' house. Awkwardly, Felix and I exchanged glances.

"I understand you're going to be part of the strongest wolf, right? Well, go home and rest soon," Mom smiled at him.

Felix nodded once more, then he rubbed my hair warmly, as if our previous conversation was a joke.

"Go to bed soon, don't stay up late anymore. See you tomorrow, Kate."

My heart fluttered at his words, but I had to laugh at his innocence. "Felix, take care."

Felix grinned widely, giving a wink. I wrapped my arms around my torso and whispered, "I hope this is just a joke; tomorrow is a big day for me. I know you're lying, right? You'll prank on me again like last month. You know that I never joke."


I woke up at eight in the morning, yet again running late for my early rise. Swiftly, I freshened up and reached for the suit I recently picked up from the tailor – a sunflower-patterned jumpsuit paired with a yellow denim outer.

I joyfully began applying light makeup to avoid appearing like a sick wolf in front of everyone. I gathered half of my hair, tying it up a bit high.

I descended the stairs with joyful steps.

"Sweetie, are you awake?" My mother's voice called out, and I heard my footsteps approaching.

 I hurriedly ran to greet her, eager not to waste any time meeting my soul mate promptly.

My mother was in the dining room, preparing breakfast for me, and she smiled broadly.

"Come here, sweetie."

I approached her and gave her a warm hug.

"Happy birthday, sweetie," she said.

"Thank you, Mom. I love you," I whispered.

My mom planted a warm kiss on my cheek and handed me an adorable package, undoubtedly filled with delicious treats. I promptly gave her kisses on both cheeks.

"I love you too, dear. Be a good girl," she responded.

I grinned widely, then stashed the cute package in my backpack for school.

I'm currently living with my mom since I don't know where my dad is. He used to be an ordinary guy, which was annoying and disgusting. He lived with us until a few years ago, and now his whereabouts are unknown. Yet, I'm grateful he's no longer part of my life or my mom's.

Their relationship might resemble that of typical humans. My mom loved my dad deeply, willing to go the extra mile to spend a lifetime with one soul mate. However, fate had other plans because my dad had an affair with another woman. The cycle repeats, and it makes me sick.

Honestly, I despise him and would love to pounce on him if I transformed into a werewolf. I want to rip his neck, making him feel the same pain he inflicted on me. Unknowingly, this shaped my growth, causing me to grow up with a lingering grudge in my heart. My mom was one of the unfortunate werewolves given a second chance to find a mate.

She focused on me and my older sister, who now lives with an Alpha of her choice, Gustov. After breakfast that morning, I headed to school on a cute motorcycle gifted by Elizabeth, my sister. Just now, I parked my motorcycle in a designated spot and searched for Felix. Glancing around carefully, I suddenly sensed a wolf's movement within me.


I chuckled a bit, scanned the area, and spotted Felix in a park, his arm propping up a comic. I approached him.


He glared at me, clearly displeased with my loud outburst. Lately, he'd been acting strangely, and I couldn't fathom what had transpired with Felix. His brow furrowed in annoyance, and then he shot me an irritated look.

I pondered, "What did I do wrong?"

“Honey, are you still upset? What happened? Why the sudden change?” I inquired.

He straightened up, abandoned his comic, and slid his hands into his pants pockets. “Listen to me. I'm Felix Klein Ramirez, rejecting you as my mate, Katherina Rosemary.”

I felt a jolt, as if lightning had struck my body that morning. I don’t understand what made Felix have the heart to do that to me. I thought Felix would be as happy as I am.

He even refused to let me be his mate. What is wrong with me? What happened to him?

 He rejected me.

I can’t think well now, and I look foolish. While still standing there, gazing at Felix, who had left in front of me, I’m devastated. My eyes feel hot from expelling the clear liquid. I looked at his back once again.

"What happened, Felix? Why did you reject me?" Tears welled up, and with a quick departure, I sought a secure spot to let my emotions flow freely.

Chapter 2

My lunch feels incredibly empty today as I sit at the table with Nina and Britney. They've both found their mates, being a year older than me. Everything feels worse after learning that Felix rejected me, turning me down as his Luna. Even after I had informed him that it was going to be a significant day for me.

"Dear Kate, have you found your mate?" Nina inquired with a subtle smile.

I nodded.

"Oh, my God, seriously?!" Both Britney and Nina exclaimed joyfully upon hearing about my mate.

"I was rejected, and I don't know why," I explained.

 "Who is he? Did he also go to school here?" Brittney inquired.

I ignored Brittney's question, steadfastly savoring my lunch. Undeterred, she persisted with a barrage of inquiries, pondering aloud what kind of Alpha would dare to reject an Omega as innocent as myself. Nina cleared her throat, then gently stroked my hand.

“I don't want to assume th


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