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The Rogue Alpha: Loving A Wolf Princess

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Janice is a werewolf princess tired of her life in the palace. One day she ran away from the palace and very unfortunately, was hit by a car and lost her memory. Brandon is a playboy who enjoys dating different women, until one day his car accidentally hits a woman. Fearing dealing with the police and going back into prison, he decides to take her home. Things become tricky when he finds that the woman lost her memory and cannot remember who she is. Brandon worries that if Princess Janice's memory comes back that she will be reported to the police for hitting her. So, Brandon was forced to admit that he was Janice's husband. Starting from a pretense, both of them fall in love. The plot twist thing turns out that Brandon is Janice's Alpha. He has a life story full of mystery!

Chapter 1-Are You My Husband?

2 p.m

A girl running barefoot. She wore a plain white dress that was below the knee length. Her long hair on her back was messy and slightly wet mixed with sweat.

"Chase her!" The sound of several men chasing after her could be heard in her ears. Princess Janice continued to run to avoid being chased by the Las Delmora hostel guards. Her ragged breaths raced with the beating of her heart. She continued to run while enduring the pain of his blistered feet from rubbing against the asphalt. When she was desperate to cross the road, a car accidentally hit her.

The car suddenly stopped because the owner realized that he had hit someone. Brandon, the man who was still half drunk was shocked. His body was shaking violently. He was very afraid that this collision would bring him back to prison.


24 hours ago

"Excuse me, Princess. King Manason will be here soon." A grown woman told Janice. Janice suddenly turned to Jess. "Why would my father suddenly come?" She was somewhat surprised to learn that her father who was none other than King Manason would be visiting Las Delmora Cathedral.

The middle-aged woman who likes to be called Jess was silent for a moment. Then Jess replied. "This is one of his agendas which will go to the Cathedral in every corner of the village to provide charitable assistance."

Janice looked out the window. Several women dressed in white uniforms with black headscarves walked neatly into a cathedral in front of the Las Delmora dormitory. The dormitory where the nuns live and also where Janice grew up since she was 5 years old. Janice secretly smiled brightly. Finally, the day she had been waiting for arrived and she wanted to meet her biological father. Janice had not seen King Manason in a long time. It's been 1 years.

"Jess, I'm so happy to hear this news. I miss my dad so much. I want to see him." Janice couldn't stop smiling. Her eyes curve like crescent moons when she laughs or smiles.

Usually, since she was a child, King Manason always visited the Las Delmora Cathedral as well as visited his dormitory to take time to meet Janice secretly. Because, no one knows other than the housekeepers like Jess and Edgar that Janice is the real daughter of the werewolf king from another his luna.

"Yes, Princess. However..." Jess's words were about to stop for a moment. She hesitated to say it.

"What's the matter, Jess? What are you going to say?" asked Janice curiously. She grabbed Jess' shoulders and looked at her seriously.

"However, the King arrived together with Queen Rebeca." Jess told Janice.

Janice let go of her hands that had grabbed Jess's shoulders. Her face turned sad when she heard that name.

Queen Rebeca is the legal wife who becomes the eternal Luna of King Manason. She didn't know that the 5 year old child she was about to kill had grown into a beautiful oriental-looking girl. She is Janice. Janice turned to face the window again. She pursed her lips. Right now, she was very upset that her chance to meet her father would not exist. Because, there was Queen Rebeca who came along.

However, an idea popped into her head. Because of her intelligence, Janice always gets unexpected ideas.

"Jess?" said Janice. She turned around again to look at Jess who was cleaning her room. Jess turned to Janice. She immediately approached and whispered something in Jess' ear.

Hearing a whisper from Janice, Jess was taken aback for a moment. She answered nervously. "Princess, that way is not allowed."

"I'm asking you for help, Jess. Please grant me this request." Janice grabbed Jess's hands to beg for her wish to be granted in order to meet her father.

An hour later, a typical Spanish violin accompaniment was heard around the Las Delmora Cathedral. The violinists lined up neatly along the fence in the Las Delmora area. They all welcomed the arrival of King Manason and Queen Rebeca albeit with a simple welcome.

Meanwhile, Janice was in the ranks of the nuns. She slipped into their ranks to sing in the Cathedral later so she could meet her father. This was what she had whispered to Jess earlier. She asked her caretaker for help to lend a spare nun uniform to the others.

The accompaniment and welcome ceremony is complete. King Manason who was hand in hand with Queen Rebeca walked to enter the Cathedral.

Janice's heart skipped a beat. She was very happy to see her father.

All the guests had filled all the empty seats in the Cathedral. In the front row, King Manason sat with his wife and other important ranks. The first program will be singing a hymn that will be performed by the choir of the nuns, and Janice will be among them.

If the other nuns were girls who turned into gray wolves, but not Janice. The difference was clear when she stood parallel in the midst of the nun. Because, she was the only werewolf girl who had white fur when she changed. The werewolf girl was very beautiful. It made all eyes turn to her. They wondered where Janice was from.

King Manason was astonished. He saw Janice looking at him and then smiled. Of course the King was very familiar with his flesh and blood. That's why he was afraid that many would peel Janice's identity as his child, whom he had deliberately alienated from the kingdom.

Jess who saw the uproar of the guests became very worried. Especially when King Manason deliberately glared at Jess. Looks like he gave the code to Janice’s nanny to take her daughter away from this Cathedral.

However, it was all too late. Queen Rebeca recognized Janice. She knew that the girl was his husband's biological child. Queen Rebeca was angry. She immediately stood up, and cursed King Manason. "That's your daughter, right? You know what would cause it if she turned into a werewolf in front of 77 more people?"

King Manason panicked. Of course he knew the answer to his wife's question. According to the royal fortune teller since Janice was born, she was a cursed princess. When Janice turns into a werewolf in front of more than 77 people, then his Pack Manowi will be close to destruction.

The event that day was not continued because of this incident. King Manason was furious with Janice. The girl felt hurt, then at night Janice secretly decided to run away from the dormitory to the city.


Flashback off

Brandon was trying to make himself aware. Without hesitation, he got out of his car to look at the person he hit. After descending, Brandon's net caught a white girl lying helplessly on the street. Blood dripped from her forehead. Brandon was suddenly taken aback. He was starting to get anxious.

The man immediately came to her, he checked the pulse of the girl.

"Still beating!" said Brandon to himself.

Brandon looked around, the street was deserted. He didn't want anyone to see this happen. If anyone saw him, he could have been reported to the police and returned to prison. Brandon didn't want that to happen.

"D*mn it! How is this? What should I do? I don't want to go back to the prison which is such a bad place!" Brandon spoke to himself stricken with fear.

Then, he decided to carry Janice into his car. He planned to take Janice to his house.


Janice opened her eyes. She vaguely saw the room which she thought was scary. Many abstract paintings are unusual. There are paintings of men smoking, tattoos and other paintings that lead to inappropriate images. It made Janice shudder in horror.

Janice immediately panicked. She didn't know where she was right now. Cold sweat dripping down. She was really feeling too scared. "Aww!" She screamed when her hand accidentally touched her bandaged forehead. For a moment she saw herself lying on the bed with shabby clothes. She didn't know where she was now.

The bedroom door is open. A disheveled-looking man entered the room. Janice was taken aback for a moment. Janice inched back slowly with a face full of fear. Brandon's appearance managed to make Janice think that the man was a bad person who would hurt her.

"Who are you?" asked Janice as she hugged her knees.

"Do not be afraid. I won't mess with you," said Brandon carefully to the oriental-looking girl he had accidentally bumped into.

However, Janice still felt scared. "D-don't come close to me!" Janice warned the man not to approach her. Her hand stopped Brandon. The man relented. He immediately stopped.

Brandon understood. He immediately stood still. “S-sorry. My name is Brandon. I really accidentally bumped into you earlier. But, I have taken responsibility for calling the Doctor and treating you. He said you're okay. Just minor injuries."

Janice was surprised to hear Brandon's words. "How come?"

“My fault, because I was drunk. I didn't see you crossing." Brandon was telling the truth. He hopes that his honesty will help him to melt Janice's heart from being reported to the police.

Brandon cupped his hands in front of his chest. He begged Janice seriously not to report it to the police. Because, a month ago he just got out of the iron bars due to illegal drugs. And now he doesn't want to have to languish there again with the case of hitting a girl.

"So, please don't report me to the police."

"But I never felt run over by you," Janice said innocently. She really doesn't remember anything. The memory of when she was hit by Brandon’s car, was not recorded in her head.

Then, Janice frowned again. The word 'police' uttered by Brandon was foreign to her ears. Because the word was never heard by him.

"Police?" Janice asked, frowning.

Brandon hesitantly nodded his head. "Yes. Police. Are you going to report me to the police?” asked Brandon to confirm.

Janice looked even more confused by those words. “What's the police?” Janice asked like that.

The question suddenly took Brandon by surprise. He wondered why she who was on his bed didn't know the police.

"Has she lost her memory?" asked Brandon to himself. He was very afraid.

Brandon stammered. He scratched his head nonchalantly.

"Uhm…The police are the authorities. Their job is to protect people who commit crimes and break the rules,” explained Brandon.

Janice was silent. She didn't respond to the man's explanation.

"What's your name?" asked Brandon. He wanted to make sure that she had lost her memory or not.

"My name is..." Janice answered confusedly. She also forgot his name and self.

Brandon was sure that the girl in front of him had lost her memory. Then, the man asked another question to make sure again.

"Where do you live?" Brandon asked again.

Janice was silent. She tried to remember. But it can not. It even made her head throb. Janice held her head and slightly complained of pain in front of Brandon.

"Why does my head hurt like this?" Janice whispered still holding the back of her head.

"Uhm, that's fine. If you don't remember, don't force it." Brandon said that to Janice. He didn't want Janice's head to hurt more. Brandon muttered in his heart. "That's right! She's lost his memory!"

Immediately an idea popped into Brandon's head. He plans to pretend to be Janice's husband.

"Don't be afraid. Actually, I am your husband." Brandon said it was confident. The goal is for Janice to obey his words and not to report it to the police. Brandon just wanted the matter over.

Janice's brow furrowed. She was confused.

"M-my husband? Are you my husband?" asked Janice to be sure.

Chapter 2-Help Me!

Brandon nodded repeatedly and reassured Janice again. "Yeah. I'm your husband. I was just testing your memory. Turns out it hasn't come back yet."

Janice was silent. She was still trying to remember everything. But, failed. It was difficult.

Brandon saw Janice's effort to remember. She repeatedly closed her eyes and held her head. Then, she let out a low scream when she couldn't remember everything. Finally, Janice gave up. Not a single memory could come back.

"Don't force it. It's okay. I as your husband don't demand you to remember everything immediately." Brandon tries to calm Janice down. In fact, he did it on purpose to prevent Janice from trying to restore her memory.

Janice looked at Brandon. "Are you really my husband?"

Brandon nodded again. "Yes, Honey. I'm your husband. Don't be afraid."

Janice immediately believed that the man in front of her was her hu


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