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The rejected luna's secret

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Emily's life is wonderful until her husband Alpha Lucas demands Emily's divorce. Lucas is a billionaire, he owns the most valuable company in the werewolf world. Lucas wants an heir, but Emily fails to provide a child to him. The return of Lucas's childhood lover, Ava, also another reason for their divorce. Emily loses the position of Luna and loses her husband. She lost everything until she knew the truth about the child growing inside of her. But it’s already late. Alpha Lucas started to understand the value of Emily. One day he saw Emily with another man. Lucas becomes jealous and he wants Emily back. He decided to get Emily back in his life at any cost. Did Emily give Alpha Lucas a second chance? Can Emily forget the betrayal of Lucas? Did Lucas get the chance to live with his child?

Chapter 1

Emily’s pov

“Lucas, where are you?”. I screamed for Lucas when I entered our room.

“I am in the bathroom, Emily”. Lucas' voice came from inside of the bathroom. I came near to the door of the bathroom and said,

“Lucas, the manager said that the previous year's performance of our company will be presented by our team at 11 am”.

“I don’t need any team to analyse the performance of my company. My company is number one and it always stays at number one”. Lucas said from inside of the bathroom.

“Okay, you have confidence about the company and Lucas, have you finished your bathing?”

“Almost done”.

“Okay. Lucas I am coming inside”.

I put my phone on a nearby table and I started to take off my clothes one by one. Now I was standing naked. I slowly put my hand on the handle of the door of the bathroom. I slowly pushed the handle downwards, and the door opened. Lucas never closes the door from the inside. The door fully opened, and my eyes caught the huge body of Lucas. The water from the shower is flowing through his muscular body. His green eyes were looking at me. He enjoys my naked body. My nipples get roused.

“Come inside”. Lucas said.

I put my legs on the floor of the bathroom. I slowly started to walk towards him. The water from the shower started to fall on my body. My boobs touched his body. Our eyes got locked. My hands started to run through Lucas' body. Lucas suddenly grabs my ass. Then he slapped my ass. I enjoyed it. One of his hands slowly came near my boobs and grabbed one of them. I kissed him passionately. 

“Emily, please don’t come without a dress. I will lose my control”. Lucas said in my ear and started to grab my boobs. He kisses me passionately, our tongues are touching each other. Then he bites my lips and his mouth slowly moves towards my boobs. Lucas's lips started to taste my boobs. He is sucking my nipples and all over my boobs. I started to mourn. Lucas' hands slowly came downwards and they entered the space between my legs. His mouth was sucking my boobs and his fingers were inside of me. I started to cum with a scream.

I wore my shirt and pants. Also wore a coat over my shirt. I always go to the company with this executive look. Lucas always says to me that we must always go to the company with a classy look. I was born into a beta family. We are always working-class people. So, we can’t understand the way of the alpha. My husband Lucas was born as an alpha and raised as an alpha also. He is the most famous family in the entire werewolf world, the brown family. The Brown family is ruling our crescent moon pack.

“Emily, are you ready?”.

Lucas came near me wearing his favourite black suit.

“I am ready”.

Lucas kissed me and said,

“Then, let’s go”.

He walked out of the room and I followed him. Lucas walked a little bit faster toward the elevator than usual. His eyes were on his phone. A naughty smile also appeared on his face. He looks very happy. What was he seeing on his phone made him so happy?

We came in front of the elevator. Lucas' eyes were still on his phone. The door of the elevator opened before we went inside. Lucas' phone started to ring. He suddenly ended the call and put his phone in his pocket. We entered the elevator. The door of the elevator got closed and it started to bring us downstairs. I looked at Lucas, he was not looking at me.

The doors of the elevator opened, and we reached the hall downstairs. Lucas gets out of the elevator quickly. I also got out of the elevator. Amelia was sitting on a sofa in the hall. Some of the omegas are standing around her. They are taking orders from Amelia. She is one of the most important members of the Brown family and she is also the mother of Lucas. Lucas came near Amelia. She started looking for me. I started walking quickly and came near to her. Amelia gave me a stern look and her eyes went near Lucas.

“Is today the analysis of the performance of the company's last financial year?’. Amelia asked Lucas.

“Yes, mom”. Lucas said.

“I can ensure that our company is growing day by day. The day that you took the position of the CEO of the company, the company grew after that. Don’t worry, our company is leading the werewolf world and it leads forever”. Amelia said those words with pride.

Then the head of Amelia turned towards me.

“You forgot the appointment with the doctor. I need a grandchild, an heir for the brown family. You got it”. Amelia said.

“Yes, Luna”. I said to Amelia. She didn’t permit me to call her name. She always hates me for being born as a beta.

“We have to go, Mom”. Lucas helped me.


This time I rushed towards the front door and came out of the house.

Everyone is clapping, including me. Our company showed record profit in the previous financial year. Everyone congrats Lucas for the growth of the company. Everyone is shaking hands with Lucas. I am sitting in a chair a few metres away from Lucas. My mind is filled with thoughts of Amelia and Lucas' behaviour. His eyes were always on the screen of his phone. The talking between us becomes very narrow. Is Lucas fed up with me because I am not getting pregnant? Amelia always says I can’t give birth to the child of Lucas, Because I come from an ordinary beat family. We didn’t have high family roots like the brown family. I know the things Amelia is telling make no sense. But I know something so sure that she didn’t want a grandchild from my tummy.

I have noticed that Lucas is looking at me. I just gave a smile to him, he just smiled back. Then Lucas started to walk towards me. He came close to me and said,

“Emily, come to my cabin. I want to talk”. 

Then Lucas walks in the direction of his cabin. I slowly got up from the chair and started moving towards Lucas's cabin. I saw Lucas open the door of his cabin and enter it. Everyone around me is enjoying the achievement. Suddenly, my favourite staff member Danielle appeared in front of me.

“Luna, are you okay?. You look very tired”. Danielle asked.

“I am okay, Danielle. You just enjoy our company’s achievement. The achievement earned by the hard work of you all. Just enjoy”

“I'm glad that you are okay”. Danielle said. 

I started to walk towards the cabin. I reached in front of Lucas's cabin and knocked on the door.

“Yes, come in”. I heard the voice of Lucas from inside. I opened the door of the cabin and entered inside. Lucas is sitting on his chair, there is no smile on his face. He looks very cold. I slowly walked near to him and stood opposite his table.

“Lucas, what’s the matter?’.

Lucas didn’t respond to my question. He just took a file from his drawer and put it on the table in front of him. I looked at the file and looked at Lucas. He is not properly looking at me.

“Emily, take the file and sign on it”. Lucas said.

I took the file that was lying on the table and then I opened the file. I was shocked to see the heading of the paper inside the file. Divorce paper. Oh moon goddess, is Lucas rejecting me? I looked at Lucas with tears-filled eyes. Lucas' green eyes locked with my eyes.

“Lucas, why are you doing this to me?’. I started to cry. I can’t control the sadness that flows from my heart. The file fell from my hand to the floor. Lucas gets from his chair and comes towards me.

“I am sorry, Emily. I have been trying to tell you this for some time. The brown family needs an heir, my mom and I think you can’t give an heir to us”. Lucas said.

His words are hurting me.

“Lucas, we can try”.

“Emily, we have been trying for a child for three years. I can’t take it anymore and there is also another problem. A few days ago I met my Ava. She still loves me. Moon goddess gave me another chance to claim her as my mate. So, I am rejecting you”. 

I felt everything falling apart around me. Looks like I am going mad. Lucas rejected me and claimed another girl. On moon goddess please burn me into ashes. I can’t live without Lucas. 

Lucas takes the divorce paper from the floor and puts it on the table.

“Please sign the paper, I don’t want you anymore”. Lucas demanded.

Then he opens the door of the cabin and goes outside. 

Chapter 2

Emily’s pov

I just wiped tears from my eyes and took the divorce paper from the table. Lucas didn’t love me anymore. He has another girl in his heart. I always gave whatever he wanted except a child. He wants separation from me, so I am giving that up. I put the divorce paper on the table and took a pen which was lying on Lucas’s table. When holding the pen my hand was shivering. My whole world will end when I sign the paper. But I have no choice. I signed the divorce paper, it’s official. I am a rejected mate now. I put the pen on the top of the divorce paper and came outside of Lucas’s cabin.

When I came outside of Lucas's cabin. I saw Lucas talking with the manager from a distance away from me. He looks very happy. Lucas' face is gloomy like he just lifted a burden from his head. I started walking towards the elevator. Everyone is looking at me with respect. Tomorrow onwards I will not be part of the company. My first posting in this company was as the private


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