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The Princess And Her Peasant

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Chaos happens in Kingdom Euthoria when the omega Princess, Princess Zoey, gets marked by a mere peasant who visits the palace to give his order of baked goods. And she is in love with Prince Patrick. Moreover, royal rules specifically say that royalty can only get married to a person of nobility. So how can this forbidden love between a royal and a peasant happen? Is it possible, or is it just a fantasy? Is it even possible for Princess Zoey to fall in love with a mere peasant when she's in love with Prince Patrick? The rollercoaster before falling in love | the peaceful ride with blissful love A Historical Romance


*ABO Universe*

In a world in which there is a second gender where females and males are divided into three categories as alpha, beta and omega. The rankings also speak of superiority, power and dominance. Alphas are the highest in the hierarchy, then betas and at last, omegas. In some cases, omegas are considered weak and incapable of holding power.

So things become tense in Kingdom Euthoria when the firstborn to the King and Queen turns out to be a female omega. It becomes a threat to the throne as the Queen doesn't conceive a second child. In history, no omega has succeeded the throne.

It isn't the King, Queen or the citizens that find his birth as a negative effect on the kingdom, but it is the royal elders who live with their traditions. So as the Princess turns eighteen years old, the elders suggest the Princess should marry another kingdom's alpha Prince and merge Kingdom Euthoria with the other.

That is why the King and Queen decide to merge Kingdom Euthoria with the neighbouring kingdom, Kingdom Neopatras, by arranging a marriage between the two kingdoms. Their idea is to let Prince Patrick, the Crowned Prince of Kingdom Neopatras, become the king of Kingdom Euthoria too. And it is quite common for royalty to arrange marriages to gain power, control power and protect the throne. Likewise, arranged marriage was decided.



*Princess Zoey*

- She's an 18-year-old Omega with golden hair and a love for nature. One thing about her, she dislikes the fact that she cannot rule her kingdom one day and dislikes how she has to get married to an alpha that will take over as the ruler of both kingdoms.

*Prince Patrick*

- He's a 24-year-old Alpha with hazel hair and eyes and a love for sword art. He's the Prince chosen by Princess Zoey's parents to link the two kingdoms in the future. And he likes the idea of an arranged marriage between the two kingdoms.

*Duchess Winter*

- She's a 24-year-old Beta with dark brown hair and eyes and a love for gossiping. She's Princess Zoey's best friend. Despite the age gap, they are really close friends. And she dislikes Prince Patrick because she thinks he is pretentious.

*Peasant/Baker Micah*

- He's a 19-year-old Alpha with brown hair and eyes and a love for baking and making dolls. He's a baker who works with his parents in a small bakery that makes the Queen's favourite cookies.

*Viscountess Tessa* - She's an 18-year-old Omega with golden hair and a love for gossiping and talking. She's a cousin of Princess Zoey, who is famous as she's always looking for the 'right gentleman'. But she's known to have a big heart.


-Sub Characters-

*King and Queen of Euthoria Kingdom - they are the parents of Princess Zoey

*Knight James and Knight Henry - Two knights: famous in the kingdom who are wrongly accused of treason

*Maid Pamela - personal maid of Princess Zoey

*Mother and Father of Micah*

Arranged Marriage

|Princess Zoey's Point Of View|

As soon as I turned eighteen, my parents held a grand ceremony and introduced me to Prince Patrick, the future ruler of Kingdom Neopatras, for marriage. It was stupid. I wasn't happy at all. I didn't encourage their idea of an arranged marriage with a total stranger. Yet, it was supposed to happen one way or another.

Upon my tantrums, my parents agreed to delay the official deals of the wedding from one year so that time would let us get to know each other. Still, I stubbornly avoided Prince Patrick at all costs. Mostly because he was way older than me, and I saw him as an old man. Prince Patrick was twenty-four while I was only eighteen!

For many people, it won't be a huge age gap, but for me. I disliked being with someone whose way older than me because I didn't want to be treated like I was inexperienced and childish. So I was cold toward Prince Patrick at first.

But luckily, he was


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