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The Passionate Partner.

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Being a nymphomaniac isn't Ginny's dream. It has never been part of her imagination to be an ardent s*x addict. But now what would Ginny do when things turn out like that for her? Ginny spends her whole marriage with her mate who is almost inactive on the bed. She couldn't hold it any longer and that forced her to try out a brief sexual relationship with her best male friend. Now, trouble unleashes and she is rejected by her mate. Well, it is said that everybody deserves a second chance mate. Also, it has been said that some people are bound and fated to be Mateless. Which set of wolves does Ginny belong to? Will she find a second chance mate? Will her mate accept her back? Will she stop being a nymphomaniac? Will a total turnaround happen in her lifestyle? You have to read on to find out this enthralling story with Ginny leading you on the paths.

Chapter 1

I AM A NYMPHO!)GINNY'S POVI laid down on the bed half asleep. I could still tell what was going on around the surroundings but I was asleep as well. I was in my semi-consciousness state.My name is Ginny and I am a nymphomaniac. That means I am not the regular kind of girl. I was one who always had extra sexual desires. My nature wasn't because of addiction. I was born in that state.As I lay on the bed and spread out my legs, I started to feel horny again. Quietly, I started to wish that my mate, Josh, would come in quickly to satisfy me. I was feeling so horny that I started to roll from one corner to the other on the bed."Josh, get here now," I murmured as I turned further. I was having some evident traces of my nymphomaniac behavior. Josh was the name of my mate. We have been mates for about a year now and we led a happy life. Josh was peaceful, easygoing, and a very caring man. I didn't trouble him so much except for my huge love for mating. Josh had always complained that I loved eating too much and I agreed that it was right. However, what I didn't agree with was that he always said I loved it. I didn't love being such an overbearing person, nature was in my body system and nothing seemed to be able to chase it out.I was rolling on the bed without success. I couldn't calm down and I didn't like it at all. With overbearing sexual desires, I led my hand inside my underwear until it found its way into my p*ssy.Slowly, I started to rub on it while envisaging myself in my world. As I massaged and rubbed on my clitoris, I was gradually calming down. I knew what my body wanted. Sometimes, it led me to believe that my body was different from the real me. In such times, I usually found myself doing what I wasn't supposed to just like masturbating.As I pleasured my sexual organs, my desires started to arouse more instead of decreasing. Right then, I needed a d*ck in me to kill off the desires in my body system.I was still bent on working this out when I heard a knock on the door. I knew it was my mate, Josh and that made me quickly adjust myself. I knew that Josh didn't like me masturbating.Josh finally opened the door carefully. Now, I was lying down on the bed and pretending to be asleep.Josh didn't seem to know what was going on. Instead of talking, I heard him creep to the bed to get some sleep. As his body brushed against mine, my arousal sprang up until it ate me up leaving no space for some decency at all.I was feeling so horny and what was the essence of a mate if you couldn't drag him for a quick f*ck.I slowly sat up and expressed myself."Josh!" I called. "Are you there?"Josh didn't answer."I know you aren't asleep. Will you just sit up now? I want to talk to you, Josh. I want to express my innermost feelings to you," I cried out.Josh still didn't answer."Josh, I will..." I started but I was cut short by Josh."What's it? When did you start all this? I want to have some rest and I gotta do that right now," Josh said with his face showing anger."What have I done wrong right now? Is it wrong to talk to one's mate?" I asked frustratedly."Don't start now, Ginny. Why do you like frustrating me so much? Is it that bad to be your mate? Don't make me regret coming to this room tonight," Josh replied angrily.Now, I was p*ss*d off."You'd better stand up right now before I lose my temper," I threatened. "The only way you will have your rest is if you hear me out first."Josh sat up angrily as he watched me gaze at me seriously."I am up now. Say whatever you want to say now before I go to sleep," Josh said with mild anger."I thought you were proving to be stubborn," I mocked Josh."I can still go to sleep now. Tell me what you have to say now before I lose my temper," Josh added quickly after me.I knew I had to talk now unless Josh lost his temper. We had never really fought and I wasn't ready for that to happen."Okay, I just want to ask a question," I brought forward quite slowly."I am listening," Josh replied with his face portraying non-interest."What is the purpose of having a mate?" I asked slowly as I looked into Josh's eyes."Is that your question?" Josh asked back."Yeah, that's my question," I replied."Well, having a mate is for companionship and mating," Josh answered simply."Really?" I asked."Of course," Josh replied."Both of us are mates, right?" I asked again."Of course. What sort of question was that? Everyone knows that we are mates," Josh said too quickly for my liking."I know," I added. "Josh, are you fulfilling the purpose for us being mates?" "What do you mean?" Josh asked, feeling quite confused."When have you ever been a companion to me?" I asked with confidence. It was just like I had planned everything in my mind."I have always been a companion to you, Ginny," Josh proposed. "I am quite lost here. Will you bother to explain things to me?" "Let that be, for now, Josh. Have you been a good mating partner to me?" I asked deliberately."Stop that, Ginny. Don't bring that your slutty behavior out here. I don't want that," Josh said angrily."You call me a sl*t," I said with a tone of surprise."Okay, I'm sorry but you are causing all this. Why will you try to justify your actions?" Josh said with lesser confidence now."I am not justifying anything, Josh. I am your mate and I deserve to have you to myself," I said quickly.Josh kept quiet."I want you, Josh. I have been feeling horny ever since," I told Josh truthfully."I know that's what this conversation will lead to. That's what I meant when I called you a sl*t. Aren't you displaying that behavior now?" Josh said."I agree I am a sl*t, okay?" I justified it with no concern."I am not interested tonight. Let's do that next time," Josh said as he started to lay on the bed.Now, I wasn't going to allow that. I wanted s*x and I wouldn't let it pass me by.I hugged Josh from behind and held him steadily. He hurriedly lay on the bed in a bid to escape from me but I was too fast for him. I laid right on his chest and pushed myself right on him. We were both having a battle for the person with the most resistance now.I pushed my boobs right on his chest to get him allured. Josh started to push me away but I could feel his push began to get weaker. I assisted him quickly by slowly rubbing my *ss right at the front part of his trousers. I could now feel his d*ck coming to life.I could tell Josh was getting allured by now. I pushed myself against him now again and he tried pushing me back again. He didn't succeed and I had my way. I continued using my *ss and boobs to drive him crazy. While on my mission, I felt his hands go around my waist. I had already hooked him as he was already infected by my alluring body.I felt him grab my *ss with anxiousness and I let him do it.I started to remove my shirt very fast now to allow him unrestricted access to my naked boobs. I got my shirt off and threw it off before proceeding to help him out of his shirt. We were both naked from our head to waist now. Slowly, I lay on top of him. I could see him trying his best to get his mouth down my boobs.Josh grabbed one of my boobs and pressed it softly. I let out a moan and let him do his job. Soon, Josh was sucking my boobs and pinching them furiously.After letting him enjoy himself with my boobs for a while, I stood up and got off the bed. I started to remove my skirt while he did the same to his trousers. I moved closer to him now and kissed him slowly.His hands were grabbing my *ss, thighs, and back roughly. He was bent on kneading and smacking my *ss properly. I watched him do his magic while I slowly nibbled on his n*ppl*s and kissed him all over his chest.We both were ready for mating now. Josh took over now. He laid on me and looked deep in my eyes before inserting his huge d*ck in my already wet p*ssy. I held his neck as he drove his all into me.Slowly, he started moving back and forth while forcing his d*ck deeper into my p*ssy. I was feeling him quite well and I urged him to go harder and deeper.And that was how we went together until the tingling sensation hit us. We came together and laid on the bed like a log of wood.

Chapter 2

BEING A ROMANTIC MATE )JOSH'S POVWe both fell asleep in that state. It was a very quick one but also very tiring. I didn't know why but that's what it was. I woke up first and saw Ginny still sleeping. Upon seeing it, her quick smile creased up my face. I was reminded of our night of seduction. My heart went out to her and I gazed at her naked body.Seeing her this way got me hard but I didn't react to it. However, I couldn't stop myself from grabbing her ass cheeks and squeezing it a bit. My hands were stone cold and I prayed silently that she wouldn't wake up. I grabbed a long robe and got it on without putting on any underwear. I moved out quietly so as not to wake her.On getting outside the room safely, I managed a smile and headed to the kitchen. I wasn't a very good cook but I could still manage cooking some dishes. That morning, I didn't have it in mind to cook any dish. I knew


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