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The Omega's Princess

The Omega's Princess

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Born into a royal family, the princess had no right to live her life the way she wanted. At first, she was made the next Queen but her stepbrother had a way of convincing her father to get her married to a strong prince who could protect her. Because he could not protect her mother, the King agreed to it so that history would not repeat itself. The princess, Gabrielle was against it hence she tried to run away. Her escape was near successful when a stranger suddenly held her and wanted to know more about her. Before she could escape from him and return to the palace, she was caught. King Darell was furious and ordered to be locked up in her room until the contest was over and the winner was announced. On the final day of the contest, a stranger suddenly came and fought the other princes. Her father was excited about seeing the level of strength the stranger displayed and quickly made bun the winner even without knowing where he is from. During the departing dinner that night, the king was shocked to realize he had given his daughter to a werewolf! Not just a werewolf but an Omega at that but there was nothing they could do.

Chapter 1

It was a bright new day. Everyone seemed to be excited. All except me. I sat quietly on the dining table, slowly munching my meal.

My father, the king, King Darrell was seated at the top of the table. My stepmother sat by his right while she sat by his left.

My stepbrother, Donald sat to my right, a plastered smile on his face as he consumed the meal happily. It was morning yet it felt like nightfall to me. I was heartbroken and shattered.

I tried my possible best to consume my meal but I just lost my appetite! Seeing Donald made me even more upset.

The morning was supposed to begin on a good note but Father ruined it for me even the night before.

I had concluded my early night chores and… yes, even as a princess, the first daughter at that, I was saddled with a lot of responsibilities such as monitoring the affairs of the kingdom.

I also had to monitor the maids and ensure they did all they needed to do including supervising the preparation of food among others.

After completing my chores for that night, I had gone to Father’s room to take my blessings for the night.

I, however, stopped by the door as I overheard his conversation with Donald, my stepbrother.

"Get her married, Father"

Donald had told Father to get me married.

At first, it sounded like I was dreaming because I had not imagined something like that ever happening. Father was beginning to resonate with what he said and I could not dare to take it.

Not thinking twice about my decision, I burst into the room, anger visible on my face. With a grin on his face, Darrell brushed his hair backward.

Ever since Darrell was born, we had never been on good terms. He was born when I was six years of age. Whenever I carried him, he would cry until someone else carried him.

I never thought of it as anything until he grew up and the hate began to intensify. I had no idea what had gone wrong.

If getting me married was a plan of his to get me out of the house, then he was going to fail because I was not going to let him.

“Father, what is going on here? What are you discussing?” I questioned, placing my hands on my waist, anger visible all over my face.

I looked horrible at that moment with my pouted lips but it did not matter. No one cares about that beauty at that time anyway.

“Good evening, my child” A smile formed on his face as he sighted me. He wasn’t upset with me for bumping into his room which was.. strange. I stood by the door and slowly, my eyes caught the mirror, seeing a reflection of myself in it. I looked terrible.

I had not taken my bath at all and my red curls which had been perfectly packed into a bun during the day were already a mess. It didn’t matter though.

“Good evening, father” I bowed, crossing my legs and bending my head to greet him. It was a sign of royalty. He nodded in approval as he was still sitting on his mighty bed.

The white bedspread added more beauty to the white-painted room. Everywhere spoke wealth.

“Come, my child. Sit” He signaled to me, asking me to sit by his side. I nodded, not like I had a choice though.

I could not dare disobey father. He was always very playful and jovial with everyone but could get very upset whenever he was disobeyed and each time he got upset, it was always to the extreme.

Everyone had always tried to avoid his anger. It was not nice at all.

I walked quickly to sit by his side. I tried to avoid looking at Donald but as usual, he always had his way of drawing my attention, upsetting me.

“Good evening sister” He smiled. I rolled my eyes as I could see the mockery and insincerity behind the smile. I didn’t need anything from him. Not even his greeting.

Father smiled as he patted me on the back. I was beginning to lose my cool.

“Brielle, you are already becoming of age. You should get married soon” He smiled. My eyes widened in shock as I had just confirmed my worst fears.

That was the last thing I had expected. Donald was indeed the devil's incarnate. He was going to do anything to get me out and it was shocking that Father could agree to it.

“Father!” I stood up immediately “What are you saying? I am supposed to be the heir. I am supposed to be the one to reign after you. Would I bring my husband here or what is your plan?” I questioned, trying my best to hold back my tears and anger.

Donald snickered in mockery of me although he tried to pretend that wasn’t the reason. I wasn’t bothered anyway.

“I am sorry Brielle but... you cannot be my heir.” He answered quickly, looking away from me.

He knew those words would hurt me. I had trained and prepared all my life to take over the throne. I had prepared to be the next Queen and had even been addressed as one by all and sundry. Why would father do such now?

“What do you mean, Father?” I questioned as I got even more upset.

“Donald…. Donald is a man. He can handle a lot of things. He can be in control of the kingdom. He won’t have to be worried about being pregnant or anything. He would not have many responsibilities that you will have for your husband”

I stepped backward as I knew exactly where Father was headed. I wanted to be sure and again, the smirk appeared on Donald's face.

He seemed excited about himself and I could tell everything was planned by him. It was even more surprising as Father took in his suggestion.

“Donald is my heir” He finally dropped the news. I felt my heart drop. Even though I had expected it, I was even still more shocked.

“But Father…”

“Get prepared tomorrow. The letters would be sent out tomorrow. We would be hosting a contest to select the best man for you. I want you to get married to a very strong man”

“But Father, I do not need anyone. I do not need a strong man or husband. I can take care of myself. I am skilled in archery as well as skilled in sword fighting. What can I not do? I can fight and protect the kingdom.” I tried to explain.

I didn’t see any reason why I should not be allowed to rule. I had protected the kingdom severally even with Father’s absence. Why brought about the sudden development?

“You are skilled in everything but you are not strong enough. You need a strong and supportive husband and I promise to get you just that. “

“But father…”

“Enough!” Father yelled. I shivered immediately as I stood up from his side. The last thing I would want to see was his anger.

“I love you so much and I am going to do anything humanly to protect you and give you the best if you like it or not. Your choice does not matter at this point but your safety”

He stood up and crossed his hands behind him.

“Get prepared, for tomorrow is a big day”.

Chapter 2

I could not sleep all through the night. My mind wandered far and near. Father was going to get a groom for me. Just like that? What was I to him?

It was painful that father saw me as nothing but a weak child that was supposed to be married to anyone who could protect her. I wished Father could think of me as someone better.

I sighed as I removed my earrings and got on my bed. Even with the warm bedspread, I still felt cold. I felt cold and betrayed.

Tears began to fall from my eyes and I could not stop it. I had to let it all out, washing out my pain and frustration. I deserved so much better.

Who was my groom going to be? I wished I could run away but it was just not possible! Everywhere was heavily guarded.

There was no way a pin could leave the palace with no one's knowledge.

It was far from possible. If only the floor could open up and swallow me.

The last thing I had expected was getting married to anyone I did not love.



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