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Synopsis Kingdom Ophelia is a land of mystics. In it lies four powerful mystical creatures bounded by magic. For years, the kingdom has been ruled by King Alvin Argus and has grown prosperously in all regions untill he was struck by a tragic event that left him bed ridden. Kingdom Ophelia is mysteriously attacked by demons having no ruler to assume the throne and help the kingdom fight the impending doom, the prince would have to step up and sit on the throne but unfortunately, he has no betrothed. Thrown into a world of chaos after returning from the mystic school, prince Arion would have to get a bride as soon as possible and train the best warriors in order to fight for his Kingdom. With a lot at stake, the young Prince is faced with hurdles. Will he be able to overcome them or will it break him and all that he holds dear?

Chapter 1

In a world of fairies, wizards and witches, wolves, vampires and sorcerers. There stood a great kingdom, the kingdom of Ophelia.

Ophelia is a rich and powerful kingdom In Artic tor filled with mystical creatures, a Kingdom where magic is the source of life.

Ophelia is a beautiful Kingdom, with mystical mountains and magical lakes. It is divided into Four cities, each representing the four magical powers of the kingdom.

The people of Ophelia possessed magical powers that are gotten from the connection of what they call the "Inner fairy".

Everyone in Ophelia must posses an inner fairy in order to use their powers. These inner fairies are the core of their energy and they live within not to be seen by mortal eyes.

The people of Ophelia are not fairies, they possess the characteristics of humans. Some call them witches, some call them human fairies, but to the kingdom of Ophelia, they refer to themselves as mystics.

Every mystic of Ophelia has a necklace for identity. It is usually made with a thick leader of the same color as your region with a pendant in the shape of a wolf.

Each regions are ruled by an Hermes alongside 10 elders.

The people of Ophelia are praised for their vast knowledge of construction and decoration skills. They are very good constructors and this was a huge source of income for the country as a whole.

The western part of the Kingdom is the conventinas. In it lies the greatest magical lake in Ophelia, lake Adrian. It was named after the first water mystic to live there. This region is the habitat for the water mystics of Ophelia. Their main source of income is fishing and they supply fishes to other part and region of the kingdom.

The conventinas built their houses beside and on the lake. The houses on the lake are referred to as "floating houses" and are made of concrete floors and wooden walls. They are built in a way that allows the house remain permanently on the water.

Floating houses are only owned by the elders and Hermes of the conventinas.

At the middle of the lake sat the Hermes royal abode. It is built in the shape of a boat. The house was built with wooden walls and concrete ground. The house had 7 rooms, and a big meeting hall. The drawing room and dining hall had carvings of great water creatures. At the entrance of the building was painted blue the water mystic color and decorated with the carvings of some sea creatures like the whales and oysters

The dark blue wooden doors led to the great hall of the building. In it lies a big aquarium that had some of the best sea fishes. The black concrete floors had golden designs of lines on it giving it a beautiful look.

At the top of the building stood the statue of gorillas, it is a whale like fish with big fins and blue streaks falling of it's head. It's three eyes are as blue as the ocean with green and blue scaly skin.

The red flag of Ophelia which was a circle divided into Four parts each segment having different colors of which are; blue that signified the water mystics, green for the plant mystics, the chartreuse for the healing mystics, and yellow for the animal mystics. The borderline for the circle was black in color.

The southern part of the kingdom is the Amaryllis. It's the habitat of the plant mystics. This region is surrounded by forest and it grows the best herbs in the kingdom. They are known for their vast agricultural techniques and supply food and herbs around the Kingdom.

Their houses are at the outskirts of the forests and are made of great and different species of wood gotten from the forest. The great forest of Ophelia housed many great trees and few forest animals. Some animal fairies who stayed in the region helped them communicate with the animals and helped them stayed out of danger.

Amaryllis had a beautiful meadow located just at the middle of the region. It was a very big land of about 100 acres. In it was planted different types of flowers like the zinnia flowers, roses, tulips and many more. This was just one of the vast and colorful meadow in the region. It had other smaller ones too scattered across the beautiful regions.

The amaryllis shared borderlands with the Aesons. Aesons are the healing mystics. They are very close to the amaryllis and live just like them. They are few in numbers and is regarded the smallest region in the kingdom of Ophelia.

The Hermes royal abode was built at the outskirts of the southern region. It was built amidst few construction buildings.

The amaryllis were known to distribute and sell construction materials inside and outside the kingdom.

The Hermes home was made of the finest oak woods. It was spacious with lots of windows for light and air to pass through.

The walls of the buildings were painted green with dark brown wooden doors and on it were the carving of the great roots of the lavender tree. The lavender tree was loved and appreciated by the amaryllis because of it strong and medicinal roots. It was the oldest tree in Ophelia.

The halls of the building were made with wooden floors and ceilings. The pillars were built in a way that they look like trees rooted from the floor and grown out to the ceilings. Each pillar had branches that ran through the ceiling connecting one another and meeting at the middle.

At the place where they meet, sat a chandelier with crystals in the shape of leaves.

On top of the building stood the great flag of Ophelia.

The Aesons love to live in the more sunny part of the southern region. They knew how to manipulate light rays and usually used it as an essential tool for healing. They were also known for their ability to think very fast and create great inventories.

Their houses were built with so many windows for enough sun light to seep in. Their houses in the day time are always magical because of how they manipulate light to decorate.

They dealt more with making and inventing great inventions like the timer used to keep track of time in the kingdom, and also dealt with crafts of different types.

The Eastern part of the Kingdom is the faunas. It is the habitat for the animal mystics. This region is filled with Ophelia's most dangerous animals. These animals are bred and trained by great mystics of the regions. The faunas are natural animal lovers. They usually protect their animals but are still great hunters. Close to their region is the dark forest of Ophelia. They usually go there to hunt and then take it back to their region to sell and distribute.

The faunas were also known for their great fashion sense and clothes production. They made clothes from skins of animals, silks and wools.

Their houses never lacked the coziest and warmest couches and beds. They also sold bed and clothing's in and outside the kingdom.

The Hermes royal abode were made of marbles stones. Their house always looked beautiful and homely suitable for their animals.

The halls of the Hermes building had carvings just like others. It had carvings of the great mystical animals like wolves and bears. On the great wooden doors were ancients inscriptions that meant the world to the faunas.

The faunas are known as the oldest region in the whole of Ophelia. Rare ancient mystics were able to communicate with the spirit animals of the royal families, this power were only possessed by ancient powerful mystics but had never been possessed thereafter.

On top the building sat the royal flag and in the halls stood the statue of the greatest king Ophelia ever had "King Odin" . At another corner of the hall stood the statue of King odin's spirit animal, "the royal wolf".

King Odin was an animal mystics who possessed the first spirit animal. He was able to communicate with the most powerful mystical animal of Ophelia and that was the wolf.

Ever since his reign, the mystical wolf has never shown it's face to anyone neither has any king had a wolf as their spirit animal.

King Odin faced so many battles and won so many wars for Ophelia and stood as the most respected and feared king in Ophelia.

Legend has it that he would be rebirthed, during the dark times Ophelia would face again.

Chapter 2

The northern part of the Kingdom is the royal home of Ophelia. This is where the royal chambers for royal mystics are located. It is also the home of the great Palace of Ophelia.

The northern region 'Leonor' was named after the first queen mystic to rule the Kingdom.

The palace of Ophelia was built by the greatest mystics that ever lived. In it is buried the five mystical gems which is believed to be the pillar of Ophelia.

The Kingdom of Ophelia is feared around the world because it harbors the strongest mystics of all times and is surrounded by a magical barrier created by their forefathers to protect the kingdom.

The male children born into the Kingdom are sent to the mystical school of Ophelia at the age of 16, where they get to complete a training and learn how to control their powers untill they get to the age of 22. The sons of the royal families spend two extra year in order to learn more.

The royal families included the family of


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