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The Moonstone's Owner

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: CKat
  • Chapters: 15
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 57
  • 5.0
  • 💬 51


Werewolf packs believed that Faye inherited the Moonstone from Alejandra since the day she was born. She never had peace even in her sleep. But the Moonstone brought something good to her life, that her parents couldn't give, it was finding her life mate. She desires to meet her life mate because she's addicted to s*x. However, her life mate is the leader of hunting the holder of the Moonstone. His name is Damion. His mission is to kill Faye. Her life mate wants to kill her. But how could he kill his life mate? If killing Faye will also cost him his life?

Birth of Faye

3rd Point of View.

The blue moon is shining bright, dominating the broad serenity of the dark sky. It was the night when Lucy, the keeper of the Moonstone, gave birth to a healthy werewolf she named Faye. Although she was having a hard time, Lucy tried her best to reach Faye, wanting to rest in her chest. The cold wind passed along with the falling tears of Lucy while realizing, she is now a real mother. After several months of waiting.

Giving birth in the middle of the forest, hiding from the dangerous werewolf packs, how far did Lucy have to go just to keep Faye safe? She hugged Faye that is bathed in blood while thinking of the future events that Faye might face.

"She's safe and healthy," the midwife breaks the silence. Lucy gave her a look, but couldn't find words.

"Thank you, Gora," she responded.

Gora looked away. She felt nervous while passing the baby to Lucy, and Lucy notices it. It's as if Gora sensed something while holding Faye, and is not planning to inform Lucy. Why does she have to hide it, though?

Lucy didn't say a word to ask. She just brazenly looked at Gora, waiting for her to talk and say what was going on in Gora's mind. Cold wind added to the creep Gora felt inside, she has no way out and the only solution is to talk. But she just panic-stricken run away.

"GORA!" Lucy shouted, but the midwife didn't come back. Lucy felt her strong heartbeat knocking in her chest, resulting in tightening her hold on Faye. "What does she see that I couldn't?" she asked herself, hoping it doesn't involve the birth of Faye.

The serenity of the sky, the presence of the blue moon, and the million stars- all of them are gone, replaced with loud thunder and lightning, and a hurricane. The werewolves are growling together with the raging sky. Lucy and the baby Faye herself couldn't stop from growling too, it's in their nature, after all.

"Lucy," Jacob whispered as he went inside their house while gasping for his breath- coming home and running away from danger. He immediately took Faye from Lucy and check for any possible wounds. Luckily, there aren't. He then progressed into holding Lucy's hand, trying to pull it, and planning to run away.

But Lucy took her hand back, giving Jacob a disappointed and tired look. She goes, "Are we running again? As soon as I give birth, Jacob? Really?"

Jacob was in a hurry, terrified of getting caught. But if he wouldn't answer Lucy, things will get worse.

"What do you want me to do? To offer my baby girl and let our packs kill her?! Hell, no, Lucy. She's precious as much as you are."

"Let's face our packs instead," Lucy said brazenly. Thinking of a way out of every situation exhausted her. At this very moment, she's giving up on hiding.

"But you know she might get hurt!" Jacob shouted.

"And if we don't do this now, she will still get hurt in the future- an even deeper scar will dig a hole, Jacob. We have to face them and know their purpose for wanting to take Faye," Lucy whispered, taking Faye back in the care of her arms.

"So what if I was right all along?" Jacob replied. Lucy couldn't answer right away. She just breathed.

"Then I will take responsibility."

Right now, no one can change Lucy's mind.

Jacob couldn't settle due to the threat of a possible attack. In a hurry, he has to make Lucy follow his decision. That's how he thought. Yet, it's not even thirty minutes since Jacob came home, and tons of werewolf packs are already surrounding their house.

Lucy shed tears. Courage couldn't find its way to her heart. She was an Omega for a reason. Only good in words. When the action is about to be established, her knees are folding. She tightened her hold on Faye, hoping it was enough to keep her child safe. Jacob held Lucy's hand and rested it in his pocket. He felt that his wife need comfort, so he has to take an action. Jacob is an Alpha for a reason.

"Don't worry, I will take care of Faye," Jacob says, taking Faye back into his arms.

But that's not as easy as he thought it would be.

"Come out, Lucy. We need you to take an oath for Faye's alliance," says the Alpha of Starry Banes Pack, Lucy's Father. The same pack where Lucy came from with the position of Omega. She took a step forward, planning to open the door. But she stopped when someone spoke behind her that is also outside of their house. Jacob tightened his hold on her.

"That's not going to happen. Faye is ours to mold. Her father is the Alpha of Sombermane Band! Therefore, according to the rule, a parent with the highest position must be the new pack of their child," says the Alpha King of the werewolves, Jacob's Father, Joseph.

Jacob took a step back.

It's their family. Until now, they're still fighting over the Moonstone that Lucy had. But why do they have to take Faye?

Lucy, without even thinking twice, went out alone. Since she just gave birth a while ago, she's still bathed in sweat and blood. Although struggling to fight the cowardliness running in her blood, she faced her pack, for the sake of her daughter.

"Moon goddess has already announced the holder of her heart. She clearly stated it was me. So why are you taking my child?!" Lucy shouted, hoping she didn't sound so weird and cowardly.

Huandro, the Alpha of Starrybanes, took a step forward.

"In the first place, you never tried on giving it to me although I am your father. And right now, I am sure, Faye got a piece of your Moonstone. She's still a baby. It wouldn't hurt if I kill her now, right? You wouldn't get hurt emotionally if I kill her because you're not yet making memories. Don't wait before that happens. I will take her now."

Lucy was surprised. Jacob was right after all. They wanted to kill Faye, instead of welcoming her into their pack. A grain of tears comes running down her cheeks. Is this really the father she is talking with? Is he always this brutal just to attain his selfish deeds?

"NO! Do you think I will let you take Faye on your own? Split the baby! We will take at least 3/4 of her body. She's ours to take in the first place," the Alpha King, Joseph, responded.

Lucy couldn't believe her ears. Brutally honest werewolf Alpha is talking about a LIFE.

"You are all an animal for a reason. Sometimes, I'm wondering, am I even meant to live with the peasants like you?" Lucy brazenly stated.

Because of what she said, every one triggered into fighting. They attacked each other without thinking twice. It was raining hard, but the fight between packs didn't skip for a lame reason. Some of the members are dying to kill Lucy instead. But they know, no one can kill Lucy after announcing her role.

Jacob appeared, and he shouted. His trick worked, resulting in the crowd stopping fighting and looking for the man who just shouted. The murmuring noise resounds. He just ignored it and took Lucy's hand without a doubt.

"I couldn't believe you married an Omega," says the Alpha King, shaking his head in disappointment.

"Stop pointing about the position if you don't have the Moonstone. Stop bugging my wife and daughter's life or I will kill you," he stopped for a while, still not letting go of Lucy's hand, and went closer to his father. Without blinking, coldly staring, he added, "You know what I'm capable of, Father. If I say I will kill you, it doesn't matter who you are, but I will kill you."

His father felt the annoyance. In an instant, he strangled his son.

The two werewolf packs didn't waste their time, and attacked each other, while also protecting the one from their member. How odd. If your age is more than one, you will have the right to get entitled to protection. But if you're a baby, your life is in danger. Just because they assume Faye inherited the Moonstone, they will take her from Lucy and Jacob?

Lucy was still grieving, when Jacob grabbed her hand, leading her out of that chaos.

She's now crying and couldn't stop it.

"Where is Faye, Jacob?" Lucy asked.

Jacob removed a bunch of leaves from the floor, expecting Faye to be there. But his eyes widened.

"F-Faye..." he whispered.

"What's wrong, Jacob?" Lucy asks and then takes a look. But Faye is not there. "WHERE IS SHE?!"

"I don't know! I left-"

Lucy didn't finish him talking and just went back to the battle. Only to realize, everyone is gone.

"WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?! OH PLEASE, SHOW UP!" Lucy shouted. Anxiously imagining her child being ripped apart while still fighting about what part of the body they should take.

She's feeling crazy, pulling her own hair, growling, scratching her body through her claws, and screaming while finding Faye. Jacob hugged her to calm her down, crying as well.

"They took my daughter, Jacob."

The storm finished raging. The storm which they thought was a bad sign, was the one who saved Faye.

The couple heard the wailing voice of Faye and saw his cute baby face. Without thinking twice, they took Faye and hugged her- securing her in between their arms.

"Let's leave."


Dirty market, loud noises from humans, a bunch of houses, etc.

"Is this always like this in the city?" asks Lucy.

Jacob looked at her and pinched her nose, thinking she was cute for not knowing anything about humans.

"Well, at least I haven't encountered someone who wanted to rip me apart," he responded, laughing.

They moved to the city where humankind lives. It's kind of far from the forest where they came from, so only the Alpha hunters know this place, but the one with the lowest position. So Lucy didn't know about it a lot. But at least, for a short amount of time, they'll have peace of mind.

But it's their weakness to be surrounded by humans. It will be hard to hunt, act human, and wolf out. That's the number one problem they will have to face.

Jacob and Lucy went inside the unit that Jacob rented. Luckily, he has enough money to pay. Thanks to the years of hunting and collecting diamonds, he got to use them today.

It took weeks of feeding, and Faye is now a fully developed werewolf. But the Moon Goddess is not yet announcing that Faye inherited the Moonstone from Lucy. However, every werewolf, even their family believes, Faye is the new owner of the Moonstone.

Moonstone is the heart of the Moon Goddess. But for an unimaginable reason, everyone wants it.

"Why does it have to be me?" asks Faye after hearing the news. She's sitting on the floor while taking care of her nails and her mother is cooking dinner.

"You're my daughter so don't be surprised," Lucy answered.

Faye stood up, furrowing her brows.

"I refused to be immortal."

"But werewolves are immortal already, Faye," says Jacob.

"Yes, unless we get killed by a silver weapon, okay? Moonstone is their only escape to live longer. What is there to live for? Why couldn't they accept that they have to die so the werewolves would subtract in numbers? Duh! Our population is growing already, and werewolves are trying to get ahead of humans," Faye ranted.

Lucy was about to answer. However, she sensed something. But Jacob sensed it way before she did, and now gone, trying to find it.

"Mom!" Faye grunted.

"Shh, stop talking."

Every second pass, the smell is getting stronger. Lucy is feeling anxious, way worst than it did when they first escape.

Footsteps approached, and it was getting closer. Lucy and Faye get ready with weapons. But they were too late because the pack are already here.

Jacob was in front, stopping the pack from attacking- even though he already got a lot of wounds, which is fatal- he will do it for her daughter.

It was the Beta of the Sombermane Band Pack. They weren't moving. They're just looking straight at Faye. It might be impossible for them to find her, but the reality that she's in front of them is a miracle and a wish come true.

"Take me if you want," says Faye.

"STOP IT, FAYE! DON'T BUTT IN!" grunts Jacob, enduring the pain of the sword penetrating his hand.

Faye felt the conscience. Her father and mother sacrificed everything just for Faye to have the life she deserved. Always living to protect her made Faye feel she was a burden. It has to stop now.

"It's me who is involved here, Father. Let me protect myself."

"No, Faye! We didn't come this far just to let you go with this man!" says Lucy, hiding her anger.

Their loud interaction was interrupted when they felt something.

It was like the moon dropped an obvious sign from the sky, that today isn't the day for Faye to die.

Faye's wolf went out of her body, also did the Beta. Their wolves collided into the thin air like they were mating. It stayed like that for a few minutes before going back to their bodies. The smoke left marks in the air.

It just means one thing.

"You found yourself a mate, Beta Damion. How will you kill her now?" asks one of Beta's men.

Damion glared at him. His breathing went faster. No one should know about this. After a few minutes, the man who asked something to Damion, his body exploded, leaving no trace of him dying.

Faye was surprised. Probably, he did it for two reasons: to kill him because he was humiliated, and to show Faye he's powerful.

"I can kill her."

He draws his sword and pointed it at Faye, trying to measure the trajectory and position. When he was about to cut off her head, Jacob spoke.

"Didn't you know about the prophecy?" he started. "Your life is connected to the life of your mate. Once it gets killed, you die too. So if you kill Faye, you die too."

Infinitely Running

3rd Point of View.

The prophecy. It's even harder now to escape from humility. Damion screamed and wolf out. His drooling mouth pointed into Faye's precious body. Faye is not bothered to move, not even scared of him. But Damion wants her, he wanted to kill her. For some reason, there's a part of him that wanted to break the rules, although it would cost his life. But the fact that he's in danger too, stopped him.

Faye laughed while looking at the helpless Damion, wanting to humiliate him even more. Continuously breathing, desperately hoping that Faye wasn't his mate. But his wolf says otherwise. He can feel it inside. That feeling a while ago of wanting to kill, turn into a desire to mate.

"Who sent you here?" asks Jacob vulnerably. He has numerous wounds, some of which are fatal. "Sombermane? Or Starry Banes?"

Damion looked away. Faye thought he was about to leave and escape, so he held his arms, and wanted to pul


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