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The Lycan King's Forbidden Fruit

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"Run as fast as you can, little criminal, because if I catch you're mine." Rosalie De'Evangaline was born the child of a lowly omega and a powerful alpha. Because of this, she was brought back to her pack in hopes of being the packs successor, but when tragedy strikes, she becomes nothing more than a pawn to gain even more power. It is because of this tragic turn of events that she finds herself in the auctions that only criminals are sent to and while there she catches the eye of Diego Aguilar a cold and ruthless lycan that wants only thing from her, her death in exchange for saving his pack. However, Diego soon takes an interest in her, causing the lines between desire and duty to become crossed. What will Rosalie do? Will she sacrifice everything for what is right, or will she make the selfish choice to do what is right for her and her heart? Read The Lycan King's Forbidden Fruit to find out!

The Hunt

[Rosalie's POV]


I swallow down the knot that is beginning to form in my throat.


My body comes alive in anticipation of the chase that is about to come.


I burst forward, throwing myself into the labyrinth ahead of me while the blare of trumpets ring out around me.

Together with many others, I rush forward in hopes of gaining my freedom and escaping doom. From this point on it is every man and woman for themselves and if you dare get in anyone's way they'll trample you.

“You better run and hide, because when I catch you, you're mine, little criminal.”

I don't look back as the cold voice echoes around me. It causes my heart to leap and my stomach to churn while I continue to move further into the labyrinth ahead in hopes of evading capture.

This was how it worked at the auctions. You were sold to the highest bidder, but before you went to them, you were given the opportunity for freedom. Once you are sold, you are sent to the labyrinth and set free. Then it all came down to luck and skill. If you manage to avoid being caught by the one who bought you, you get to go free and start a new life away from the hell that was prison. If you were caught, you would end up in a whole new one, depending on who exactly bought you.

Usually the buyers are powerful men who are looking for toys to pass the time. They used you. They fucked you. They abused you, and then they either threw you away or killed you. That was the fate you faced, but some were worse than others, and my buyer was the worst there was.

Diego Aguilar is the most ruthless and cold-blooded king to exist in thousands of years. And the only lycan to exist in our world. He killed without blinking, and if you crossed him even a bit, he would destroy you no matter who you were.

Why I was unlucky enough to be bought by him was beyond me, but it was simply another round of bad luck added to the pile of demons I was carrying.

“You're slowing down, little criminal,” Diego laughs, taunting me as I continue to push forward while roots and branches try to stop me. “If I knew any better, I'd say you want me to catch you.”

No! I didn't want to be caught. I didn't want to die yet! Not until I was able to destroy all those who slowly sent me down that dark hole of despair.

“Run, run, little criminal!” He taunts as claws rake across my back. “Your fear smells fucking delicious.”

Eyes widening, I bite back the scream that wants to escape as I round a corner and start rushing toward what looks to be another.

As I move, I can hear the hoots and cheers of those who are watching the whole thing. Their disgusting voices just solidify my determination. They were no better than my family and my husband, and they all deserved to be punished.

‘That's right,’ the dark voice who was always with me purrs. ‘Punish them. Punish them all.’

At its words, I feel something in me beginning to rise, but I push it back down before it can take over.

No. I couldn't let it free, not here and now. If I did, I would surely be killed, and I need to stay alive. It was because I let go that I was in this situation in the first place. If I hadn't listened to its siren call, I wouldn't have ended up doing that and would still be trapped in the clutches of my husband.

'It was for the best,' the voice cackles. 'He hurt us, and in return, we hurt him and all those other bastards he brought.'

'Stop it!' I hiss, desperately pushing the voice aside. 'Just...'


Gasping, I feel myself being grabbed and thrown into a thorny wall that rips at my skin and clothes and twists into my long, dark matted hair.

“No,” I hiss, beginning to fight to free myself. “Not like this!”

“There you are, little criminal.”

With wide eyes, I turn my gaze toward the voice and take him in as he lumbers toward me with a look of promise in his eyes.

“Did you really think you could escape?” He continues, reaching out and wrapping a hand around my throat. “I never let go of what is mine.”

As he speaks, he pulls me away from the thorns and vines that slowly wrap around my skin. It’s painful, and although I want to cry out from the deep scratches that are left behind and the bit of hair that has been left behind, I can’t. I can’t show weakness, not in front of this terrifying man or anyone else.

“I see you want to scream, little criminal,” he growls, throwing me against the growl and then pouncing. “Here, let me help you.”

“No!” I hiss, trying to fight him as he uses a large hand to spread my legs. “Let me go!”

“Not gonna happen,” he husks close to my ear. “I paid good money for you, and I don’t intend on letting it go to waste.”

“No!” I repeat, attempting to fight harder. “Please, just let me…AH!”

I cry out in pain as he bites down hard on my neck, and what feels like fire begins to race along my skin. What was happening? What was he doing? Was he… No! He couldn’t be! He was marking me!

Pulling away, he licks my blood from his lips and stares down at me with those fathomless eyes of his, leaving me feeling like I’m being sucked into their abyss while his lips twitch into a handsome but deadly smile.

“Now you’re mine, little criminal,” he growls, reaching down and tearing my shirt so my chest is exposed. “And I’ll kill any fucking body that tries to take you away from me!”

“Please,” I whimper, realizing that he is too strong for me to break free from. “Please just let me go! I’ll do whatever you want, just please!”

Closing my eyes, I try to block out the screams and moans that are erupting all around me while my own pursuer tightens his hold on my throat, making the world spin and my ears ring. This was the other part of the game. If we were captured, our buyers could take us right here and now, marking us as their own so that anyone watching knew to stay away.

With each passing minute, I curse fate and the goddess herself for dealing me the hand she did, and I wonder what I ever did to deserve any of this. Did I cross the wrong person in a past life? I didn't know, and right now I don't care as Diego's mouth forcefully finds mine.

How did I get into this mess, you may ask? It started long ago when I was born as the illegitimate child of a powerful alpha. Since that day, my life was destined to be hell, and I would be led down a dark path that ended with blood on my hands in the name of survival.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

[Rosalie’s POV]

“Rosalie, sweetie, this is your father,” my mother cooes, urging me from behind her. “Come out and say hello.”

In the beginning, life wasn't so bad. I lived a modest life with a loving mother who worked hard to give me the things that I needed. It wasn't bad and we had each other, but even that wasn't enough and eventually led to the start of a dark spiral into despair, lies, deceit, and a struggle for power.

I was born to a maid who lived in the countryside. This particular maid fell in love with a handsome warrior who just so happened to have a secret identity that he never revealed to her. And because of that, I didn’t meet my father until I was five years old. All I knew of him were the stories that my mother told, and although I hoped one day he would return and save us, I knew deep down that he wouldn't, and I had in the end convinced myself that he was a liar who tricked my gullible mother.

Slowly, I began to move while clutching my mot

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