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The Cursed Lycan's Hybrid Mate

The Cursed Lycan's Hybrid Mate

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Whitney Cole's parents died saving a stranger, she was taken into slavery by her mate who rejected her, he is ruthless, the alpha of pearl pack Ashlyn White. She was treated like crap not until the lycan king who she had a one-night stand with her came to claim her as his mate slapping Ashlyn on the face. Scared that she would be harmed by the lycan king after discovering she was pregnant and also realizing the cause of her parent's death, she faked her death and ran away with the pregnancy. She came back powerful and different. Would Aiden acknowledge the kids or will Whitney hide the truth? Read up to find out more about Whitney and Aiden


At the valley of the Bloodmoon pack, there seemed to be a commotion, people were running and screaming.

A family of three who was indoors watched from the window in awe while covering their daughter's eyes.

“Bang!” Something fell on their rooftop and down inside their house.

"Argh!" Eighteen years old Whitney Cole screamed and quivered as she could perceive the smell of blood.

“Help me, please help,” a young man covered in so much blood said softly like he was going to die at any second.

Anita Cole glanced at her husband Jeremy and shook her head in disapproval, ‘we still have Whitney with us, this could be dangerous. We can’t risk it, just ask him to leave’ Anita Cole said to her husband through the mind link.

They were couples living in seclusion away from the troubles of the world, although they were staying in the Bloodmoon pack territory, they’d never get involved with the pack activities as they barely left the villa.

It was just like they were hiding away from the world or someone heinous.

‘He is wounded and bleeding, we can’t let him off the streets just like this, we’re only going to help him and ask him to leave’ Jeremy said to his wife through the mind link with pleading eyes.

Anita had no other choice than to nod in approval and move towards the man who was losing much blood.

They tended to his wood and laid him on the sofa while waiting for him to recover as he had lost his energy.

“Knock! Knock!” A heavy thudding was heard on the door, the couple stared at each and wondered who was knocking on their door this late.

“We don’t welcome visitors at night, come back tomorrow” Jeremy Cole uttered through gritting teeth.

“We’re searching for a man, we saw him go this way. Open the door and we will just look around and leave” an emotionless voice said from the door.

Meanwhile, Whitney who was standing in the corner crouched down and was biting her lips hard.

“What are we going to do? He is probably the man they’re searching for. I think we should hand him in” Anita asserted, afraid that the people at the door were tyrants that would harm her family.

“Don’t be mean Annie, he is wounded and would get into trouble if we allow him to leave with them” The Cole couple's sudden disagreement made the man lying on the sofa stand up with difficulty

He staggered towards them and bowed politely, “there is no need to fight, I’ll leave you’ve already extended your help by treating my injury” he uttered and tried going towards the door but fell flat on his face.

“See! He can’t even move, this is final. I’m not letting him leave this house” Jeremy asserted and helped the stranger to stand on his feet.

“We’re running out of patience, let us in or we will break this door,” the man who was standing at the door said with a smirk.

Anita who had no other choice than to comply with her husband sighed deeply, “send Whitney and him away” she nodded and suddenly used the power of teleportation to send Whitney and the stranger out of the house.

At the same time, the door was kicked open, revealing many angry men with killing intent.

“What do you want? We’ve never gotten involved with pack struggles, we’re just a peaceful family and have caused no problem” Jeremy said, trying to reason with the intruders in his home.

“Search the whole house and bring me the man” the one that seemed like the leader uttered and his minions immediately began to search the house.

After searching for a while, they weren’t able to find the person they were searching for, instead, they discovered traces of blood on the floor and some pieces of white clothing that were covered in blood.

The Cole couple were beaten and interrogated but they’d never disclosed the whereabouts of the man, this angered the group of men surrounding them.

Anita Cole and Jeremy Cole were tied together on a block of wood, they poured gasoline around the house, lit it on fire, and left afterward.

Meanwhile, at the shore of the black lake, Whitney stood on her feet feeling dizzy, “mum, dad” she yelled while looking around nervously.

Whitney rushed back to their villa but ended up being taken captive by the people from the Pearl Pack who also set Cole’s apartment ablaze.

Whitney cried and struggled but the alpha men were maniacs who held her down and made her watch as their apartment burned to the ground with her parents in it.

“Where is he? Speak! Or you will end up like your pathetic parents” traumatized Whitney was dazed as her eyes were still glued to the house on fire.

The zeta who was the leader of the pearl pack warriors cast Whitney a lustful gaze and squatted down, “you’re not going to speak huh?” He uttered and instantly tore Whitney’s blouse revealing her delicate collarbone.

The zeta was intrigued that he went further to tore and tossed aside her blouse leaving Whitney with just her bra.

He was about to have his way with Whitney when a strong force kicked him away from her, “what the heck are you doing?” His cold voice rang through the cold valley.

“Alpha” they stuttered and stepped back.

Whitney curled up to her feet as droplets of tears fell on her cheek, she was wolfless and had no way to save herself.

However, she perceived a strong smell of spiced woods, leather, and powdery vanilla which fascinated her and eased her pain.

Whitney raised her head and locked eyes with the man who was also staring right back at her, “Mate!” She said with a clear voice which startled the pearl pack warriors.

Whitney was hopeful that her mate was here to save her from this dog that wanted to devour her.

However, Ashlyn White the Alpha of the pearl pack squatted to her level and tapped Whitney on the forehead.

“What did you just call me? You should sober up. What’s your name?” he asked with a pissed voice that frightened Whitney.

She couldn’t be wrong, she was certain that this man in front of her is her mate, why is he behaving like this?

“I’m Whitney Cole, your mate!” She said with assertion, Ashlyn stood up and clenched his fist.

“You Cole brat! Shut up or I’ll strangle you, do you think you deserve to be my mate?” He chuckled as he said while glaring at Whitney.

“You don’t deserve it! I, Ashlyn White the alpha of the pearl pack, reject you, Whitney Cole. The daughter of Anita and Jeremy Cole” he asserted word for word.

Whitney felt a strong pull that was followed by a bone-shattering pain that pierced through her heart.

Ashlyn tossed his shirt on Whitney, “take her back to the pack and continue searching him till dawn” Ashlyn barked orders to his men and strode to the Ashton Martin that was parked on the side of the road.

Meanwhile, Whitney was motionless as the pain of getting rejected was so powerful and painful that she felt numb and couldn’t move her body.

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At Pearl pack which is at the center of Wolfen city, with green hedges at every corner of the land, giving it a breath of nature, earth, and calmness.

Whitney Cole was despised and treated with disgust, news of her being the alpha's mate and yet rejected easily spread like wildfire in the pearl pack and this made her a tool of mockery as her rank in the pearl pack was brought down to a mere omega who is the pack slave and has to work without resting.

Whitney has always cursed the strange man that had barged into their home in the middle of the night, if not for him, she would still be living with her parents who adored her.

However, this is the cruelty of fate and she has embraced it and has adapted to life in the pearl pack.

Meanwhile, it has been two years since Whitney was brought to the pearl pack and Ashlyn White has not paid attention to her ever since he brought her to his pack.

Not until Whitney was chosen amongst the omegas that would bath


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