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The Lycan Academy

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Evelyn Carter, a young girl shunned for her extraordinary gift of predicting death, discovers a new world filled with danger and secrets when she is sent to a notorious boarding school. Unbeknownst to her parents, St Donavan Academy is not just a school for delinquents; it harbors a hidden community of Lycanthropes, adding a thrilling twist to Evelyn's already tumultuous life.

Leonard Donovan

"You are going to be fine, you are going to be fine, it's just school, you've survived worse, it would be just like a walk in the park." Her lips grew thin and firm as her head pounded with tension, her long hair at shoulder's length was white as snow and her eyes were the brightest blue as though reflecting the scene of the deep blue sea.

She sat at the edge of her seat with her sights fixed on the window view of the moving bus gazing at the tall trees and the distant gloomy mountains.

she had both her fingers intertwined as she shivered uncontrollably with spasm of worry etched on her face, today march 16 was the long-awaited dreaded day she would be starting school in a place notorious for its gang violence and poor learning conditions, trying to curb her nervousness she had constantly reminded herself how she survived six long brutal horrific years in a mental asylum.

"Hi I'm Annabelle, but you can call me Anne, I love your white hair, it's so beautiful." the white-haired girl was snapped out of her reverie by the tiny yet loud voice of the female stranger sitting next to her.

She turned her gaze to the girl with a bright wide awkward smile wearing a pair of medicated glasses dressed in a long blue gown and a big brown sweater at the top, she had long brown hair that flowed stylefully over her shoulder and deep blue eyes just like hers.

"Well at least the school has nerds and not all delinquents." she thought offering Anne a polite smile

"Evelyn, and thank you for the compliment," she replied

"Nice to meet you Evelyn." she said with a bright smile "Are you in your junior or senior year?." she asked enthusiastically looking at Evelyn with visible admiration.

"Senior year 1."

"Wow, same here," she exclaimed with a wide grin "It feels good to know there's gonna be at least one normal-looking person in my class, I have been quite anxious you know, I have heard a lot of rumors about this school filled with nothing but delinquents, especially in the senior year, I had expected everyone in the senior year to you know have tattoos, ear piercing and all of that," Anne whispered to evelyn who chuckled lightly

"Me too." came eve's short reply, she didn't feel like making any friends, not especially to one that would draw her unnecessary attention, She was used to being alone having no one to rely on all her life, solitude was something that had subconsciously that had become part of her.

"The other students aren't looking that bad," Anne said in a low voice as she glanced through the students present with them on the bus.

Hearing Anne, Evelyn too followed suit and glanced at the students, some of which who stared back at her in awe and admiration at her long white as-snow hair, she however ignored their probing gaze as she was used to people gawking at her all her life, and like Anne, she found the students strangely normal looking, quite frankly she had expected all or at least most of the students to have piercings or tattoos, to her surprise only a few of them present had those.

Were the rumors perhaps a false exaggeration?, "Hmm maybe it's not as bad as people say it is."

"OH MY GOD!" one of the girls present On the bus exclaimed out loud with a gasp, followed by a series of muttering mostly coming from the girls on the bus

"What is happening?" The startled anne asked with a knitted brow coming to settle on her delicate petite looking face, out of curiosity Evelyn turned backward to find what caused the sudden commotion.



Evelyn gasped out loud in surprise and shock, at the back seat of the bus was a boy with extreme beauty who looked straight out of a woman's wet fantasy, the extremely good-looking boy had long jet-black hair at shoulder's length with thick brows, blue eyes as luring and as the deep blue ocean and his jawline seemed to have been carved specially by a Greek god, he was very tall and quite muscular in built with a broad shoulder.

Albeit his appearance was Impossibly beautiful his aura, however, reeked of danger, in contrast to the appearance he appeared cold as he was dressed in long black sleeves unbuttoned at the top exposing his drool-worthy chiseled chest, and black pants, he wore black Gothic looking earrings and had rings placed at each of his fingers.

Settled in between his red seductive looking lips was a cigarette which he had taken from his pocket not too long ago, he was the topical pretty bad boy Evelyn thought to herself, the type of boy who viewed women as satisfactory objects.

Though all the girls on the bus were at the moment stealing glances at the Impossibly good-looking boy none of them were brave enough to make a move afraid of the dangerous aura that reeked out of him. It was as though he was the personification of the word, look but don't touch.

Whoever this guy was they could all easily tell he was no ordinary man, the pretty boy had just taken off his cap and facemask which immediately brought him attention.

Drooling like the others, Evelyn felt her heartbeat skyrocket when the bad boy in the back seat gazed directly back at her with a blank expression etched on his beautiful face, embarrassed she quickly turned forward with her cheeks flushed red

"HEY, NO SMOKING ON THE BUS, WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!." The driver yelled furiously at the pretty boy sitting nonchalantly at the back puffing out smoke every once in a while ignoring all the drooling glances he got from the girls, reeking aura of arrogance and authority

"I own the bus and the place you work at" he replied nonchalantly

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" the driver cursed harshly at him annoyed at his nonchalant delusional statement and his disrespectful nature


"Leonard fucking who?" the bus driver inquired harshly

"Leonard fucking Donovan,"

Welcome to St Donovan

"...." Prickling sensation shot up his spine as the driver went speechless after Leonard's unexpectedly uttered words, staring at the arrogant bad boy from the rearview mirror he could see the resemblance the boy named Leonard shared with his father, the infamous owner of the Donovan academy and Donovan corporation,

 "Fuck." he cursed at his unlucky fate, who would have thought the arrogant brat would turn out to be Donovan's son? , he was beyond terrified with the idea of getting fired after today or worse being beaten to death by the Donavan gang for his rude behavior towards one of the heirs to the Donavan Empire.

Mr. Richard Donavan the owner and founder of the Donavan corporation was famously known as the head of the world's biggest criminal gang, notoriously known for its illegal brutal, and violent ties with world's mafia and powerful corporations.

Surprisingly even though Mr. Richard was publicly known for his Criminal ties he had never been convicte


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