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The Luna That Broke The Alpha Council

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As one problem is solve another quickly enters their life. Nora and Jace just defeated Kip and coming home they find the Alpha council waiting for them. One of the council members has their eyes on Nora. Jace just went to war over her and there was no way he is giving up his mate. What will happen if the council finds out that Nora is not only a wolf but has hunters blood running through he veins? What will happen if they discover her powers? Is the pack stronger enough to stand up to them and break the corruption? Book two of The Alpha's War Series. Read Between the Alpha's War for book one.

Chapter 1

Warning this book contains adult content, sexual situations, foul language, graphic detail, violence and is not suitable for all ages, some content might be a trigger for some*

** This book two in the Alpha's War Series: Book one is Between the Alpha's War**


As if she summoned them, a car pulled into the driveway of the pack house. Nora looked to Jace who was bloody and still very much naked. The long black town car stopped, its tires scratching across the gravel. The doors opened and Nora felt Jace stiffen beside her. She could feel the tension rolling off of him. A low growl rumbled from his chest as the doors of the black town car opened.

The first thing she noticed was they were all wearing bright white shoes as they stepped out of the car. They had black suits on as they walked towards them. Nora reached out and ran her hand down Jace’s forearm trying to calm him.

Who are they? Nora asked through mindlink.

The council. Jace replied.

“Jace!” The man with short brown hair that was combed to the side called to him as he walked towards them.

“Bruce.” Jace said nodding to him,

Bruce stopped just in front of the stairs, two others following behind him. Nora studied them, it was the three of them together that she had sensed. Their auras weren't too much stronger than Jace’s alone but together it was powerful. One man had spikey blonde hair and bright green eyes, the other was bald with chocolate brown eyes.

“I didn't know you had taken a mate! Congratulations! What's your name-

“Are you an Alpha?” The one with the spiked blonde hair asked as the attention turned to Nora.

She felt Jace trying to decide what to say. Nora cleared her throat as the three men gawked at her.

“Yes and No.” Nora said hoping Jace wouldn't be upset with her.

“Jace, what does she mean?” The spiky blond hair man asked, the bald one shift trying to get a better look at Nora.

“What she says Lance.” Jace said shortly.

Nora watched Lance grit his teeth and flex. Nora could tell these men were not use to be talked to like this

“I am acting Alpha of the Red Woods pack.” Nora answered quickly.

“Interesting. And Kip?” The Bald one said, crossing his arms across his chest.

“He’s dead.” Jace said a growl coming through as his eyes glowed.

“Dead?” Bruce said quietly.

“Yes, he kidnapped my mate and was going to use her to help create more of his monsters.” Jace said not letting them know that Kip was going to turn her into one; that way they wouldn't know she was once human.

‘Monsters?” Lance said quietly.

“Don’t act like you don’t know.” Jace growled and shifted, as if he was getting ready to fight.

Nora squeezed him tightly, she knew his body needed time to heal. He could not take on all three of them right now.

“What are you implying?” Lance growled back.

“I called and told you about them while you all sat ideally by and let him cause havoc and chaos.” Jace said growling more.

Lane stepped towards Jace, his eyes glowing purple in color. Nora thought the color strange but stepped in between Jace and Lance. Nora’s eyes glowed amber as she did. She placed a hand on Jace’s chest and looked directly at Lance. She was intimidating and she had barely done anything. Lance was shocked, he simply just stared at her.

“Gentlemen, my mate is tired, naked and wounded. Would it be all right to continue this conversation in the morning? You are welcome to stay.” Nora said, trying to smooth the tension.

Lance stepped closer to Nora; it was half curiosity, half a threat. Jace growled, going to pull Nora out of the way and take on Lance. Nora wouldn’t move, her eyes glowed a bright amber daring Lance to challenge her.

“Lance, that is enough. The female Alpha is right. We could all use some rest. I also don't want any more emotions out and about. Jace did just go to war over his mate. So let's not continue rocking the boat.” Bruce smiled.

Lance stared at her steadily. “You are very pretty.” He said a smirk across his face.

Jace began growling fiercely again, going to tug Nora aside. Nora’s eyes glowed brighter as she stepped to Lance. Her face soft but very serious.

“I suggest you listen to your friend before I move aside and you meet your fate.” Nora said her eyes were vicious.

Lance’s eyes flickered to Jace who was one breath away from shifting. Lance went to move towards Jace and Nora placed her hand on his chest, stopping him. Lance glanced down at her hand touching him, an intense chill vibrated through him.

“Choose your response wisely. I would listen to your friend.” Nora said and let a wave of power roll off of her.

It wasn't just an aura of an alpha but something more. Lance stepped back feeling it, Jace felt it too but acted like he didn't. He didn't want anyone knowing how powerful Nora could be.

“Lance.” Bruce warned.

“Jace and ?” Bruce continued but stopped asking Nora her name.

“Nora.” She said shortly her eyes were not moving off of Lance.

“Lovely. Jace and Nora we all need rest. We can hash everything out in the morning. May we stay at your pack house?” Bruce asked with a polite smile, but it was more of a command.

Jace growled at the questions. Nora reached behind her and entwined her fingers into his hand. She didn't know who they were but she knew they were powerful. She smiled sweetly at Bruce who seemed to be the leader.

“We would love for you to stay here.” Nora smiled back.

“Excellent.” Bruce smiled.

“We weren't expecting company so you will have to do with what we have.” Nora smiled and motioned for Jace to walk inside.

“You’ll stay on the third floor. Last three rooms.” Jace said before walking in.

Nora followed behind Jace. She felt movement close behind her. She glanced over her shoulder to see Lance following too closely to her. She stepped upwards and into Jace. He placed her arm around her and pulled her into him.

“This is the kitchen. Lori will be here shortly if you need anything she will get it to you or make it for you.” He said not even pausing as he walked to the stairs.

Nora walked up the stairs with Jace. Lance, Bruce, and the other man followed them up the stairs. Nora could feel Lance’s eyes burning into her. She felt Zara becoming angry inside of her. Jace stopped short and turned suddenly as they reached the second floor landing. He almost made Nora fall as quickly as he did. He turned and was face to face with Lance.

“If you keep disrespecting my mate with your eyes. My wolf will remove them for you. I don't care if you're a council member or not.” Jace said his eyes glowing, his voice cold and deadly.

Lance stepped into Jace bowing up at him. Nora began to panic. Jace was wounded. Zara could feel Cole and he wasn't in the best shape ethier. Nora gritted her teeth as the two men stared at him down. Bruce was watching with a smirk waiting for someone to make a move. Nora was done with this.

“Bruce could you rail in your man.” Nora said her voice was calm but holding authority.

Lance’s eyes flickered to her as if no one had ever spoken to them like that. Giving them an order. Jace was in his own category; he was one of the few that didn't mind standing up. The rest all fell inline. Who was this girl? Lance wondered. Bruce smiled politely and placed a hand on Lance’s shoulder.

“Lance, let's not do this just yet.” Bruce said a threat in his voice as he made sure to word his sentence just right.

“Jace, you need to remember who we are and your place.” Bruce warned him, Nora watched Bruce’s eyes glow purple.

She didn't feel anything but she looked at Jace and she saw him wince. Bruce sent his aura out there trying to make Jace buckle. He was fighting hard against it. She watched sweat bead across his forehead and his hands began to twitch. Nora took a deep breath and stepped between Bruce and Jace, trying to shield him.

“Mr. Bruce, if you go up this flight of stairs, the first three rooms are yours. If you don't mind, I am going to go take care of my mate. We hope everything is to your liking.” Nora said, taking Jace by the hand.

She called us her mate… Again Cole said excited to Jace pointing it out but still having his guard up as he felt Bruce’s aura leave him.

Bruce looked at her dumbfounded. How? Echoed in his brain. How did she act like she didn't feel what he was doing? How did she not buckle and submit? He knew why Jace was the way he was. He was strong and his father was one of the strongest Alpha’s. His blood ran through Jace and in order for Jace to stand up to him he had trained himself against the aura. Nora smiled pleasantly at him before walking up the stairs with Jace.

Nora felt them watching them as they continued up to the third floor. She was grateful when they finally made it into their room and she shut the door.

“Who the hell are they?” She asked Jace, still looking at the door.

“The council.” Jace growled.

“The council?” Nora asked, confused.

“Yes three waste of space men who were appointed to uphold laws and make sure all packs were run fair. They let it go to their heads and do whatever they want.” Jace growled as he began to pace.

“Lance, Bruce and what's the third one's name?” Nora asked.

“Douglas.” Jace said, his eyes glossing over as he answered her.

“Council is here. Be cautious.” Jace sent out to his pack.

Nora looked surprised when she heard his voice in her mind. She smiled a little bit, feeling included. He raised an eyebrow at her as his eyes went back to normal, asking about her smile. She shook her head slightly.

“I need to get you fixed up. Do all wolves just travel naked?” Nora said, pointing to the bathroom.

A smirk appeared across his lips and mischief flashed in his eyes as he began to stalk her. Nora’s playful smile appears as she tries to remain firm. Narrowing her eyes at him but stepping back against the wall.

“Bathroom. You have wounds.” She tried to order him.

He pinned her against the wall, his arms on either side of her head. Her eyes glowed dimly at him as Zara pushed forward excitedly. In return Cole pushed outwards as well, Jace’s eyes glowing bright blue.

“Say it again.” He said his voice was seductive.

“Go to the bathroom.” Nora said a small laugh escaping her.

“No. What am I to you?” He said his voice deep and made Nora’s heart race.

“My mate.” She said her eyes locked on his.

Jace pressed his forehead against hers as he closed his eyes.

“Again.” Jace said his voice was soft but demanding.

“My mate.” Nora said, no matter how she said it; it sent chills through him.

His mouth crashed down on hers claiming it. His kiss was hungry, wanting and demanding. His arm pulled her against him as he scooped her into his arms. He with one swift motion carried her to the bed. Nora let out a small protest noise but was quickly subdued by his tongue invading her mouth as she crashed onto the bed.

I want her. Lance mindlinked Bruce as they began making their way to their rooms.

She’s marked by Jace. Bruce linked back.

And I will mark it over. Lance's mind linked back.

You know it doesn't work that way. Wolf law says you are not to mark an already marked mate. You cannot lay claim to another, who is already claimed. Bruce linked back.

It doesn't matter we are the council we should be able to take who we want and when we want. We are supposed to be all powerful. Lance linked him back.

Did you not just hear what happened? Jace went to war over his mate. Kip is dead. Bruce linked back.

And Lance said, making a face as he looked at Bruce.

And nothing we do not need any more trouble right now. Bruce said, turning and locking eyes with Lance.

Lance made a face and walked into his room.

“What was that now?’ Douglas asked Bruce.

“Lance being Lance.” Bruce said but his voice had anger in it.

“He wants the Alpha’s mate, doesn't he?” Douglas said his voice had no emotions to it.

“Yes. “ Bruce sighed.

“This might cause trouble.” Douglas said.

“Yes. you're very observant.” Bruce said sarcastically.

Douglas grunted and went to his room. He was the outsider among the three of them. The one who had joined and was elected due to his ability to uphold the law. Unlike Bruce who fanaguled his way to the top and Lance whose dad paved his path. Douglas was here originally for the right reasons. He sighed as he walked into the room. Jace just might be the Alpha who could turn things around he thought as he sat on the bed. He would have to play his cards carefully if he decided he wanted to push for this movement.

Lance slammed the door to his room, anger sitting in him. He walked to the bathroom throwing water on his face. That She-wolf and her honey-colored eyes was dancing in his head. She had a power about her, an aura he couldn't resist. He wanted her. He wanted her in every way. He wanted her perfect figure, thoughts of what he could do to her body running through his head. She had a fire to her that he wanted to put out. She needed someone strong to make her fall in line. It’s like he found some new toy or trophy he needed to keep and put on his shelf. He was obsessing over her. He would get her to. He just needed to wait. He told himself as he stared in the mirror. His wolf pushed forward, eyes glowing purple as he did.

“Easy Hamilton, we will have her soon enough.” Lance told his wolf.

Lance had found his mate once before. In a jealous rage Hamiliton killed her. Image of Eve reaching out and touching another man's arm flashed in his mind. Hamilton pushed forward before he knew what happened. He ripped both their throats out. He stills sees Eve’s face in his dreams. Her big sad brown eyes staring up at him, blood pouring from her throat as her eyes glossed over and went cold. Lance and Hamiltion both ached from their rash reaction. They walked around with this empty hole inside of them. They found that owning things helped fill the hole. His newest obsession was Nora. Maybe she was the one who could tame Hamiliton. He felt Hamilton's rage stir in him as Lance thought about it. Maybe she wouldn't be so weak. All the others were weak. She had tamed Jace. Hamilton was worse than Cole. Cole was fierce, deadly, and dangerous but Cole had heart. Hamilton didn't.

We need to end him. Hamilton said.

“We will.” Lance said quietly.

Chapter 2

Playing Alpha:

“Alpha.” the word chirped in her brain, she sleepy tapped Jace.

He rolled over and looked at her confused.

“Answer the phone call.” She pointed to his head.

“Phone call?” Jace looked at her, his eyebrows frowned at her.

“Someone is saying Alpha.” She groaned rolling away from him.

“Umm..Alpha, that's your phone call.” Jace laughed, kissing her shoulder.

She looked at him confused and then she remembered. She made a face and sat up trying to concentrate. She wasn't sure who sent it.

“Alpha.” Asher’s voice flooded her mind.

“Oh I don't know how you do this. And you’ve done it your whole life.” Nora groaned.

“Hello?” Nora responded to him.

“Sorry to bother you Alpha, I know it's early but we were wondering if you are coming by today. We have a few things that need to be addressed and titles to be given out. We also gathered all the information Kip had bu

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