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The Luna's Revenge

The Luna's Revenge

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When Luna Sky found out that her husband and Best friend cheated on her, she decides to confront them, but things took a bitter turn, when they confessed that they already had a child, Tiva wasn't feeling remorseful, and Colt on the other hand chose Tiva over Sky all because she couldn't bear a him a child She was denounced Luna and Banned from the pack Now she is back as Kira, to exact revenge on the two who put her through severe humiliation Though she still had feelings for Colt, would she forgive them after finding out, that they were set up which resulted in to Tiva's pregnancy? Would she exact her revenge on the both of them or on the ones responsible for the misfortune from the start? Read to find out as you follow Sky through her journey of Revenge, anger, regret, and realization of the truth

Chapter 1


Luna Sky's POV

"Hey hon, you're up so early, why?" Colt asked as he opened his eyes,and rubbing it with the back of his palms

"To prepare your breakfast of course, what else?" I replied with a cheerful smile as I tied my hair into a ponytail

"Wow! What a new development" he said playfully. He was trying to get me talking and he was so going to get it

"Excuse me! What are you trying to insinuate? That I haven't been performing my duties as a soul mate?" I asked, keeping a straight face, so he could think I took the matter too seriously

"Hey, I was only kidding, don't take it too seriously, besides, we have maids, why stress yourself?" he said as he stood up from the bed walked up to me and placed his hands on my shoulders

"Oh really! What kind of a joke is…" I continued with my game purposely ignoring his question as I knew he was trying to change the topic, but then, he cut me off my words

"Baby, I know what you're trying to do, so quit playing and messing around, you Know two can play the game" he said with a smirk, a mischievous one if you asked

"No, no ,no Alright fine you win this time" I quickly said, I knew where it would lead to, and I wasn't ready to cry

Cause the last time I played this on him, I ended up with many face wipers

He chuckled at my response, before I finally asked him to go perform his morning routine

"Alright, I said you won, now go to the bathroom, have your bath, brush your teeth, and put on a casual clothing, then you come downstairs for breakfast" I said

"Yes ma'am" he replied as he dragged himself to the bathroom

~During Breakfast~

I was done setting the table but Colt wasn't out yet, which meant I had to go upstairs to fetch him but luckily for me, he showed up half way of my journey up the stairs

"What was taking you so long?" I asked, but he just chuckled

He had promised to stay with me for a week, but wasn't keeping to his promise. So I believed his working schedule was hectic, and that's why I wanted to make the most out of this day as he promised me last night to stay home for the day

Though I was surprised he didn't give me the type of attitude he developed ever since he returned from Malibu, The thought that he cheated on me kept popping in my head

Despite how much I tried to put it aside, I just couldn't

I had always known him to be a man of dignity and respect, so I actually felt guilty for even having to think about him being infidel

"So what are we having?" He asked as he sat on the chair, I coul hear his belly grumble,so I quickly dished out some food into his plate

"Wow! I am so happy you're not all that moody today" I said with my head low, and the aura suddenly became tensed

And I instantly regretted saying it, I didn't even know how it slipped and now it has successfully ruined a precious time

"Moody? Why would I ?" He asked, almost in a yell. He was getting irritated for a reason which I honestly didn't know

"You have always been, since you came back from that trip. What happened there? What went wrong? We used to be really happy, but now, everything just seems awkward" I complained on and on

"Have you started considering the fact that I am useless to you, since I can't birth you a child? Remember you said…" I was saying but he held me into his embrace and asked me to keep shut

"Shh! That's enough, stop being paranoid, I have been busy with work and we have a little problem, so that explains why I am sometimes moody" he explained, which only made my state of confusion worst

One minute he is irritated, the next minute he is calm and stroking my hair in other to soothe me. He had really changed alot

Just then, my cell phone rang and it was Tiva

"Hello…Tiva" I said as soon as I picked the call

"Hey bestie, what's up" she asked immediately she heard my voice

"Nothing much, just having breakfast with my husband" I said with a shrug of my shoulder. And if course I didn't fail to notice Colt's reaction when I mentioned Tiva and Tiva's reaction when I mentioned my husband

And all of a sudden, something popped into my head, they both had been acting weird around each other ever since they returned from Malibu

'Could it be that, something happened to the both of them, and they are refusing to tell me? But why would they even hide anything from me?' I reasoned

'Goodnesss, where is this thought coming from Sky, stop doubting them, they would never even think of lying to you' I scolded myself

"Sky, are you there?"

"Honey, is there a problem?" The voices of Tiva and Colt pulled me back to reality

"I am, I am okay, just got a little lost in my own thoughts" I said as I picked up my phone again

"Are you sure?" They both asked in unison

"Yes, So why did you call Tiva?" I asked, as I didn't know what to say

"Oh! Just checking up on you" she replied

"Alright, Thanks for your care" I said with a broad smile and I could feel her smiling also

"I was wondering, are you free? I don't know, so we could you know… hang out, and Alpha Colt can come with you also" She said

"Would you mind to come with us?" I asked him, I also didn't need to explain anything to him as the call was on speaker mode

"Alright, but I thought it was a girls only meeting" he asked

"Is it?" I asked Tiva who suddenly became quiet

"Of course it is, I mean no it isn't" She replied, she sounded really dazed by what exactly? I had no idea

"Huh! Tiva are you okay?" I asked in concern

"Yes I am, the voice of Colt, got me he-he" she replied

"The voice of Colt? What do you mean?" I asked confusedly, I looked at him and he averted his gaze from mine and shrugged his shoulders

"Umm… I meant, it was supposed to be a girls only hang out, but the way he asked the question was what got me…laughing silently" she explained, which only made me more confused

"Are you passing through something Tiva? Do you need someone to talk to?" Colt asked and I nodded, she wasn't sounding alright

"Yes Sky, I need to talk to you, I am really troubled" she admitted and I sighed

"Don't worry too much okay? I'll be at your home in a few minutes" I said and we hung up

"Poor Tiva, I wonder what's trouble her so badly?" I said, and when I looked up at Colt, his face expressed nothing but intense worry

"Is anything the matter dear?" I asked with creased brows

"N.. nothing, I was just wondering what Tiva had to tell you" he replied and then excused himself

"Where are you going? You barely ate your meal" I complained

"Sorry I lost my appetite" he replied and went straight upstairs

"Why is he acting weird again? Did I say or do anything wrong? What is really going on?" I asked myself all these questions out loud, I was so confused

"Momma" an angelic voice called and I turned to see Winter, his face was pale

"Hey sweetie, how are you doing? Why do you look this way? Is anything the matter?" I asked him many questions in one go

"Momma, you look and act stressed up, don't you think you need rest, maybe go on a vacation or something?" He suggested

What a smart kid, he knows too much for his age and I loved it

"I look stressed out? I think it is the other way around, and by the way, aren't you supposed to be in school by now?" I asked at the realization that he wasn't even dressed up

"I was going to leave, but then I saw the confusion that went on when you were having breakfast with Uncle Colt, so I stayed by in other to comfort you when it was over" he explained

'Oh my! Winter would be the last person I wanted to see me devastated, but it so happens he was the first' I thought

"No, no honey, there was no confusion, things got mixed up, and so we were trying to fix them, no confusion at all" I explained, hoping he won't buy it

"Oh! Alright" he said and I sighed inwardly

"I would be going over to Tiva's, would you like to tag along?" I asked

"No, I'll just be in my bedroom" he said and I smiled and ruffled his hair, cause I Know he didn't like it

"Stop" he said and ran away, which made me smile, that I forgot about all that was bothering me for that moment

"Luna Sky, you have a call" Serena said, pulling my attention back to reality

"Oh Tiva, I'm on my way now" I said and with that left the house

All through my journey, I wondered what was so huge that Tiva wanted to say to me, but hoped it wouldn't be that bad

Chapter 2



It was already noon, by the time Sky got to Tiva's

"Hey girlfriend, how are you…" she couldn't complete her statement, as she was taken aback by what she saw

"I thought you said…didn't you say you were feeling downcast?" She asked confusedly

"Come on, give me a hug" Tiva said as she hugged her really tightly

"No really, what's going on?" She asked again

"Relax! I just wanted you to come over, I knew you wouldn't if I didn't pull off a show" she answered with a shrug

"That wasn't funny, why would you even do that? Your stunt ruined the breakfast with my husband" she complained

"Just when he changed his ways towards me, now he is irritated again, for what exactly, I have no idea" she complained bitterly

"Hey cheer up, he is just having a hard time in the office" Tiva said


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