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She cried out in protest, her joy engulfing her. "You want me just as much as I want you, give in to your desires, sweetheart, and I'll make you feel so fucking good that you won't ever want another man to touch you," he huskily muttered, sending her heart racing. She was concerned that he would leave her broken after finishing with her. As the first Alpha Female, Sarah was a feisty, headstrong young she-wolf who had received blessings from the moon goddess. Her mother and she relocated to a new town to start over, and they were accepted into a new pack and a new family. The future Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, her hunky, smug stepbrother, complicates matters when she starts to feel attracted to him. Will she push through the sinister ideas that dominate her head and let a deep-seated pleasure surface? Or would she test her limits and explore her nagging urges to feel something she shouldn't?

Chapter 1

Sarah, my love! Please hasten your pace, for I do not wish your brother to endure such a lengthy wait! Jane called out lovingly up the stairs to her beloved daughter.

Okay, Mama! I understand, my love. Please, calm yourself." She called me back like a sweet melody that caressed my ears.

Sarah rolled her eyes, gracefully applying her signature red lipstick. If you possess it, why not proudly display it? She pondered within her heart while gazing into the looking glass, beholding her reflection. Gazing into her eyes, I beheld a stunning young woman adorned with luscious, shoulder-length hair cascading in strawberry hues. The ombre effect gracefully transitioned from a delicate shade to a passionate crimson, captivating my heart. As she delicately fluffed her luscious locks, she gracefully rose to her feet and elegantly seized her car keys. She adored being eighteen, having been gifted a car by her mother and stepfather on her birthday just a few months prior.

Even though she had reached the age of 18, when most young werewolves discover their destined mates, Sarah had yet to find hers. She didn't worry too much about it; after all, their pack wasn't too big, and her mate could be anywhere in the world. For the present moment, she would solely concentrate on her being. She had felt her wolf awaken, sensing her presence in her mind, and had transformed into a magnificent grey wolf. It had been larger than most wolves in their town, which had circulated rumours throughout the community. Little did anyone know, her mother's mate had been an alpha, adding an air of mystery and allure to her bloodline. However, her wolf had been an unmistakable clue to that fact.

She hurriedly emerged from her chamber, nearly colliding with her younger sister, Indigo, who was just fourteen.

"Be cautious, my enchanting witch," Indigo snapped, earning herself a piercing gaze from Sarah.

"I'm running late, Indy. I must fetch Edward from the airport," she exclaimed, gracefully descending the steps, taking two at a time, and playfully skipping the final four. Her delicate feet graced the dark wooden floorboards with a gentle thud.

"Sarah... please, my love, calm yourself," Jane said, gracefully emerging from the opulent mansion kitchen. She was adorned with an apron, her lustrous black hair elegantly gathered into a charmingly dishevelled bun. As Sarah observed the delicate splashes of flour, she couldn't help but realise that she must have been toiling away on yet another enchanting cake order. Despite her lycanthropic nature, Jane was a renowned and sought-after baker in the enchanting town of Stratford-Upon-Avon. It was something that occupied her time and distracted her from her thoughts.

Despite her status as Luna in the Blood Moon Pack, Jane was not fully acknowledged by the pack members. Years had passed since they had united with their pack following the tragic loss of their first Luna in a ruthless rogue assault that had left the pack utterly shattered. When Jane stepped into the broken alpha's life, the pack was filled with mixed emotions. Some were glad that their alpha would not succumb to madness after the loss of his Luna, while others were uncertain if anyone could ever replace their alpha's beloved mate. They saw her arrival as a sign of disrespect to their previous Luna.

Please, my love, do make up your mind! Do you desire for me to hasten, my love? Sarah exclaimed, not pausing for a response, as she hurriedly departed from the abode, gracefully traversing the verdant meadow and entering her pristine white Ford Fiesta.

Sarah resided close to the enchanting town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, where lush woods embraced their idyllic abode. It was a quaint little haven adorned with vast open fields, a sanctuary befitting their noble pack - The Blood Moon. Most of the pack members resided within the pack's territory, yet a few chose to dwell in the nearby town, mingling with the humans. They would venture into the enchanting woods for exhilarating runs or to attend passionate pack gatherings.

Jamie Welford, the Alpha, was her stepfather and the esteemed owner of the entire territory. He possessed his enterprises that graciously sustained the pack's financial needs. Even with a pack of only around 500 members, he remained a formidable and just alpha.

The sun hung high in the sky as she gracefully lowered her window, allowing a gentle breeze to caress her skin. With a delicate touch, she selected a playlist of enchanting melodies, filling the air with the sweet harmonies of EDM. She tapped the steering wheel gently, her freshly painted nails adding a touch of elegance to her every movement. It was a delightful 50-minute drive to Birmingham, the nearest airport to their charming town, and her heart fluttered with anticipation as she mentally prepared herself to reunite with him once more...

Sighing, she leaned back in her seat, captivated by Edward Welford's presence. He was the son of her stepfather, destined to become the Alpha of The Blood Moon Pack. She had not laid eyes on him in the past two years. It was during the enchanting summer of yesteryear when he graced her presence, having returned from his arduous alpha training across the land. It was at that very moment that she discovered the blossoming of affection for her beloved stepbrother. The mere thought caused her to cringe inwardly—a thought she would not dare to speak aloud.

She was feeling nervous now, wondering if those feelings would dissipate. She hoped they would, not wanting things to become awkward between them. Despite Edward's less-than-kind behaviour towards her, constantly teasing, taunting, and attempting to embarrass her, She had been filled with immense joy when he departed from the town five years ago, believing it to be a delightful riddance.

However, when he had returned two summers ago, she had perceived him in an entirely new light. Now that his training is complete and he is returning home for good, he will soon ascend to alpha, while Jamie will gracefully step down. She had always known that Edward was an incredibly handsome young man. He possessed luscious chocolate locks adorned with natural streaks that were delicately kissed by the sun. And oh, those piercing blue eyes...

"Oh, my..." She whispered. Please, my love, do not allow yourself to succumb to such a negative train of thought. Sarah, my love... Not at this moment, my love. Never.

My dearest, I humbly request that you allow me the pleasure of rewriting your text to reflect

The airport bustled with people coming and going, taxis and cars scattered about, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. She bravely battled to discover a parking space, her heart racing as she manoeuvred into a minuscule crevice, only to be struck by the cruel realisation that her side door remained inaccessible. With a frustrated groan, she gracefully moved to the passenger seat and stepped out. She had experienced the disappointment of failing four tests before finally achieving success, and alas, bay parking remained an area where her skills were lacking...

As she entered the airport, her eyes gracefully scanned the Flight Information Display. The flight had landed thirty minutes ago, my love. She pouted, crossing her arms, hoping she wasn't too late. Did it take time to collect your luggage, my love?

Finally... Why am I not surprised?" he said, his voice filled with a hint of amusement and a touch of affection. A melodious voice emanated behind her, causing her to whirl around and collide with a mysterious stranger.

Oh, ouch! My dear, that hurt! Oh, my love, that has caused me such pain!" Sarah let out a soft sigh, her heart heavy with longing. Gently caressing her bosom, she glanced upwards, meeting the intense gaze of the sturdy man she had accidentally collided with. Her heart skipped a beat as she was captivated by her step-brother's confident countenance. The intoxicating aroma of winter spice, vanilla, and white musk enveloped her senses.

May I offer my assistance in massaging that? He asked, his gaze gently drifting down to her bosom, causing her cheeks to flush as she cast a disapproving glance at him.

"Oh, hush, Edward," she replied, playfully rolling her eyes.

What troubles you, my love? Can't Big Brother attend to his beloved little sister? He mockingly taunted. His words ignited a forbidden pleasure within her, sending waves of desire coursing through her veins. "I solemnly vow to cherish and protect you with all my heart... Just utter the word "Red," my love... His breath gently caressed her ear, causing her heart to race within her chest.

She gently pushed him aside, unable to ignore the intoxicating sensation of his chest beneath her fingertips. He looked incredibly irresistible, even sexier than she had remembered. Had he perhaps grown a little more? Standing tall at over six feet, he had undoubtedly become much more muscular. His skin, kissed by the sun, boasted a captivating tan, while a delicate stubble adorned his jawline. Adorned in a pair of artfully distressed jeans, a pristine white T-shirt, a sleek leather jacket, and stylish Nike trainers, he exuded an air of effortless charm. He was the epitome of an alpha male - breathtakingly handsome.

Cease thy ungentle behaviour, for it is evident that thou hast not transformed. She gazed at him with a piercing stare. He gazed down at her, and she emitted an intoxicating scent that was simply irresistible.

You have changed so much, my love... I started to believe that the Instagram posts might have all been beautifully retouched and enhanced... Clearly not," he said with a sigh, his voice filled with longing. He said, his eyes trailing over her 5-foot-2 frame, captivated by the graceful curves that adorned her. She was petite for a she-wolf, but he found it endearing. I couldn't help but be captivated by how her black top hugged her curves, perfectly complemented by her blue skinny jeans and elegant black heeled boots. She exuded an effortless allure that left me breathless. She no longer resembled a young girl but had blossomed into a stunning and alluring woman. That much was certain; he could not deny it. He was not blind, and regardless of her identity, he could not deny the undeniable truth.

If you have finished being bothersome, shall we embark on our journey together? I do not have all day, my love. She gracefully led the way out. Edward couldn't help but smile as he trailed behind her, his gaze lingering on her captivating figure. She truly possessed an alluring charm that was impossible to resist. Her Instagram was adorned with nothing but selfies and pictures of delectable cuisine. Summer would be an enchanting season filled with endless joy and delightful adventures...

They arrived at the car shortly after that, and she graciously unlocked it, opening the trunk for him. He effortlessly tossed his suitcase and duffel bag inside, then made his way around to the passenger seat, his heart fluttering with anticipation.

"Wait, my love, allow me to enter first," she whispered tenderly. He gracefully arched an eyebrow.

What is it, my love? Did you gently open the other door, my love?

No, the parking spot was quite snug. She gracefully slid into the driver's seat, enticing him with her alluring presence. The car, hers, was filled with a rich, white floral scent.

The parking spot was perfect, my love, but alas, you parked incorrectly. He remarked as she started the car, his heart fluttering at the sight of her delicate hands gripping the steering wheel.

"Buckle up," Sarah said, gracefully disregarding his remark.

Are you concerned about me, my love? He teasingly smirked as she glared at him.

No, my love, but it is my car, therefore my rules. As she gracefully reversed out of the spot, she couldn't help but feel his intense gaze upon her. He ignored her, refusing to put the belt on, instead fiddling with her playlist. I reclined gracefully as the enchanting melody of "Or Nah" by Somo filled the air.

Her gaze remained fixed on the road, determined to divert her attention from the song's lyrics. The words were a bit overwhelming, especially with Edward in the car... The image that lingered in her mind was far from decent...

Why were you chosen to come and find me? He asked, casting a longing gaze at the fiery-haired beauty.

"A last-minute meeting with an alpha suddenly arose, my love, and you know how important work is to my father. She replied, causing Edward's brows to furrow in concern. It bothered him greatly when she referred to his father as 'dad'.

That makes perfect sense, my love. He said, not allowing his annoyance to be revealed.

Why did you not simply run the remaining distance back? "May I have the pleasure of asking?" she inquired, her voice filled with a hint of anticipation. Her wolf appeared to be in perfect harmony with her. Despite having a wolf, you did not possess a second voice in your mind. However, you could feel their emotions and perceive their opinions. Like a second conscience, you are.

"My love," he said teasingly, eliciting a pout from the young woman. What about Jessica, who is busy baking?

Yes, I had believed that she had no plans for today, but a sudden order arrived, and as they say, what was the purpose of gifting me a car if I cannot be of any assistance?

Edward's lips curled into a mischievous smirk. I concur, my dear freeloader. He gently poked the side of her head, causing her to shoot him another glare.

I am not merely a freeloader; I graciously lend my assistance at the restaurant on weekends, and I am also diligently employed at a charming salon. She said, her gaze softening. Unlike Edward, I am the smart and intelligent pride of our family. She had been a source of disappointment, as she pursued a beauty course in college and subsequently applied at a local salon for humans. Something that her parents had not been happy about was their desire for her to obtain a degree like Edward's. Besides his alpha responsibilities, Edward had a business degree to his name.

How delightful. I adore your hair; it complements you so perfectly. He whispered sweetly. As she blossomed into a young woman, her hair transitioned from purples to blues and pinks. However, this fiery shade of red was the most vibrant he had ever witnessed, and it complemented her beauty in the most alluring way.

"Thank you," she replied, her voice laced with a hint of suspicion. Are you feeling hungry, my love? Shall we pause at a charming service station, my love?

Yes, let's. I'm famished, my love. You know, the food served on the plane is simply inedible. He said, pushing his seat as far back as possible and luxuriously stretching his long legs.

It is not so terrible. She said, amused. She kept her eyes wide open, eagerly searching for any sign that would guide them to a charming service station up ahead.

Chapter 2

Twenty minutes had passed, and they entered the service station together. As Edward ordered a delectable meal from McDonald's, he gracefully carried the tray to their table.

I am astonished that you can devour four Big Macs, my love... She gazed at his chiselled abs, her eyes filled with desire. He was indeed an alpha, and one could only imagine how much he needed it, considering all the effort he put into his workouts.

I am a strong man, my dear Red, requiring sustenance. He replied as they gracefully settled into their seats, facing one another. She delicately grasped her fish fillet meal and, with a graceful motion, unwrapped her burger, stealing a glance at him. Once more, her stomach fluttered as their gazes intertwined.

Are you still unattached, my love? Or have you encountered a man who can soothe the fiery temperament that resides within you?" As he asked, he took a bite of his burger, pondering whether she was truly single. He couldn't help


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