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The Luna He Yearns For.

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Aurora, a misidentified Omega, from the Vargynja Pack was adopted by her uncle after her parents died in a car accident when she was quite young.        Her uncle showered her with love and care as the leader of their pack, and she was nurtured with ample supervision and affection.          However, their relationship began to deteriorate when her uncle brought in a new Luna to help him manage the pack along with his step-daughter.            Aurora felt betrayed, unbeknownst to her, her uncle is her mate, her Alpha, who lurks in the shadows with deadly secrets that threaten to ruin them all.      For, he was the mystery, the psychopath, a serial killer, the devil who started it all and murdered her parents and buried them in the garden where she used to play as a kid.    Mated to her uncle wasn't the fate Aurora expected but the opposite. Mature Audience Only: Contains mature language, s$xual abuse, s*x, abuse, Trauma and pain.     Follow me on FB- Elena Titania, Threads—Elena Titania and IG- elena titania for more details and uploads.


I waited outside on a frosty night for Lake to come home.

I was tired of staying at home all day. Though I watched TV, played video games, and played with my friends and my Barbie dolls.

The luxurious duplex still felt cold and lonely without Lake in here.

I haven’t seen him for a week in New York and he’s been traveling all over the country for months, leaving me with a nanny and the maids.

Though he calls me daily, it doesn’t help the fact that he is not here with me.

It isn’t the same.

It’s been three days since he left California for Italy again, I heard.

I’ve also seen him in the news.

My nanny told me how he is so busy but he will be home soon and I shouldn’t feel lonely but I still do, no matter how I try to distract myself.

I still sense the emptiness in my heart.

And I don’t know where he is at this point.

He wasn’t picking up when I called him with my phone, but he told my nanny instead when he was coming and she informed me.

I became excited.

He was going to be back before dawn but he is still nowhere to be found and my nanny consoled me to wait patiently for him and to relax my nerves, but time was running out.

I was getting impatient, so I came out of the duplex and waited outside for him.

Maybe sitting here in the staircase will make him come faster.

So, I thought.

I miss him so much, but I don’t want to go to bed or stay inside the mansion and my room.

I can’t continue to stay inside my room when I wouldn’t fall asleep, anyway.

I have to wait for him and I don’t want to go inside our duplex right now.

It’s a nightmare for me to go inside my home when it’s so isolated and this is just 10pm, he is not yet back.

I will wait here for him and I don’t care about how cold the weather is and how late it is.

I’m waiting for him right here on these little designed white staircases till he comes.

My feet were getting cold, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

I shouldn’t have worn a yellow sleeveless gown if I had known it was going to be this cold.

I should have dressed up with warm clothes and held a cup of warm milk before I came to sit down here, but my nanny, Mrs Jane, warned me it was cold but I didn’t listen to her.

I pushed back my knees to my chest and played with my toes.

My eyes twitched as soon as I heard footsteps behind me and it was Mrs. Jane.

“I think you should wait inside, Aurora. You will catch a cold if you keep staying here.’

“I’m not leaving till Lake comes back.’ I mumbled and turned my face away with my long white hair covering my face.

“Why don’t you go to sleep?” She touched my shoulder. “Your skin is getting cold, Aurora. Come on, let’s go inside. You are going to get sick.’ She tried persuading me to come inside, but I was persistent.

If Lake doesn’t come home tonight, I’m not going to bed or sleeping.

I’m ready to stay up all night.

“I’m not some weakling, Wolf, Mrs Jane. You can go to sleep. I will be fine.’

“Aurora, Alpha Lake will kill me if he finds out you are up by this time of the night. Even worse, if you get sick, he will have my head. Please let’s go inside, okay?’

“Don’t worry, I will talk to Lake. He won’t hurt you if I say so.’ I continued mumbling as I sneezed so hard.

“Can you see what I’m talking about? Let’s go inside…” she cradled my arm, but I pulled my arm out of her hand.

“Leave me alone.’ I snapped.

“Lady Aurora, can you…”

“I’m not sleeping until I see him. You said he told you he was coming today, but why isn’t he here? He’s not picking my calls but only calling you. I will sleep when Alpha Lake shows up. Leave me alone.” I yelled at her, nearly on the brink of tears.

I know I must have been definitely acting like some spoiled brat but this is what I want.

I don’t care if I get sick. If he doesn’t show up, all this will be his fault.

He promised to always be by my side, but why does he always leave home?

I didn’t mean to disrespect Mrs. Jane.

Yet, if she will just listen to me instead of trying to lecture me and understand me instead.

I just want my uncle back and nothing else.

Is that too hard to understand?

“I know how you feel, Aurora, but think about how Alpha Lake will feel.”

“Go away…”

“Aurora.’ I heard that voice.

The most beautiful voice on the planet was back.

I glanced at my left side and saw him.

He was wearing a silver suit and his straight, shoulder-length blonde hair waved with the wind as he approached me with his piercing green eyes.

He was magnificent, like a Greek God.

His stature could tell how muscular, toned, and slim he was.

He was the perfect figure of what an Alpha should be.

Smooth skin and bright features.

He has abs, which I will always notice whenever he takes off his shirt with no glimpse of fat.

He is six feet tall.

He has a pointed nose, an oval-shaped face with a jawline

He got a couple of piercings on his ear and a lot of tattoos, which I know he hides so well beneath his suit and from the public eye.

He was the baddest Alpha I have ever met, and he was so cool.

He makes my heart race whenever I see him.

I got up and ran to him with tears in my eyes and hugged him so tight around his waist and burst into tears.

“I miss you so much. Where have you been?’ I cried out.

“Aurora.’ he muttered.

“No, Alpha Lake.’ Mrs Jane explained nervously. “I did nothing to her. She has been sitting here for the past five hours and refuses to go inside until she sees you, my lord.’ Mrs Jane added.

“What! I see.’ He chuckled. “Aurora, is that true? What is it, baby?’ he touched my shoulder worriedly and patted my hair. ‘Did anything happen while I was away? Why are you crying?’

As I cried, I noticed he smelled so good, but I shook my head with nothing to say to him.

I just ran out of words to say as he stared down at me with his warm eyes which melted my heart.


All that mattered to me was that he was back.

I wish I could get into the depth of his scent and live there for the rest of my life.

“Come on.’ he bent down in front of me. “Did anyone hurt you while I was away, baby?’

I shook my head and wiped off my tears.

He squatted in front of me properly with a smile and fondled my cheek. “If you don’t tell me what’s wrong, Aurora, how can I help you?’

“You promised to be back in two days, but you came back in a week.” I complained in a teary tone. “You are always away from home, leaving me in this enormous duplex alone. I’m not a grownup, but…” I stuttered. “How…how do you expect me to live here all by myself?”

“I’m sorry, Aurora. The photo shoot and the people took my time.’

“Whatever.’ I murmured and wiped off my tears properly.

He is always giving an excuse.

“What is it, Aurora?’ he cupped my face with a smile.

He knew I wasn't done complaining to him.

“Nothing is wron


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