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Catherine was an innocent woman who was naïve to the world she entered. She thought that when they moved, she would start a new life. But, in the direction she was going, an unfortunate event was imminent. Will she be able to discover the secret behind her dreams? Or it may just carry a serious risk. Can she also accept the persona of the man behind his heroic appearance as a knight? Will she still love it despite its awful persona? Will she love this cold-blooded vampire? Will this young man fall in love with her too? Or it may lead to her death.



I WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF A FOREST. I couldn't see anyone except myself reflected in the river directly in front of me. There is no sign of damage in this virgin forest, no matter how hard I look. I was surrounded by massive trees. Birds that chirp incessantly. Lush, beautiful flowers surround my feet, which I have never seen before in my life.

When I returned my gaze to the river, I noticed a woman in a white gown lying on the hay. It is surrounded by flowers of various colors. I blink my eyes many times, thinking that maybe I was just imagining things. But I was mistaken; what I see is true. I immediately jumped to the other side of the river. Even though I was scared, I tried to force the positive thoughts that needed in my mind and build up a strong courage to myself.

One step, I took a deep breath.

Second step, the strengthening of fear in my chest begins to swell.

Third step, I see the woman lying on the hay turning to face me. It was like I was nailed to where I was standing. The positive thoughts in me were replaced by intense fear. The woman lying there is none other than me. It was crying, as if she was begging for something.

Her eyes were full of fear. I'm confused! I am her and she is me. I stepped back. She moved her left hand, as if she wanted to reach me. I was shaking my head with full of doubt.

In the blink of an eye, blood suddenly overflowed from her body. I was shocked by what I saw and immediately step back.

While stepping back in fear. I was very surprised when someone hugged me from behind. The force of my chest pounding so fast. I was stunned and slowly processing my mind. A man hugged me. I looked at him casually and I felt one of his hands creep up to pull my hair that was covering my neck. I was hypnotized when I caught a glimpse of his blue eyes. After a few seconds, his eyes completely turned black. But for some unknown reason, it suddenly changed color again. Later on, it became red! When it changed to red, my blood suddenly flow in my neck until I felt like I couldn't feel anything anymore and finally fell on the grass. My whole body is numb.

“Catherine...” I heard him say and he suddenly disappeared in front of me. I didn't even see his face. I tried to look at myself lying on the bloody hay but she was no longer there. I gasped and breathes heavily and until my eyes went blurry and later on, I completely lost my consciousness.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Catherine!” I woke up in shock. My whole body was sweating when I woke up.

"I've been waking you up for a while," my aunt says. I turned to her.

"I'm sorry," I just answered and immediately got out of the mosquito net.

"It's up to me to put that away..." my aunt pointed out where I was lying. I shook my head.

"No aunty! Let me fix it on my own," I said.

It would be embarrassing if she had to make my bed fix. I hastily put it away, then I immediately faced my aunt who was watching me intently. She reached for my hand and squeezed it gently.

“Is it still like that?” she asked meaningfully. She refers to my bad dream. I just nodded.

"I'm fine, Aunt," I just answered even though the truth is I'm not. I'm having a lot of troubles with it whenever such a vision comes back to my mind.

"I'm worried about you. Since you turned twenty a yea


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