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The Hybrid Luna

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“No one is playing games here, Shadow. I just want to know what you want.” “Are you really making me do this?” My voice was a combination of frustration and irritation. He was enjoying this too much, probably punishing me for giving him blue balls twice. “You were complaining earlier, so, yes. I don’t want another broken nose.” “Spank my *ss, Califf. Then touch me and f*ck me with your finger. I wanna come. Do you think you can do that?” *** All Shadow ever wanted is to live in peace with their pack, but as a royal Lycan and the daughter of a witch, it comes at a price. When a faceless enemy targeted her, she did not only lose her wolf but also her healing gift, leaving her powerless and vulnerable. Now that the bond is gone and her happy ending is not guaranteed, she has nothing left to offer. She doubts whether she’s still worthy of her mate and Luna of their pack. Alpha Califf becomes a formidable Alpha after defeating a sinister enemy. He should be invincible with allied packs everywhere and witches at his disposal, but Shadow becomes a liability. Despite what happened to his mate, he’s willing to leave the pack and live with her away from threats, but their enemy is two steps ahead of them, and Shadow becomes cold and distant, leaving him nothing but agony he’d never felt before. Will Shadow get her revenge and find a way to get her wolf and gift back? Will they uncover the ugly truth behind their enemy? Or their foe is just right under their noses all along.


Candace Mitchell

Review after the novel completion

I really loved this book!! Hope there will be another one very soon. It’s very easy to get lost in this book. I couldn’t put it down once I started it . I love how the ending was and so glad that they all get their happy ever after. I wish real life was more like that sometimes. That’s why I always love reading and getting lost in these types of books. Hope there is another one after this one.

March 28, 2024

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