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The human Luna

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He had been by her side for the past two years, pretending to be the love of her life. His words drove her to tears, on her birthday, when she found out he wasn't in love with her, but only wanted to be the first to have a taste of her. She tried to escape for her dear life, but he was too strong for her. Suddenly, she saw someone grip him from the neck, throwing him on the floor. Logan O'connor, he was. The alpha of alphas who had been searching for his mate for the past seven years. Surprised he was, when he discovered his mate was human, and was fighting for her life. In shock, Madiya followed him to the pack, without knowing where she was heading to. What happens when she discovers her environment is inhabited by wolves, and the man she lives with is their leader? What's her reaction when she gets to know she's his destined mate?

Chapter 1: Finally found my mate

[Madiya POV]

"Madi, you have just twenty more minutes to prepare, I received a call from James telling me he'll be here in less than thirty minutes." Edith said in her royal blue slim gown, leaned against the door.

"Not bad. Before then, I'll be done. I just need to add some mascara to my eye lashes and add some powder on my face to blend out everything." I said, turning to my mirror looking at my dress. I hope it was okay. I was having dinner with my boyfriend and I had to be s*xy, so he doesn't look out for other girls.

Above all, two years ago, once we met at the park, I promised to lay with him only when I turned 21. He accepted my condition, and promised to wait.

He is the only boyfriend who accepted my conditions, the others told me they weren't going to do such.

I left for my bathroom searching for my black mascara and my Mary Kay foundation. It took me close to five minutes just to get the bag in which they were all in.

"You are now a big girl, I can't believe you are an adult. How time flies." Edith said to me, this time she took a seat and watched me continue to wonder in confusion.

"You sound like my mother." I said, throwing her a smile.

Soon, we heard a car honking downstairs. It's James and his friend Ralph. Before we went out, I made the sign of the cross praying for God to protect the day because I knew it was the last time I was going to return to my home as a virgin.

I got to my mirror again for the last time. I'm putting on a white s*xy slim gown, my red velvet hair tied in a ponytail form, I'm wearing the latest pair of earrings from fashion Nova. A $5000 wrist watch, and croco brownish high heels. A gold chain to perfectly blend out everything.

"Common Madi, James is here already." She said in a hurry.

We got downstairs, and James seemed not to believe I was the person he had been dating for the past two years. "You look gorgeous, I can't wait to let my hands travel all your body." He said with his mouth widely opened.

Ralph got out of the car, giving me access to the front seat, and he got to the passenger seat with Edith. They were having a conversation but I didn't get them. My mind was on me losing my virginity tonight, I pray it doesn't hurt me that much.

It was a 25 minute ride, and we arrived at the club earlier than we thought. He did a perfect job, reserving the club for us to celebrate my birthday. The environment is neatly decorated. The multiple lights, and the shades

We took our seats and soon we were served, my enormous cake was on the table waiting for me already.

[Logan's POV]

I took three days off to visit the various packs under my control, to be sure they were fully protected from attacks, and rogues. I had numerous meetings with their alphas on protecting their territories. That said, it's high time I return to my pack

"I think we've visited enough packs today, let the driver know we will be leaving anytime soon, while I speak with Alpha Amon" I ordered my beta.

"Right away alpha." He said taking the direction leading to the park where our car was.

I don't know what is going on, but I have this light headache at the left side of my score. Usually, Alpha's don't face such problems.

Talking of headache, it made me remember the last conversation I had with my grandmother before I left. She said when an Alpha was about to meet his mate, he always developed headaches and chills. Which was exactly what was happening to me right now.

For the past seven years, I have been out searching for my mate. When my wolf came to know we will be paying a visit to the moon lunar pack, he screamed for joy, though I didn't understand why.

Despite me feeling weak, I had to meet with Alpha Amon, to let him know I was about to take my leave. Even if I was the Alpha of Alphas it was going to be wrong leaving without informing him

When I got to his office, he was having a talk with his gamma and omega. He quickly dismissed them when he knew I was the one knocking.

"Please come in Alpha." I heard him say from the interior.

I came in, looking at the walls of his office as it was painted in white. No alpha had that colour in their office except Amon. It was amazing seeing the drawings on them too. "Alpha Amon, not wasting your time, I'm here to let you know I'll be taking my leave." I greeted him and dismissed myself. As kind as he was, he accompanied me to the car, greeting me for the last time.


We left the moon lunar pack, and we were in the human's town. Suddenly my headache became more intense, and I was shivering. That was not usual of me.

Glenn, my beta turned facing me and noticed I was shivering. "Alpha...... do you need something?" He asked.

"Shut up, and concentrate on yourself, if I need something I'll let you know." I growled at him.

For some moment there was silence. My grandmother's story came back to my head. Was I about to meet my mate? I had lost hope of finding her.

I suddenly heard a smell when we crossed past a nightclub, I asked my driver to stop the car immediately. I stepped out of the car in search for that scent.

As I arrived in-front of the nightclub, the scent became stronger, indicating the person was inside. I heard Glenn calling out on me, he seemed to be following me. "Stop there now," I said pointing a finger at him. "I wish to be left alone, be dismissed." I ordered him.

I wasn't a fan of nightclubs but I managed to walk in. The environment was almost empty, the few people I met seemed to be celebrating a birthday.

And there, I came across this lady, I only saw her from the backside. A round lady with a pretty butt. Finally, I got to see her face when she turned in my direction. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. With no hesitation, I knew she was my mate. Wait a minute, human, is she a human?

Chapter 2: She took me for a drunk

I ordered for a margarita and sat not far from her, the people she were with, made it impossible for me to approach her for a conversation. She was seated close to one dude, I don't know who he was, but I was jealous already. She got up from the chair in which she was seated. She began dancing, her butt facing the dude's face.

it got my wolf so upset to the point of threatening to take full control of me. I tried everything I could to calm him down. "Common you can't show up now, we are in the human world, don't frighten anyone." I said trying to control him.

"That dude is placing his filthy hands on mate and that's all you can say, huh?" He said at the back of my mind, I could feel his jealousy.

"You need to take things easy, mate knows nothing about us. We will have to work this intelligently." I mind-linked him one more time. At this point, I succeeded in calming him down.

My beautiful damsel stopped d


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