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The Forbidden Mate of the Alpha King

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"Do you love her?" Zola's voice came out shaky and her lips were pouty. I couldn't resist any longer. I needed her like I needed the air to breathe. I dipped my head in to capture her lips with mine, claiming our very first kiss. "You deliberately chose to be with someone else after telling me you wanted me. I was a fool. I had to find out, through a grapevine I might add, that you have a girlfriend. But that isn't even the cherry on top. No, the cherry is, that after weeks of this sh*t, I finally get the nerve to confront you and your response is to try and kiss me?" The words spoken out loud made me sound like a prick. How did I let it come to this? "I thought you loved me..." She whispered when I didn't respond. I do... But I can't. She was the forbidden fruit. The one thing I couldn't have, but desired above all. "Shanti is a wolf from a powerful family." *** Elias Hendricks is the most powerful Alpha King known. He had almost everything a man could ever need or want, the only thing he lacked was a mate to share it with. The one he desired above all, he could never have. How could everything feel so right, but be so wrong? Zola Harkness is a kind, loving, and genuine human hybrid who happened to be raised in a pack of royal wolves. She was a conspicuous person who happened to also be ingenue. The kind of woman that all men craved. However, she only desired one. What will Elias do when he is presented with an ultimatum? Forced to choose between the one he loves and his Kingdom. Will he find a way to overthrow the werewolf law, taking Zola as his human mate? Or will he walk away from the one he loves forever taking on a chosen mate to rule by his side?

Chapter 1 I'M HOME



It took me years. But years were more like days when you've been alive as long as I have been. But I succeeded. I found the person I needed most. Or at least I hoped they were the key to what I needed.

"Now, do you remember what we have trained for?"

"I do. I don't understand it. But I remember." They replied.

"It is not something to be understood as long as you know the plan."

"I know the plan."

"Good. Now go." I said with a smile.

"One last question. Are you sure it will work?" They asked.

"Trust in the system. Play the cards right and you will not fail."

They looked unsure of my words, but I knew that they would do just fine. All they had to do was play their role right. It was simple really.

I worked too hard to locate them for them to fail me now.


I sat in my window, staring up at the moon. The enticing feeling of the moon daring me to dream bigger. To be better. To do better.

"Alpha, come back to bed." The echo of my girlfriend said from across the room.

But she was not the kind of 'girl friend' you'd think. She was a girl that was a friend that I shared some sexual benefits with. I didn't do the whole 'dating scene'. Although, my mother wished I would settle down and pick a she-wolf to rule at my side. But nobody I've met seemed worthy enough to fit the part. Except for the one person I could never have. The only way for me to take her as my chosen mate, was if I chose to give up the throne. Something I would never do. My mother worked entirely too hard to take it back for me.

Shanti, was here to keep my mind from thinking about Zola. The one I really wanted.

I didn't know why my heart desired Zola so much. She wasn't even my fated mate. If that person even existed.

There was just something about her that drew me in. I felt complete when she was near me.

"Want to put me to sleep?" Shanti asked sexually.

"Actually, I have some work to do. You can stay, but I'll be in the office. I most likely won't be coming to bed."

I wasn't big on cuddling after the whole f*ck*ng thing. It just wasn't for me. Too many feelings. But maybe that was best. I mean look at what happened to my parents. Their love story was epic until it wasn't. I didn't want to love someone the way they loved each other. It was a consuming love, one that can never be matched again.

My mother never moved on after the passing of my father. Aunt Lucy and Novalee did all they could to set her up with blind dates, none of which she showed up for. I didn't want to be that kind of person. To be so consumed with love that I never wanted to move on. Which was why I vowed I would take a chosen mate, rather than a fated mate. It was easier that way. If fated love was anything like what I felt for Zo, I didn't want it. And Zo wasn't even my mate.

"Okay. Will I be sitting with you tomorrow?" Shanti asked as she pulled the sheets up and around her bosoms.

"I suppose so."

"Please tell me that that girl won't be there?"

"Who?" I asked, confused.

"Ugh Zola, who else?"

"There could be many other females you are speaking about here."

"Um, how many fancy you?"

Jealousy laced in her tone, but that was a rhetorical question.

"F*ck I don't know. What do you want to hear?"

"That she won't be there for your birthday party."

I was turning 25 tomorrow, of course, she would be there. Or I hoped she would.

"Everyone is invited," I said, trying to keep it an even playing field.

"Fine, but can she at least sit at a different table?"

Shanti was extremely jealous of Zola. Which blew my mind. Zola never disrespected her. Never tried to give her an actual reason to hate her. But she was a close friend to me. Aside from Zola, Holland was my best friend, my Beta.

'Alpha, you may want to get down here.' A mind-link came from one of the guards on duty.

"Can we talk about this later? I have an urgent matter to attend to."

"Fine. Always rushing off for your duties."

I mean, I am the King. What did she expect?

"Are you forgetting something?" She asked, pointing to her cheek.

That was my one rule, I didn't do lip kissing. It was too personal.

"Shanti, I don't have time for this. Go to bed." I said while leaving my quarters, not kissing her cheek.

I wondered what was so urgent for the guards to mind-link me in the dead of the night?

When I got down there, Holland was already there, as a good Beta would be.

"What's the issue?" I asked. My tone changed to a more authoritative one.

"A human was at the gates insisting he belongs here."

A human, belonging here? In a pack full of werewolves?

It's not that we don't socialize with humans. But we do keep a distance, just to be safe. Why would a human insist they belonged here of all places?

"Where is he now?" I asked, looking between the guard and my Beta.

"He was taken to the interrogation room. Figured you would want to ask him some more questions. To see how much he knew and why he thinks he should be here?"

"Perfect, thanks, Mitch."

I turned away from them as I made my way to the interrogation room. I had to tread lightly with a human. I couldn't disclose what we were. But I also needed to know what he knew, what he wanted, and why he was here.

I turned the knob and opened the door to see a man with salt-and-peppered hair who also sported a five o'clock shadow. Something about him felt familiar, but what was it?

"What is your name?" I asked, upon entering.

"I go by Kingston."

Wild. That was the name of my father's wolf.

"Go by?"

"I was labeled a John Doe in the hospital. Since I never gained my memories back I got to pick a name. And Kingston just felt right."

"Okay, so how can I be of assistance to you, Kingston?"

His eyes looked around the room before settling back on me.

"Are you possibly Uriah or Elias?"

Most didn't dare to address me by my name. Too afraid I would be a d*ck, I guess. To be fair though, I was a d*ck. Just not always.

"Who's asking?"

"Um- Me?" He answered more as a question.

"What is it that you want?"

"To come home."

To come home, here?

'Can someone fetch Uriah for me?' I mind-linked to my guards standing just outside of the soundproof room. 'I need him to come and identify this human.' I then said, finishing my sentence.

A few moments later Uriah knocked on the door before entering.

"You called, sir?" He asked. Avoiding calling me Alpha since he knew a human was present.

"Do you know this man?" I asked, never breaking eye contact with the human.

I could feel it when Uriah's eyes stopped looking at me and changed to looking at him.

"I don't believe it." He muttered in astonishment.

I turned my head to look at him. A confused look on my face.

"You don't recognize him?" Uriah asked, when I didn't reply he spoke again. "Imagine his hair as dark as yours, and twenty-plus years younger."

I looked back at the man, visualizing what Uriah described.

Wait… This couldn't be right, it was simply impossible.

"Dad?" I whispered. Not believing what I was seeing.

The man's golden eyes looked at me before looking back to Uriah.

"I'm home." He then said, making my heart pound against my chest.

But one question kept racking my brain. If my father had been alive after all this time, how did he know where to find us if he still had no idea who he really was?



Nothing was more exciting for an Alpha's first-born heir than their 16th and 25th birthdays. Their 16th birthday was the day that they got their wolf. Then their 25th birthday was the day they took over their pack.

For me, my 25th birthday was just going to be another day because I took over my pack 9 years ago when I turned 16. My circumstances were different than most. And not because I was the King. But simply because my Kingdom was without a King for 14 years before I took the throne. My father Ezra, the King before me, was killed by a huntress witch when I was only two years old. Or so we all thought. Which had left the Kingdom in my mother's hands until I was old enough to receive my wolf and take over.

Since today was not significant for me like most Alphas, it was supposed to be like any other normal day. But what was considered a 'normal day' for a powerful King such as myself?

I sat across the table from a man who was undeniably my fat


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