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The five elements

The five elements

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Lena is a Young seventeen years old girl with the power of the five elements of earth. Lena was once a Werewolf who was rejected by her mate repeatedly in her past lives. This made the moon goddess upset and provoked a curse on her mate ‘Jeremy’ who swapped places with Lena. Jeremy was turned into a werewolf and Lena was wiped from the surface of earth, during his wait for her alive the lonely alpha realized the pain he made his lovely mate go through which made him cry and plead to the MOON GODDESS to bless him. After centuries the MOON GODDESS finally answered his prayers and blessed him with a mate though he had to protect her for his entire life as she had become the top of the food chain.

Chapter 1

Lena was up very early just like she always did every day since she was eleven. She wore her favourite pink shirt and random shorts. She hurried outside without any footwear she could lay her hands on. Lena sat on her front porch and her friend Mason who was her next door neighbour and her best friend joined her.

“Hey Lena!!” Mason waved at her as he ran down the stairs of his house and approached her.

Mason looked like a regular teenager which he would have been but he came in contact with his grandmother’s ghost when he was eight years old and he has the ability to see them ever since as well as the ability to levitate and become invisible like a ghost.

Mason is a seventeen years old dark tall young man with an amazing British accent, slender body, one could say he lives at the gym with his intimidating shoulders and abs.his black long locus (shoulder length) green charming eyes, pointed nose, long eye lashes, his deep sweet voice which melted girl with just a word.

“Hey Mason!,you're up early, what's the rush?!” Lena asked as she made space for him to sit next to her.

“I have a date. I am super excited, '' Mason exclaimed. His voice echoed in such a fascinating way.

“Dude be cool my mum is still asleep” Lena instructed. Putting her hand over his mouth while looking back into the house to make sure he didn’t wake up her mom or the dog.

Mason struggled to get out of Lenas strong grip while murmuring and shaking “Geez okay” he whispered trying to catch his breath.

They both watched the sunrise and how the dark sky became bright and beautiful.

“Hey, meet me at the cafeteria at school,I have got to go!!” Mason whispered and immediately got up to leave.

“Aren’t we leaving for school together???”

“Nope I have to go pick…”Mason's voice trailed off. “You know who,” he concluded.

“Oh okay”

Lena walked back into the house. On reaching the door she saw her poodle, Milla trying to open the door. Milla was just a bog and a really cute one at that.

“Milla, are you trying to open the door??” Lena asked with a baby voice that was only heard between the pet and owner. She was so glad no one heard her speak that way.

She picked Milla up and took her alongside with her phone and a bottle of water to her room.

Lena placed Milla on her bed. While her phone and the water bottle on her dressing table she ran into the shower and had her bath. She came out, sat in front of her  mirror and applied facial cream.

Lena is a seventeen year old, with really fair skin, with brilliant blue eyes,well anchored brows, her long eyelashes with strawberry lips (red with a slight shade of pink traces at the edges) , her long wavy brown hair waist length. With her tiny but yet outspoken voice. Her straight posture, her tiny waist, large hips, full boobs and long fingernails.

She wore a puff sleeve velvet corset top,Amanda low-rise denim mini skirt ,a pair of black heel boots and a chain bag. She ran down stairs to find her hair brush which she was very clearless with and as well picked up Millas food.

“Where did I last see that hair brush??” Lena asked looking under the couch and on top of the kitchen island she later gave up and went back to her room with Millas Food.

“Here girl” she said as she placed the food in front of Milla.

Lena left Milla in her room knowing her mum was gonna come get her later in the day. Lena took the bus to school. She was one of the first people who arrived at school. She sat on her own and flipped through pages in her literature textbook.

“Hey!!, Lena..''Rafael yelled from the corridor. He jumped in through the window into the class Lena was in.

Rafael was a cool guy Lena made friends with from the very first day of school but she had begun avoiding him ever since he told a lie about them being a couple and her kissing him.

“Hi!!Len, why are you sitting here all alone?” Rafael asked.

“I haven’t studied,” Lena replied as she buried her face in her textbook.

Rafael finally left after he heard girls scream in the corridor so he went to check it out but Lena didn’t move a muscle.

The girls were screaming because the most popular kid Mason had just arrived at school and would be passing that part of school to get to his class.

“Ahhh!!” Grace screamed “girls!!!. Mason is coming this way”

All the girls screamed they tried to compose themselves but once Mason and Jeremy who was a hot new student. came to sight they began screaming once more.

Mason walked in with his girlfriend holding his right arm and Jeremy walked beside them checking if Lena was amongst the crowd but unfortunately she wasn’t one of them.

Jeremy is a new student who’s a friend of Mason and has heard a lot about the Famous school girl Lena who was said to be the best poet,songwriter and singer at school and the most chill girl.

Jeremy is a young actor and writer. Almost every girl at his old school bowed to his feet and the guys hung around him.

Jeremy is tall , with white pale skin, curly brown hair which rests round his head,his thick brown brows, with tight jaw line,and pointed nose. gold grille teeth which often came out whenever he had his mischievous smirk and his floppy lips.

Jermy had been looking forward to seeing Lena after the countless tales of her greatness.

“So is she part of the crowd??” Jeremy asked, looking at the girls.

“No she would never,she’s actually very popular in school” Mason answered.

They walked fast and out of the crowd in a matter of seconds but some girls followed them behind, same as a couple of fresh new guys who seemed to be crazy for Mason's girlfriend Ella.

Ella is sixteen and athletic , the best at “Rena university” which is their school. She has worn up to ten cups and medals since she started playing a few years back.

She’s extremely fast. Many people think it’s a gift but it’s actually her super power.

Ella is tall, blued eyed, she has scanty hair and pale lips. She’s a bit rude and boyish, more like a pick me up girl.

“Isn’t that Lena??” Ella said pointing to Lenas direction.

“Yeah it is,”Mason responded. He freed his arm from Ellas grip with ease and walked into the class where Lena was seated.

He walked slowly and gently so Lena didn’t notice him. Once he was close to her he busted out “ Hey!!!!”

Lena was startled and immediately froze him.

When she realised it had been him she unfroze him and apologised for her reckless action.

“Omg Mason I had no idea it was you!”Lena gasped. Lena stood up and gave Mason a hug and whispered in his ear “your girlfriend might be mad at you”

“Why would you say so??” Mason asked

“I just guessed the way she’s staring, ” Lena whispered.

Still in a tight embrace with Mason.

Ella and Lena had this weird rivalry which Lena never really understood but she had to be cool with her because of her best friend but lately it was becoming something else. She seriously hated to be the one to break it to Mason that her and Ella weren’t compatible friends of any sort.

“Mason?!” Ella screams with her high pitched voice. She calmed herself down when she saw the look Jeremy and Mason shot at her and the way Lena held her ears and squeezed her face as though a sharp object pierced through her ear drums. “Sorry something bit me” Ella lied to cover up the shame of what she just did.

“Emm, Mason, don't we have a class right now???” Ella nervously scratched the top of her arm.

“No we don’t, plus today is a free day” Mason answered sarcastically.Mason was extremely mad at Ella for screaming that loud and dragging attention to him. At this point people gardard at the window while some tried to get in.

These people weren’t all that crazy; they were just worried they thought something had happened or someone was in danger. On reaching where the scream can from they saw nothing was wrong and left murmuring.

“Hi…?” Jeremy was definitely tired of him being ghosted.

“Geez I forgot” Mason said,and face palm himself . Then he went ahead to introduce Lena to Jeremy ``Len this is Jermy he's a friend and Jeremy this is Lena the girl I told you about and my best friend”

Lena and Jeremy took a quick glance at each other. Jeremy smiled at Lena but Lena was frozen. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Jeremy offered her a hand but she stared at it in fear. She turned with speed and picked up her bag and her textbook. She ran out of the class and joined the moving crowd outside it.

“I knew she was weird” Ella said looking at the direction Lena ran though with disgust in her face.

“Have you guys met?” Mason asked. Mason was deeply confused; he had never in his life since childhood seen Lena act as such.

Jeremy  didn’t understand what just happened. He was hoping to get an answer from Mason but instead Mason attacked him with a question.

“I meet different people every day but I would know if I met a girl like her,” Jeremy confessed.

The bell rang and they all went to their various classes. Lena was already seated in the class when Mason and Jeremy walked in talking. She felt like burying herself or hiding but it was impossible. All she could do was cover her face with her notebook but she was still very much visible to them.

“Hey!, we can still see you,” Mason whispered as he walked by her.

Lena pretended not to hear a thing but unfortunately they sat right behind her. This class was an hour long all through Lena was uncomfortably. She couldn’t wait for the class to be over.

‘How can the guy from my dream be real or is this another dream???’ Lena Pinched her self.then she yelled in agony. Lena was trapped in her thoughts.

“Lena!!!. Lena!!” The lecturer shouted. It was clear she had been calling her for a while now.

Lena was lost in her delusion. She finally heard the call of the lecturer and she snapped. Lena immediately got up to her feet.

“Lena, what's wrong with you?” Miss Favour asked.

“Emm I just have a serious headache” Lena lied to cover up her absent mindedness.

“Are you sure you don’t have a fever??”Miss Favour asked, touching Lenas neck. Miss Favour was worried,she knew Lena as a very attentive student, seeing her this way made her feel something was wrong.

“Make sure you see the nurse after this class” Miss Favour instructed.

“Okay I will '' Lena tried her best not to concentrate but she couldn’t.

After the class right after the bell was rang Lena ran out of the class before anyone would notice her

but Jeremy did and ran after her.

“Hey!!” Jeremy yalled. Jeremy dash through the hallway pushing people to the side just to get to Lena.

Lena wasn’t running but the crowd was an advantage to her. Finally he cut up to her.

“Hi, why are you running from me?” Jeremy asked, holding her arms so she wouldn’t get away.

“I’m not, I just have something to do,” Lena lied.

“Lena, I know when you're lying,” Jeremy told Lena. With his eyes on her.

“We just met. You don’t know me” Lena busted. She flung Jeremy's hands and walked away.

“Bro!!,why did you leave like that?”Mason asked.

“How old is Lena??!” Jeremy asked. Jeremy  wasn’t concerned with Mason's question; he only felt he needed to know why Lena was angry with him or avoiding him from day one.

“She’s seventeen, why are you all of a sudden interested” Mason asked.


Lena watched the clock in biology class tick slowly.she literally counted the seconds. It felt like forever. After it felt like years of waiting it finally was the end of the day Lena didn’t have to run from class to class anymore,she deeply needed answers to many questions which flooded her head.

Lena went back home confused.

Lena walked into her perfectly arranged room. She took off her boots,she kept them at the side of her bed, she took off the entire outfit and layed on her bed. Her mind was still wondering.

ʻcould this be one of my wild dreams or is this reality???’ Lena asked herself in her head.

Lena often saw different places and people in her dreams and today she saw one of them for real. She just couldn’t believe it.

Lena heard a knock then the dog began to bark since there was no one home except her she had to answer it. Lena got up from her bed and walked  into her closet.

She wore blue Jean shorts and a baggy white shirt.

Lena ran down stairs to answer the door.

Unfortunately it was Mason and Jeremy. Lena freaked out, this was definitely real to her.she got a grip on herself and let them in. The only thing which rang a bell in her head was what he told her in the hallway.

‘I know when you’re lying’

‘Does he actually knows that or I’m just a bad liar’ Lena thought.

Lena speechlessly offered them a seat she was definitely uncomfortable around and it was obvious.

“Len…!,are you okay??!” Mason asked. He felt a lot of negative vibes coming from her but he just couldn’t place his hands on it.

“Yeah I am definitely fine” Lena hastily told Mason. “Like why wouldn’t I,it’s not like the guy of my dreams is in this room right now and I’m not saying man of my dreams as in my dream guy just someone I saw in my dream while sleeping” None of the words Lena said came out straight. Lena was shaking and her eyes were tearing.

Just in time to save her owner Milla ran into the house through the doggy door .

Lena picked her up, she laid her on her stomach and gave Milla a belly rub. One could tell Milla enjoyed it but the way she wagged her tail.

“Emm Lena, can we talk in private??” Jeremy asked out of the blue.

Hearing this Lenas heart began to pound again her ribcage like it was gonna pop out.

“Yeah sure, what do you say about the Kitchen” Lena suggested.

They both left Milla and Mason in the living room but obviously they both wanted to tag along. Too bad they weren’t invited.

“I just wanted to know if the name Jeremy Ezra rang a bell”

“No it doesn’t, was it supposed to??. Is it that we have met before now but I forgot you??” Lena asked.

This was one of the questions bothering Lenas mind.

“Yes' ' Jeremy answered. He walked closer to her a few feet away from her lips and whispered. “Decades and centuries ago”.

Jeremy walked out of the kitchen without giving Lena a chance to ask a question. After a very long time Mason and Jeremy left while Lena locked every door and window in the house and went to her room. That night she snuggled Milla so she wouldn’t get scared.

Chapter 2

Lena couldn’t sleep. She laid on her bed thinking about Jeremy . It was fascinating how a guy who has been in her dreams since she was ten,is now in her school and he spoke to her today.

Lena tried  sleeping but she couldn’t.she watched television shows,played games and watched as many TikTok videos  as she could but yet she couldn’t get Jeremy off her mind. Lena’s eyes finally became sleepy around 5am and she had to wake up by 6am.

Lenas alarm rang repeatedly and as it did she kept on snoozing the alarm.

“Len!!!” Lenas mum screamed from downstairs. “Len !!, it’s 7am I hope you're dressed for school”

Lena couldn’t believe her ears, she jumped off her bed and ran into the shower. She had her bath and wore a simple white mini dress and a black bag with a pair of white sneakers  . She looked like a zombie with her saggy eyes,messy hair and how she walked as though she was an old lady who just broke her back.

“I’m off to school mum!!” Lena yelled past


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