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The Enchanted Curse: the wolf/banshee inside me

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Upon discovering her newfound abilities, Sky Bloodworth experiences a mix of awe, fear, curiosity and determination as she steps into her role as an alpha werewolf and banshee, while finding out her parents’ death was no accident and their is someone that wants to stop her from taken over her fathers pack. Alpha Max is determine to stop at nothing to make her his Luna

Chapter 1

Wow is all I can say….

I guess I should start from the beginning, so you'll know what I’m talking about.

Hello, I’m Sky Bloodworth. I am a month away before I turn eighteen and can escape this hellhole. Let me give you a little background about myself.

I am the only child of two successful parents. I know...boring…hit the snooze button on to the next story. But I promise if you hold on to the story it will get better.

My dad was a doctor for adults and kids. I figured he had to be important because everyone addressed him as Dr. or Sir and never his first name, which is Jason. I thought it was weird to never hear people call him by his first name. What did I know I was twelve at that time. But I know I saw people coming and going from his office when I would come to visit every week to get my allergy shot.

Mom was a scientist, which I thought was cool. Her name was Joy. When people call her by her last name, that would aggravate her. She always tells them to call her Joy. Mom was friendlier than Dad. She thought hearing Mrs. Bloodworth was so strict and right to the point.

I loved my mom because she would make time to be silly with me even though she was busy working. I remember when she would let me into her office so we could spend some kind of time together. I would see all kinds of equipment and thought it would be okay to touch it. When she had enough of me in her space, she would rush me out of her office and tell me to go straight home and don't go wondering outside.

Because of that, it caused me to be a loner because I was always by myself and it caused me to mature a lot faster than others. I tried to stay out of my parents’ way so as not to cause any problems for them. I knew I didn’t have any family members because mom and dad would always say we were in this alone. Never really grasped what he meant by this. But one thing I did know was my parents worked hard and stayed focused on their work even after hours because anytime their phones rang when it was family time they would always jump to answer, and they had to leave the house right away. Me being little, I paid it no mind, but now that I am older, that wasn’t right. It was very strange.

Some nights when I was left alone, I would get scared because of the shadows I would see outside my window. When I talked to my parents, they would say I had a wild imagination. They thought I didn't notice when they would look at each other with that big eye type of deer stuck in headlights fears. I thought I didn't notice but I did they would always change the subject saying that a twelve-year-old should not believe in seeing things and that I should leave that for little kids.

In times like this, I wish I had family members I could call and talk to; I would even settle for a good friend. All I had was my stuffed animals, and the TV to talk to. Pretty lame, I know, but hell I was little and closed off.

Chapter 2

Shortly after that conversation about seeing shadows, my parents were killed in a freak car accident. The weirdest thing was I could remember myself sitting in the back seat talking to my parents, then the next thing I knew, the car was flipping over. When it finally stopped, I noticed several paws walking around the car. I could hear my parents screaming at the four-legged creature to get away from the car as they struggle to free themselves.

As I was losing consciousness, I could hear my mom say she's not ready, she hadn't turned yet. We don’t know if she has powers or her wolf, you must wait until she is eighteen. Trying to fought to stay awake; I could hear my parents screaming, please don’t hurt us, we have done everything you asked us to. I guess I passed out because when I woke up, I could feel something pulling me from the car.

I was so shocked that I couldn’t fight or scream for help. I no longer heard m


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