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The dragon king’s slaved alpha

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Once upon a time, when a kingdom fought for the dominance between the werewolves and the dragons, Alessia Lovato, the first female Alpha of the largest pack faced the harsh reality with her tears and pain. Right after her own eyes, Alessia watched her mate dying, her entire pack demolished and those who loved her all getting killed. When she came out to face her biggest enemy, the king of the dragons, RAVEN GROOVES, the moon goddess had showered her greatest cruelty on her. The man who was the sole reason behind her misery turned out to be her second chance mate. He yanked her with her hair, asking with the pure hated voice, brimming from his eyes, " Tell me, what will I get in return in exchange for saving your pack?" Alessia fought with her tears, blurted without bowing her head in front of the man that he loathed, " My virginity! Let's f*ck each others with hatred, King Raven."


"Luna..your mate..he ", the pack's beta came to inform Alessia. His voice sounded dreadful,

tears threatened to spew from his eyes. After all, Alpha Apollo wasn't only his Alpha but his best friend, his savior.

Alessia choked on her tears. Feeling the urge to cry her heart out, she still couldn't act vulnerable for the sake of her pack. She promised Apollo that she was going to protect his pack in his absence.

Alessia Lovato rose up from the chair numbly. Her beta, Domineco offered his hand to support her but she insisted on getting up alone. Pursuing her lips tightly, Alessia gave her another command, hearing the cries of her wolves in the background,

"Open the last door for those ladies..We can't be slaved by those dragons, Dom."

Domineco nodded in agreement with her decision. After an exhale, he went out, soaked in blood. Alessia was left alone in the room. Finally, she broke into tears. Holding her stomach, she cursed herself repeatedly, choking on her words,

"I..I couldn't save your am so.. sorry.."

The enmity between dragons and werewolves had been occurring for decades. It was rumoured that the first king of dragons were tricked and killed by Alphas. From that time, these dragons were searching for revenge. Everything was quiet until the seventh prince of the king had killed his own father and took over the kingdom. The first thing that he declared was war against the werewolves. They attacked without any prior notice.

Outside, wolves rushed in different directions. It was chaotic all around the land since the dragons had started fire all around the forest. They cried, and ran for protection here to there.

A girl around age 13 stared at the chaos, tears pouring from her eyes relentlessly. Kayla couldn't find her brother. She was so scared of this. Something like attackers from the sky happened for the first time.

The growl from the dragon came closer, fearing her little heart more. They were so close to their house again. Women werewolves ran in different directions with yelling and screaming.

"RUN PRINCESS KAYLA!", someone shouted from the crowd, warning her from a distance. Kayla gasped out of fear. Without thinking too much, she started running in the forest.

"AH!", her scream was heard loud and clear. A big paw clutched her from behind, forcing her to stop in her track. She started crying, throwing her hands in different directions,


Through her teary eyes, she saw more than four dragons descended around her. All of them had similarities except in eyes. The big one was holding her down under his paw like a kitten. Under her watchful eyes, one of them shifted into a young man, hissing at the big one who was holding her,

"Brother..she is too young to be a s*x slave..Let go of her.."

Again, one of them shifted into a young man, hissed at his brother's words who was asking to spare Kayla,

"But she is bigger boobs..We can play with her after a few years.. Let's take her too, brother.."

Kayla was terrified to hear their conversation. She heard from her late mother how terrified it was to serve as a s*x slave. She saw no mercy in their eyes except a person with blue eyes who wasn't happy with their decision. Despite her cries and begging, Kayla failed to escape from their claws.

As the big dragon began to drag her like an object, she cried out for help loudly, " LUNA!! HELP!!"

"KAYLA!!", Alessia gasped out inside the room.She heard her cry well. Stumbling two steps, she rushed to step outside but the guard blocked her, warning with concern,

"Luna... don't go.. It's dangerous..You are having a baby..It can't be.."

Alessia snapped their words out, glaring at them in rage,

"Kayla is my only family left now. How can you tell me that I shouldn't go to save her? Even if I die, I will rescue her from those monsters."

The guards didn't dare to approach her under her Luna command. In a matter of seconds, Alessia transformed into a black furred wolf, chasing behind the dragons who were taking Alessia outside.

Alessia's wolf ran through the fire, not caring about the bruises that she got from the way. Her ears only focused on small cries of Kayla who was dragging on the floor brutally. Alessia let out a painful howl, almost catching her.

With another big jump, she successfully bit the leg of that dragon who was holding her from mid-air. Kayla fell down on the floor with a slump, her buttocks hitting hard against the ground. As she launched a big jump, Alessia also dropped along with her on the ground.

In less than a few seconds, all those four dragons landed down in a minute. The big dragon quickly transformed, changing into a man with big muscles. His eyes glared at them after taking a look at his bleeding leg. The first prince from Dragon kingdom shouted, pointing at Alessia in her wolf form,

"How dare you snatch my slave, b*tch? How the hell did you bite me?"

Alessia regained her human transformation soon. Her eyes hatefully watched the first prince, spatting venomously,

"You are in no position to take her as your slave. We, Alphas don't bow to f*ck*ng monsters like you."

The Fourth prince whispered, stunned by her powerful words,

"Who is she? How dare she speak to the 1st brother like that?"

The first prince's eyes darkened in rage. He stomped forward, blurted through his gritted teeth, " How dare dare you raise your voice..f*ck..I am changing my mind..I will take you as my s*x slave then I will show you how to be at my mercy always.. b*tch.."

The first person wanted to grab Alessia swiftly but a raged growl stopped their words. A massive dragon began to fly downstairs. Despite his unwillingness, the first person had to step out to make space for his landing. His teeth were clenched when he hung his head low in submission.


The dragon landed down powerfully. His aura emitted powers from his presence. As the dust clouded the air, Alessia had difficulties looking into his eyes. Two pairs of eyes locked in a second. Hatred flared from their eyes. But something threatened to come out from Alessia's chest.

Her core was throbbing in some needs. Although she kept clenching her teeth hard to not let it happen, her wolf groaned spitting out subconsciously,

"MATE!!" that the Dragon King?


"No..Noo.. Domineco..I am not.. going with him.. Never..He is a monster..He killed my mate..", Alessia sobbed through her broken voice, tears rolling from her eyes. It took only a few moments to be known by everyone that she was now mated to the dragon king, Raven Grooves.

Domenico exhaled heavily in this complicated situation. He was secretly thankful to the king, Raven that he ordered to stop the war as soon as he recognized his mate. They had a few more guards left only or else they were going to be killed too.

Alessia was inside the cave now, running around crazily.

Why Goddess? Why? How could she accept the man who killed her love?

Domineco understood Luna's pain. Even a day didn't pass away as her mate was killed. It was impossible to heal a heart within a day. But Domineco understood the urgency of the situation. He kept persuading her as the king and princes were waiting outside,

"My Luna! Think about the consequences first! If you refuse to acc


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