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The devil's advocate

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Man always lives in wrong ways and sins. No one in the world lives because he is perfect, or because he is sinless. Everything that moves on the earth has him at his fault. Sometimes, you are not aware that you have committed a sin that you must pay for in the world of the abyss. The sound of death’s music is one of the reasons why my work increases. The word karma is attached to my name. I am the maker of karma. It's up to the person, whether they learn their lesson or they repeat their mistakes. It is up to them to decide what path they will choose, whether to go to heaven or to be one of my disciples


I took a deep breath as I watched the souls of those who had sinned.

"All right, turn on the fire," I ordered my companions, they obeyed and immediately increased the fire, which made the surroundings even louder because of the moaning of the people there.

"Princess Ksara, your father is calling you." Bored I looked at the caller to me, I took a deep breath then took the tail of the dragon that was next to me.

"All right, I'm on my way." I gently said, then lowering my tail and legs, I started to walk out of this room while the tail that I was holding was beating the people near me.

I breathed a sigh of relief as their noise disappeared from my hearing, deafening.

I walked upstairs to Father's room while fixing the tail of the dragon that I was holding.

Two of my father's staff opened his door, and from outside I could smell my mother's fishy smell with my sister. I was shocked to see the three of them looking at me.

"Are you calling me?" I asked and sat down on an empty seat here in front of my father.

Father smiled and then showed me a soul that was coming out of his body.

"Isn't that nice?" My father asked me, I just looked at him and waited for what he would say next.

"You're too serious Ksara." Mother said laughing as she sat on a soul without eyes.

"When did Ksara not get serious?" Alada, my sister, asked. She looked in her mirror as she sharpened her longhorn. I took a deep breath and then played with the tail I was holding.

"I'm going to punish people, you're wasting my time," I said and stood up.

"Leave it to Alada to punish the people." Said father so I looked at Alada who didn't say anything to her.

"And why?" I asked my father, smiled and clapped his hand so that he could have a piece of paper in his left hand.

"New mission for the princess," Dad said with a smile and threw the paper he was holding before me, I immediately caught it and looked at it.

A picture of the man. I looked at my father.

"How many times have I been a murderer?" I asked, and they both laughed at what I said.

"He’s going to die for a long time Ksara, you're excited," Mama said while laughing. I blinked.

"Your mission is to make that man bad," Dad said so I looked at the picture again and then laughed.

“My job is to give karma and punish the souls that killed people,” I said and looked at them.

"There's nothing you can do, that's your mission you have to finish otherwise ..." Alada stopped sharpening her horn. She looked at me and then smiled.

"... You'll be like Avila." She added that creatures like us have to do or finish a mission. By the time we don’t finish it, we will be lost in this world.

I took a deep breath.

"As if I can do more," I said, then hid the picture of the man assigned to me.

"You said, make that man bad, you didn't say I can't play with him," I said as the three of them laughed.

"It's up to you, as long as you make him bad and when you do, you can come back here and do your jobs." Said father so I turned around.

"By the way, change your appearance." I stopped walking and looked at Alada.

"People, they are very sensitive to what they see. Change your skin to white and reduce your horns, also try to remove your fangs and tail, those are not acceptable in their world." She said while looking around. in the mirror and sharpening her horn.

I turned around again and started walking out of the room.

"I'll be right back, too, right away," I said, I still heard their laughter but I didn't pay any attention to it.

From the man's looks, it seemed easy to teach him bad things. This mission is basic.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be here right away.

Chapter 2

What's in her head?"

"Is that horn or a headband?"

"She's just new here."

"Does she have a horn? Halloween is still far away."

That's one of the things I hear here as I walk. The world of humans is so chaotic and judgmental, they all have a place in hell where they have to speak all at once otherwise they will be thrown into boiling brimstone.

I stopped walking and looked at the sky, the sun shining on my face causing me to close my eyes.

If I was the only one to follow, I would take that thing away. Too dazzling, painful in the eye.

"Hey girl, are you new here?" I looked down at the man in front of me, if I'm not mistaken he was a rapist, a murderer in front of me.

The smell of his sin, if I can't stop I might be able to play with him. I just looked at the man then passed him and walked again.

"Hey, I'm talking to you!" I stopped when he shouted


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