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The cursed Alpha's human bride

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He was a cursed alpha who needed a human bride to break his curse, however, who could love a man that could be seen at night? Luck shone him when he comes across a woman unconscious at the mountains and decided to use her for his advantage. She was a reporter and works on a research case over missing persons at the countryside mountains. However, a tragic accident happens that claims her life. She was woken up by a kiss only to discover a marriage contract awaiting her. At first, she sees it as a delusion but then realization struck her on the first night spent with a stranger!

Chapter 1

At the foot of a mountain, some cops were seen digging out a hole and found another dead body buried in the sloppy ground. It had become alarming for the city as people are being abducted so to say at nights. A reporter rushed down to the scene with the media as she was going to be giving a live broadcast.

"Welcome reporter Evelyn" a cop saluted raising up the caution tape.

"What's new about the discovery?" She asked jotting down some words in her mini book.

"An autopsy is being carried out and from the look of it, it's far more than abduction..." He paused terrified while pointing at the lifeless being on the ground. Evelyn walked up to the body as she could see scars on it and then a bite on its neck, furthermore, she surveyed the site and got to observe that death case revolves around this mountain.

"Perhaps could it be eaten by the wild animals here?" She suggested but there was no response from the cops around and beckoned to the media team that she was ready. It was late at night though and the provision of light was needed. Nevertheless, one would own it to the media because it was their duty. She was about to utter a word when an howl was heard loudly that it got her scared but the policemen assured them of their safety.

"What the heck was that?" The camera man asked with a frown as the noise was chipping into the sound.

"A dog Zak" his assistant answered chuckling. He was in charge of the illumination that shoves on Evelyn's face.

"Ready?" She inquired and the two men nodded while the cops furthered in their investigations.

"I'm reporting live from..."

"Oh no!" Zak interrupted panicking as the lights had suddenly turned off.

"I don't think we could report this today Evelyn" a woman advised and evelyn heaved a sigh grieved.

"We just need your cell phones on!" The assistant exclaimed not wanting to accept defeat besides, they couldn't come all this way far for nothing. Evenly smiled at him while switching on her phone, mistakenly, she shone it at an oak tree and found a mauve eye glancing at them.

"Oh my goodness" she cursed walking slowly towards the oak tree and just then everyone's lights went off once more.

"Officer lucy...I think there's something watching us!" She wailed terrified as the cool breeze of the night sweep pass her face. Two officers ran directly towards the oak tree, the moon became their guide for the night, nonetheless, their search was in vain.

"I know what I saw...there was some kind of creature watching at us".

"That's enough, we would just take pictures of the scene" officer lucy stated in a weary tone. Each moment someone tries to report the tragedy on this mountain, it got deferred and Evelyn wasn't ready for that. The public needs to be cautious of what the real truth was behind the victim's death. Zak hissed silently as he stepped back to ease himself. Evelyn too excused herself as a call came through, some cops had left and only two stayed behind to clear up the mess.

"Evelyn dear, are still in there?"

"Argh! I'm in the middle of an important project and your interrupting" she posed attempting not to raise her voice.

"Sorry, just that I have a gut feeling that it's not safe for you being around there"

"Mom listen, you always have bad feeling about my job in the first place, there's no attempt of yours that would stop me now" she concluded terminating the call. Evelyn walked back to her previous spot only to notice that everyone was gone.

"Zak? Oliver?" She called striding her movement and no one was responding to her. She tried dialing each of their lines but it wasn't connecting, however something made her freak out, blood was drooling from a tree on her body. Evelyn suddenly raised her head and found someone hung upside down. From her instinct, that was Zak, she became mute as everything around her was suddenly blank and she was void of reasoning.


"Evelyn...wake up!"

The sound of this being jerked her up from the bed. She fluttered her eyes and found a nurse inserting an intravenous fluid into her vain.

"Where am l?" She asked puzzled. Her vision was blur and it took a few minutes before her vision was becoming clearer. Oliver hurried up to her ward having been informed  that Evelyn has become conscious.

"Oliver?" She muttered immediately he came in.

"Reporter Evelyn, thank God you're safe" he replied rubbing his forehead which was bandaged.

"What happened over there?" She inquired and he shook his head in the negative way. He had no idea of what had happened in the mountain but only found himself running away from the unknown afterall, he had heard Zak's unexpected scream for help and the two cops ran after him to help out.

"Where are the cops?" She pressed on intending to stand but Oliver refrained her.

"Dead" he justified in agony.

"We need to know the truth Oliver, it's getting complicated" she tabled as he swallowed. How could that ever be because fear had lurked in and she should be grateful the cops he called reached to her on time.

"There's no need trying because all those who ventured into the truth ends up dead"

"How long would we keep lying to the public? Soon the government might claims it's a kind of plague on those who lives by the mountains!" Evelyn sneered frustrated by the day as she pulled out the drip being placed on her hand.

"Reporter Evelyn, there's no way striving, you would risk more lives than ever!" He warned.

"Then stay back as a coward does!" She reprimanded leaving the hospital annoyed by his words. Evelyn headed home straight as she disconnected her line to avoid any disturbance for the day. Once she got home, she made way for her room pondering on what transpired last night. It was her first time visiting the mountains, Evelyn had been hindered by the company she worked for on carrying out a report over the death cases around the mountains. The jotter which she had jotted down some facts were in her pocket and could prove as a vital key.

"I'm going to do this alone" she muttered and the vase behind her fell to the ground. In  a hast, evelyn turned her gaze to the vase which had shattered to the ground. While studying the vase, a knock eluded her thought. It was her fiance who must have gotten worried sick, she ushered him inside with a stern look. Possibly, evenly wasn't expecting anyone to visit.

"I rushed here..."

"I'm fine max" she snapped leaving him off guard. He grimace knowing how she acted when being interrupted.

"Oliver told me about it sweetie and I know it's hurts when no one stands by you in all your decisions but..." He ceased and took a step closer that they were inches apart while placing his hands on her shoulder.

"I will always be here for you" he assured and evelyn scoffed. She hugged him tightly and shut her eyes scared that she might lose him too although she had his full support and that was precisely what was required of him.

"Mom tried calling".

Her mother always gave records of her wrong comings to max believing he was the only one who could tame the lioness down.

"What more reports did she give?" She teased and he laughed.

"Skipping of meals prepared by her" he petitioned as Evelyn smiled.

"How about we take a walk and discover new features of this country?" He exaggerated like an explorer leaving Evelyn with the option than to accept his offer. Besides, she had come off the bad energy that had emerged from today.

"This time around the beach would do" she added hurry up her room to get dressed for the beach.

"Alright her excellency" he gestured as he could hear her chuckling. Max smiled glancing at his watch. Soon, he was going to propose to her, each moment max summons the courage to do so, it either gets suspended. In a short while, Evelyn came out with her camera, seems that camera of hers got her addict to it.

"Alright my lady!"


The little time she spent on the beach with max was rejuvenating as she calmed the tension in her. While returning home, she set her bag ready to visit the mountains with no one knowing about it, besides it was the weekend and she had a break from work. Evelyn left home early, she was just a strong will lady who doesn't know when to back out. Despite the letter she petitioned to her company on sightseeing the mountains for more evidence got rejected and now there's no back up but that won't tame her down.

Chapter 2

Setting off for a brand-new day, Evelyn drove towards the hillside and found herself in the midst of the people who lives around there. Plodding around the mountains around, she took pictures of the beautiful scenery her eyes got attracted to, not forgetting to obtain the information regarding the reasons why she got here. Evelyn was going to spend the weekend over here precisely, gathering of evidence wasn't a one-day stuff and the warm gestures from the folks here gave her delights. It was getting darker, and she needed to leave the mountain foot either way because some people believes a beast creeps out of there and haunt whosoever is found at its foot. Evelyn was agitated to see what possibly would be on the mountain that freaks someone out. Laying ambush to await whatever was going to burst out at her, Evelyn set her camera on record, she was the only one at this place and was determined to expose the root cause of citizens disappearance. She lie low behind a rock that act


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