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The Broken Alpha

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Annabella is the adoptive daughter of beta and a warrior's daughter, she's categorized in the lowest rank of them all, an omega. Just as she thought life couldn't get any worse it did, she is forced to marry Alonso the Alpha of the Blue Ridge pack who remained lost and broken after a dreadful accident took the life of his mother and his ability to walk. He Will Anabella go through with the marriage? Would Alonso be able to find the strength and courage to walk again? And what twist of fate awaits them The Broken Alpha By Cindy Greene

Chapter 1 Alonso Introduction.


When did it start, when did I start to love her, to long for her, to need and want her?

Was it the first day she walked into my room with the messed up hair and baggy sweatpants, or was it the day she accidentally spilled my coffee all over the counter and scrambled trying to clean it up?

I've never been this lost and confused before, never been empty and full at the same time.

I'm longing for her smile and lusting for her touch so much it's driving me crazy, insane.

I've always lived In my bubble after the accident and didn't care for life or anyone around me.

When did I start caring to walk again to be able to fight to be the old me again most of all, when did I start wanting to be more not for me but her?

To take revenge on those who did her, wrong, on those who did me wrong. I have to do it, if not for me for her, but there's a part of me that wouldn't let me, a part of me that keeps holding me back.

Is it shame, fright, my past, or what the future will hold? Would she love me if I was able to walk, or does she rather me this way?

CHAPTER 1 Alonso p.o.v

Do you, Alonso, accept the title of Alpha of Blue Ridge pack.” George, my father asked,

“I do,” I replied

“Do you promise to fight for this pack and all its members, young, old, and those seeking refuge?” Father asked

“I do,” I replied

“Bring forth your right hand.”

He cut the palm of my hand along with his and sealed my fate by placing both mine and his hand together over the bond fire.

Leaving me the alpha of the Blue Ridge pack, one of the strongest and wealthiest packs to have ever established.

Before I became the pack’s Alpha, I was sent abroad to Italy to study art and business.

I left college with honors at the age of twenty-two and returned home to Australia and opened my very first art studio along with a billion-dollar Restaurant.

Making Alonso Matthews, six feet tall with short black hair, a pair of brown eyes, and a honey brown complexion, is one of the richest young men in the world.

It was hard at first to build from the ground up, but it was all worth it in the end, my life was filled with new experiences.

The Art studio took a year and a half to build mainly because I wanted it to look a certain way, I wanted it to look exactly the way my mother drew it.

And once it was finished she was more than pleased with the way it all turned out, wide doors and slim window frames, three floors, and beautiful chandeliers hung in the center of every floor.

The restaurant is a simple building with perfect white lighting, the chairs and the tables made from pink ivory wood, and the walls decorated with photos from my art museum along with photos of my family.

I remember the first time I saw these photos when they were just taken o felt happy, joyous, and excited but most of all I felt proud of what I had accomplished.

But now I’m sitting here looking at those photos again and I feel nothing but sadness, the photo of my bloody palm when I took over as Alpha.

The photo of my art studio opening, and the photo of my mom and dad cutting the ribbon at Blue Ridge fine dining Restaurant.

Why do I feel sad?

Mainly because if I had known I would have ended up in a wheelchair paralyzed from the waist down, I would have just enjoyed my life, and lived it to the fullest.

If I had known I would have lost my mother on that fateful day, I would have spent time with her, and taken her out to the places she loved more instead of rescheduling our late-night dinners and our midday calls.

But I didn't know any of those things, I didn't think life would hit me with a moving truck and slow me down. Literally.

“Come on, son, your father and I have a surprise for you.” Mariah my father's second chance mate, called.

It wasn't long after the accident and my mother's death that my father found his second chance mate, he tried to hold it off with Mariah as long as he could have for my sake but the mate bond started taking a toll on him and he couldn't hold back anymore.

And that's how she started living with us sucking as much from my father as possible, I tried countless times to warn him about her, but she never listens.

So I just stopped talking and let it be.

“You're not my mother, and you'll never be.” I bark back

She pushed the wheelchair slowly at first not giving me chance to push the stick as her hand was blocking it and once we were out of the maids' sight, she pushed the chair with force, sending me into the wall.


My head smashed against the white wall, leaving a little blood stain, that you have to look close enough to see.

“ Hahaha, pathetic.” she walked towards me as I slowly tried to come to my senses, constantly shaking my head to bring back my slightly blurred vision.

“Worthless trash, that's what you are, pathetic, useless, an empty shell of a man that can't even stand on his two feet.” she laughs

I push the stick allowing my chair to move forward once I catch myself and Microsoft ed along the hallway.

“ Ohh please Alonso waits for me, don't leave me behind, I can’t keep up with you.” She mocked,

I stopped and turned the chair towards her, her smile dropped and the evil grin that usually dances around at the corner of her lips appeared.

“One day, Mariah, you just wait and see,” I say.

“One day for what, for you to stand on your own two feet, it’s never going to happen.

You know, there was a time in my life I would gawk over you, seeing you in magazines and photos on social media even when you sat down during interviews.

Ohh, well, I guess those days are over.” She walked past me, not before kicking the wheelchair.

I roll myself once again into the living room where father is seated doing his daily reading,

“I have good news, son, I've found you a mate.” He dropped the newspapers on his lap and look up at me

“You've found me a mate, how, by going out into the wilderness and asking the beast to please come and love my cripple son?” I asked,

“You're not a cripple and Anabella isn't a beast.”

“Anabella the omega girl who looks like she hasn't been eating since birth and that bird's nest of hair on top of her head, and don't let me get started on the way she dresses.”

“Son, look at it this way.

you'll finally have someone to spend time with, to talk to, someone that could make you happy, and it would take the load off Mariah. She spends most of her time taking care of you.”

“Taking care of me, is that what she said?” Father stomped his feet.

“You're going to marry her and that's final, please Alonso, I can't see you like this anymore.”

“You can't see me like what, Alone, broken, unhappy. Say it, you can't see me like what...” I shout.

Father looked at me and I rolled away without saying another word, maybe if I end my life now I wouldn't be such a bother.

Perhaps if I just wasn't here anymore no one would think they know what's best for me.

Rolling over to the window, I look on as the rain drops fall from the sky, there's a storm coming from the west, and it looks serious.


A knock on the door startles me, but what awaited me behind it frightened me, it was Anabella standing in baggy pants and an oversized t-shirt so big It was as if she was drowning in it.

“Hello, I'm Anabella…”

Chapter 2 Annabella Introduction.

Anabella’s Prologue

Life's funny how things work, if you asked me: do you think within the next five years you'd be married to the richest man in the world, is say no.

If you asked me what secrets I hold: is say nothing I hold no secrets because I don't have any.

And if you ask me if I do believe in love after everything that happened to me: is say no because love is just a word people use to make others feel good.

But today I think differently, why?

Is it because a man that sits in a wheelchair has shown me more love and affection, and attention than anyone in my entire life has shown me?

He looks at me every day and tells me he loves me, that he's happy I barged into his life on that fateful day, but why? Why am I afraid to repeat those words?

Is it fear, or fright or is it my mind's way of thinking holding me back, what if he gets better and leaves me behind? Or what if he gets tired and can'


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