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The Banished Alpha Heir

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After getting banished for a crime he did not commit. Prince Zayn, the rightful heir to the throne finds himself in a new world: A world of humans he never truly believed existed. One the wolves called ' the other world'. He is attacked by a pack of wolves who wanted him out of the place and the alpha of this powerful pack in that part of the world turns out to be his mate but she rejected him instantly with threats to eliminate him. Will the powerful heir stand his ground against his dangerous mate or scurry away like a scaredy wolf? Find out .....

Chapter 1 The Rejection

The woods was very silent except for the noise caused by the whirlwind which also bent the branches of trees over.

It was a beautiful morning as the sun rose brightly from the east with it's ray entering into the woods narrowly.

Soon flock of birds flew out of their habitats and dispersed like they were been chased by something.

Not only the birds but Squirrels and creeping creatures could be seen movingng at an indefinite direction.

Firm and steady footsteps could be heard approaching until someone burst out of a small bush.

It was Zayn in torn long sleeves, his face was wounded and he had no footwear making the cuts on his toes visible.

Loud howling of wolves could be heard from all around as he staggered over a log of wood, he jumped to grab a rock when a big black-haired creature collides with him and he came crashing to the ground.

He groaned loudly and clenched tight to his stomach, his shirt was getting soaked in blood.

Deep growls sounded closer from all directions making him raise his head slowly to see the big black wolf with blue eyes in front of him, the creature was gnashing its sharp fangs at him with saliva dripping down.

Gentle noise could be heard and he looked around to see more of the wolf creatures jogging to the scene.

His fingers slowly grew into thick claws and the colouration of his eyes turned red. He pulled forward stabbing the erect claws into the wolf ahead pushing the black haired creature down but another hits him strongly from the side and he fell once again to the ground.

Struggling hard, he groaned loudly and got to his feet but two brunettes appeared out of nowhere and laid hold of his arm from behind.

He tried to break free but one punched his spine so hard that dropped to his knees.

"Stay down. You wouldn't want us to rip your spine" He could the calm voice speak through his ears.

The wounded young man raised his eyes to see that he was now surrounded by so many wolves, there was no running this time.

He grinned angrily wishing he wasn't injured severely on the stomach.

"Tell us... Who sent you to spy on us?" A masculine voice came from behind and he tried to look but he couldn't see.

"I don't know what you're talking about" He replied sharply.

"Of course, you do but you're an Alpha which leaves me wondering. Only omegas are sent on such suicidal mission except its confidential" The speaker appeared in front of him so that his face was visible. It was a middle-aged man who had a red cap on and his hands in the oversized coat he was wearing.

"You're right about one thing. I'm an Alpha who would rip your throats out if not on my knees, and the other... I work for no one"

"You work for no one?, yet you trespass our land, our territory" The angered man tried to control his voice.

"Um.... Let's say I'm new here" He chuckled.

"Everyone knows about us, every single wolf in every country, every city. We're the most powerful, the most feared, we're the black moon pack.... " He gripped the wounded Zayn's chin making him interrupt while laughing.

"Well... I haven't heard of you before"

He seems to have annoyed the middle-aged man who took few steps back and his fingers began to thicken into claws with veins running up his hand.

"Control your rage... Shane" A feminine voice sounded loudly from nowhere making him retreat his claws and stepped aside.

The creatures began howling into the air and the two ladies who held captured Zayn from behind did the same.

That was the first time he saw her. Well, she was beautiful like many ladies he's meet but there was just something different about her, with each step of confidence that crushed the dried up leaves on the ground - she appeared from behind a tree in an unusual long trench coat that was unbutton revealing the red bodycon dress under that shewed her gracious curves. She wasn't even watching her steps as she moved like a pro with her heels... Her beautiful eyes seems to be fixed at him and her perfectly round lips wasn't moving either.

"Wait a minute... Is this your alpha?" He tried to laugh but the ladies strained his arm causing him to groan in pain.

"Is this a joke..." He imagined the alpha of this powerful pack that attacked him to be a cold-looking alpha king but here comes a lady who had the looks of a human.

She halt immediately as her heart missed a beat and this mysterious scent seems to cloud her smelling but it was coming right from him.

"Is this the trespasser?" His laughter slowly died the moment he heard her first statement, Zayn felt cold chills running down his skin and his blood pumping too fast.

There was literal electricity passing through his system making him gasp loudly.

"Mate!" Zayn could hear his inner wolf rejoice from behind his head. After years of getting abandon by his once closest friend here it came informing him off the last thing he needed at the moment.

Lifting his eyes to her face, he lost the courage he had at first and tried hard to control his heartbeat.

"Who are you?" She let out gently and approached him after swallowing the saliva in her mouth.

"I'm Zayn...Zayn Hen..." He paused speaking when her fingers trailed down his face exciting every single hormone in his system.

The two ladies behind where shocked as they left go of him slowly and stepped back to meet the middle aged man "It's her mate" They left a look of unbelieve on his face.

"Yes... Mate!" The joy of the inner wolf knew no bound as he troubled Zayn's head greatly.

She slowly watched his eyes making him tilt his head to her as his lips vibrated in pleasure but the next turn of event came as a shock.

She headbutt his face so strongly that he crashed weakly to the ground.

His vision was becoming blur but he could still see her squat low and spat on his face.

"I Allegra, alpha of the black moon... reject you!"

He could hear the painful wailing of his inner wolf who immediately vanished into isolation.

"I give you three days to leave my city and after then... I'll cultivate your heart and serve it to the birds of the air" She threatened loudly before getting to her feet.

He slowly shut his eyes and could hear her leaving footstep with that of the other wolves which caused the leaves to rustle. Poor Zayn was deeply pained within, not because his mate rejected him but a random

alpha lady of a random pack getting to throw threats at the great heir of Baridoki. Ex-heir now, but how did he end up in this situation.

Chapter 2 The Ceremony


It was a big day in the palace of Baridoki as omega wolves who were royal maids and servants could be seen carrying out their obligations in their number.

A dark skinned man who was dressed in a red uniform as the other royal guards found his way down a deserted hallway and gently adjusted the black hat he had on.

Whistling gently, he moved past a couple of enclosed chambers before he eventually stopped at the door of one.

"Prince Zayn" His masculine voice was let out and his closed fist made contact with the metal door.

He waited for a while and the non response prompt him to push the door open before stepping in.

The poor guard was welcomed by the heavy smell of alcohol, mainly whisky.

Turning to the giant sized bed that was across, there was the young man covered with a sheet in his sleeping state.

From the position he stood, he could see and perceive the smell of the semen that stick all over the


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