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Dark moon, Blood moon, Blue moon, Full moon, Half moon, Crescent moon, New moon. Seven packs, all that's left of ten. From a centuries old war to be fought in the present. The last generation, in a bid to protect their children. Lost their lives on a quest not theirs to embark on. A scorned wolf wants revenge on all who caused the hibernation. Differences aside, they must all unite or die. For the darkness... AWAKENS!!! *** The seven pack Alphas have to embark on a quest and find their mates along the way in order to save them all from extinction. Will they win or will the darkness prevail?


"The darkness awakens." Jerald heard the voice whisper. It always started like this. The same thing that was present in all his dreams. No, not dreams, nightmares.

"Find the Oracle." Always the same thing.

"The council of Alphas must be held before the fullest moon." The voice urged, almost pleaded.

"It's too late." A darker voice said. He didn't just hear it, he felt it in his bones, felt the malicious intent.

"I will awake soon, and I will have my revenge." With every word this voice spoke, he felt like the very life was being drained from him.

He wanted to wake up, but he was held in the thrall of this evil he didn't know and couldn't see.

"You will not have your way." The first gentler voice said and he felt a force pull him out of the trance.

He jerked up on his bed drenched in sweat, claws out, his sheets in shreds. He rubbed his eyes, feeling empty for a few minutes and he knew why.

Whenever this happened, he could never feel his wolf. It was like he was chained somewhere far away for him to reach.

He stood and stretched as his wolf rubbed against his mind, letting him know that he was back.

It was almost 4am, time for a run. He didn't bother putting on clothes, his wolf needed to be free, shake off the remnants of that dream.

He wasn't the type to be easily spooked, but this was a recurrence for about two weeks, every night. It had to mean something, and he knew it definitely wasn't good. He made up his mind to contact the Alphas of the other packs. They may call him crazy or paranoid, but they needed to know about it.

He called on his wolf and felt the fleeting pain as his bones realigned and fur sprouted from his pores. He ran for hours on every inch of his territory like he did every morning. When he returned, there was a letter waiting for him.


Carson woke up to find himself wrapped around two women whose names he couldn't for the life of him remember. With any luck, he would be able to leave without their knowledge. The room smelt of all their previous night's activities and it was grating on his hyper senses. He moved his hand from underneath lady one, but lady two threw her leg over him, her hand moving to his groin.

"No, I have to go." He said as he held her hand.

"Come on, just one more for the road." She began to lick his neck and her movements woke lady one. He sat up, just as the other one also tried to touch his d*ck, he stopped her.

"Last night was fun baby, don't you want to go again?" She pouted in a way that was supposed to be s*xy but it only made him cringe.

"No thanks. Been there, done that." He said and they both huffed. Lady one got off the bed and scrambled for her clothes, he turned to lady two.

"Should I roll out the red carpet before you get off the bed and join your friend?" He asked and her face scrunched up in anger.

"You don't know what you're missing." She said as she got down from the bed. He just leaned back with both hands behind his head.

"Nothing I can't find elsewhere. But I doubt you'll ever find someone who rides like I do." He replied. Girl one was already at the door, she turned and spoke.

"The darkness awakens." He bolted upright as he heard that.

"Find the oracle." Girl two said and he turned to her.

"The council of Alphas." He turned back to girl one.

"Must be held before the fullest moon." Back to girl two.

'Not this sh*t again.' He thought.

"What the f*ck does that even mean?" He asked.

"It means you're an *ssh*l*." Girl two said as girl one walked out the door and girl one followed her.

He stared at the door for a few minutes, wondering what the hell just happened. He sighed and got down from the bed to take a shower. He needed to return to his pack. His phone rang and he brought it out from his pocket.

"Alpha, you have an urgent message."


Keith was in the training room alone. He had sent everyone out so he wouldn't hurt anyone. He focused his anger on punch bags instead. He felt a presence behind him and turned to throw a punch but there was no one there.

"The darkness awakens." The same rubbish that wouldn't let him sleep in peace.

"Show yourself." He growled.

"Find the Oracle." Whoever was trying to mess with him should better make sure he didn't catch them, because then, there would be hell to pay. "The council of Alphas must be held before the fullest moon." The same warning.

Then he felt it, that feeling of wrongness. And he heard a bone chilling laugh.

He felt a presence again and threw a punch before he thought better of it. His Beta, Brandon escaped having a facial reconstruction by an inch.

"I thought I said no one should interrupt my training." He pinned Brandon to the ground and growled, his wolf in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Alpha, but an urgent message came for you."

"It can wait."

"I don't think it can." He replied as he handed the letter over.

It was an old tradition, sending a letter with the sigil of ten intertwined moons like the one on the letter. An old tradition that signified that all was not well. Receiving this around this time when he had been having nightmares and hearing strange voices was definitely a bad sign.

"When did this arrive?" He asked as he turned the letter in his hand.

"A few minutes ago, I brought it here immediately. What kind of problem would make a ten moon sigil to be sent? It hasn't happened for a long time."

"I guess we'll find out." He said as he opened the letter.

AUTHOR'S NOTE; Hello dear readers. Please drop a comment as you read. It motivates me to update more chapters. Let me know how much you like the story. Thank youuuu!


"Vance, breakfast." She yelled from downstairs. She could just mindlink him but it was a habit of hers to yell it.

"I'm not hungry mum." He said through mindlink.

"Vance Octavio Cruse." He heard her footsteps as she trudged up the stairs to scold him. He was a grown male for crying out loud.

"You haven't had a decent meal in days." She barged into his room.

"And you're mistaken if you think I'll just sit around and let my only child starve to death." She put the cup of tea down and pulled his curtains open and he yelled.

"Mummm!" He covered his face with the sheets and she pulled on it.

"Let me be. I didn't sleep well last night, I'm trying to sleep now."

"Don't give me that. You went to bed early." She tugged on the sheets again and he let it go. She pulled it down and then picked up the cup of the tea she had set down beside h


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