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Sage Athalar

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About me

I live in my imagination to escape reality


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Dark moon, Blood moon, Blue moon, Full moon, Half moon, Crescent moon, New moon. Seven packs, all that's left of ten. From a centuries old war to be fought in the present. The last generation, in a bid to protect their children. Lost their lives on a quest not theirs to embark on. A scorned wolf wants revenge on all who caused the hibernation. Differences aside, they must all unite or die. For the darkness... AWAKENS!!! *** The seven pack Alphas have to embark on a quest and find their mates along the way in order to save them all from extinction. Will they win or will the darkness prevail?

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“I want to protect you, little bird. I want to keep you safe so nothing and no one will ever harm you. I want to make love to you and imprint myself in every cell in your body. But, I also want to fuck you so hard you’ll be bedridden for days. I want to be buried so deep inside you, you’ll feel me even when I’m not in you. I want to take your smile and keep it in my heart forever. I want to take all your pain and everything that burdens you. But I also want to take away your ability to walk, your ability to think, and your ability to talk. I want you on my bed at all times, always ready for pleasure. I want you to only think about how good I make you feel, and I want you to scream my name so loudly you’ll lose your voice. That’s what makes me a villain. I want everyone to hear and know that you’re mine, only mine. I am not a hero, and you don’t need a hero. A hero would sacrifice you for the greater good, I would burn the world for you. All you need to do is ask.” ~ All she wants is a better life, but she keeps going from frying pan to fire. From an abusive father, to a human trafficking syndicate just to find her lost sister. A man whose name was whispered in fear among the most feared becomes her saviour. Their only history was a night of no holds barred pleasure after she was rescued by him in a dirty alley on a cold November night. He says he’s not a hero, and everyone calls him dangerous. But he was the only safety she had ever known. ~ WARNING; This story contains mature contents not suitable for readers under 18 and may be triggering to others. Dark themes like BDSM, dub con, drug abuse and human trafficking and others are mentioned. It has a happy ending, but the journey will not be a pretty fairytale that's why it's dark romance. If you choose to read further, please don't complain and I hope you enjoy my story. Thank youuu!!!


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