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The Alpha wild mate

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Lulu is a small-town girl completely satisfied with living life on the edge. She sees her hometown as stale and boring just like every small town. Then, she met Kit and everything suddenly has color once again. Her life is about to take a drastic turn as she soon discovers the man she calls Grizzly has a dark secret that would forever pull her small town apart. Will the love between them be broken when she finds out the truth about him? Find out what happened next in this steamy hot story. Warning: this book contains mature content and is at the reader's own risk...

Chapter 1

POV: Lulu Winters

I always thought love was a rush of warm feelings. Rainbows, roses, strawberry-scented atmospheres; the whole works. I saw love as a privilege afforded to Princesses and the likes but not me. I was anything but a Princess. In a Princess story, I would be the girl in the background polishing the Golden Chariot fast so she could catch up with her buddies for a little drinking game.

"Can you hear me?" The voice above echoed into the crevices of the ditch.

I could hear him all right but why was I not responding? I tried to respond but it was like I was frozen still. Was this shock? Or something more concrete; fear. Is this how it felt to be afraid?

"If you can hear me reach out!" The voice sounded calm. It had a soothing effect in my mind that was almost hypnotic.

My left hand moved up shaking as if I had lost complete control of it and an alien race had managed to hijack the nerves controlling the arm.

"Nice job! I can see your hand. Now I'm going to pull you up. Okay?"

I nodded in the dark. I knew he couldn't see me there which made nodding futile but I did it anyway in rapid succession.

I felt his hand reach down and his soft skin brushed mine bringing to me a level of awareness that eluded me since being in the ditch.

I turned around and I could just make out the outline of my motorcycle not far away in a crumpled heap. Lucy, I had named her after my mother that had died while giving me life and now she was gone too.

I pushed away from my rescuer's arm and fell to the dark floor feeling with my hands for Lucy's remains. I felt her throttle broken and there was the faint smell of gas around which was most likely from the cut fuel line. Staying there was dangerous but then what was danger to the red fox of Graymore Hills?

"Hey! I need to get you out now." The voice echoed again.

Finally, I felt what I had been searching for. I struggled for a while before I was able to yank the folded photograph out of Lucy's front mirror. The picture was the only reminder I had of my mother. It had been taken four years before my birth while she was still young and wild just like I was now.

I tucked it into the pocket of my trouser and walked back to the opening. Sure enough, the large arm was still there waiting for my hand and I offered it.

"One... Two... Three." He counted down before pulling me up easily.

It was either I weighed nothing (which was a possibility since I was petite enough to win ambassador of petite women around the world) or he had the strength of a bull.

He pulled me out and enclosed me within a chest big enough to smash my skull to bits. He was big alright!

"Thought we lost you there for a minute." He said with a deep sigh.

I pushed away from him long enough to confirm he was the stranger who had been as crazy as I was, pushing just enough to challenge my chances of winning first place. If I remembered correctly, he was the reason I had crashed. Or rather my bullheadedness in making sure he didn't get past me.

"I- i, I'm fine," I said offering a weak smile. It was all I had at the moment.

He watched me with dark eyes that glowed like a prison dimension to a realm of the unknown. I blinked turning away from his gaze on time before I got lost in those eyes of his.

"You don't sound fine." He said in a cracked raw voice made irresistible by the baritone. "You don't look fine either."

My hands moved around my face quickly in an attempt to feel any fresh scar the crash might have left.

He chuckled, "Not that. You just look pale."

I breathed out a little bit relieved. My cute small face was one of my trademarks that had gotten me the title of the red fox of Graymore. Mess with that and I might end up becoming the red beast of Graymore.

"The- the race!" I struggled to say. "Is it still on? The race."

He nodded. "Sure." Then he ruffled his hair.

I gave him a sinister smile.

"Hell no! You're in no condition to finish the race. Your bike is probably at the bottom of that ditch right now looking like death ran over it." He said a little too fast.

He ruffled his rough brown hair again which gave me the confirmation I needed that it was a habit of his. It made him look cute doing it and I had to check myself and my priorities when this particular thought came across my mind. I had just lost my most valuable asset in a ditch, survived a deadly accident without a scratch, and yet somehow I was busy thinking about how the guy that had saved me looked cute while ruffling his hair. If that wasn't crazy then I don't know what was. Maybe it would be safe to go for a brain scan after I got out of this.

I walked closer to him forcing him to move backward. He looked like he was scared of me which was to be expected since I was a menacing little thing.

He stumbled and almost tripped stopping just by his motorcycle. He had run out of ground. I kept the sinister smile on my face.

"You can't race in this condition. You can barely hold your hand up."

He was right. My hands still trembled a little and I knew I would only end up making a fool of myself if I tried to prove him wrong.

But what if...

"Who said anything about me finishing the race," I said in a pinched voice. "We'll do it together, big guy."

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

POV: Kit Garrison

"You must be crazy!"

I whistled as I polished the helmet tucked between my arm.

"Kit. Listen to me." He said trying to will the impatience out of his voice.

I knew I was a hard man to convince especially when I had my mind set on whatever the fuck it was I wanted to do. Anything contrary was just noise. White noise.

"I can hear you loud and clear buddy," I said casually as I tried not to indulge him too much.

He sighed one long heavy sigh, then, "I hope you crash and die."

I laughed in spite of myself. It was funny how he sounded like an innocent kid.

"If that's the case then you'd have been long dead."

He considered what I'd just said for a while then shrugged. I could sympathize with him on his frustration (my stubbornness was an annoying trait I'd admit) but that was as far as I was willing to go. I wasn'


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