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The Alpha's Warrior Princess

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“Be careful of the good you see, it might be an evil yet to be formed” Just how careful can alpha Andrew be in the quest to save his princess from the impending battle coming for her? To kill the cat was all he was required to do but he failed even at that. Consumed by love for his princess, alpha Andrew did all he could to alter her fate. He concealed her true name, built a wall to secure his pack, secretly destroyed her most prized possession, and kept every truth hidden. Princess Andrea’s life is far from fun. Having had her wolf since the age of two, she struggled to be accepted by her peers who only saw her as a monster. Even in love, she was despised by her crush, her lover was mated to her best friend, and turning eighteen, her mate refused to reveal himself. And soon came the lycan king profess an undying love for her. He was loving on the outside, but evil inside. The sweet princess accepted things as there are until she met Luciana, the sorcerer who revealed to her enough to cause some stir. Feeling betrayed by her father’s actions, the princess left the palace and made her way into the woods and into all alpha Andrew has done the unthinkable trying to change. Will the battle be won, or would not killing the cat spell her doom?


~ Unknown ~

The wind whistled and the tree danced to the systematic rhythm of its beat, and occasionally, a strong wind blew sending chills and darkness across the mysterious woods. Even with all of these, Andrea was not deterred but continued to walk slowly through the woods obeying the silent voice that kept beckoning her to continue going deeper.

“An... drea... A... n... drea... here... eee” the almost inaudible gory voice continued to call to her in a whisper.

“Whewww...” it was swiftly followed by the hissing of the wind.

This wasn’t the first time Andrea would be drawn into the woods by this same strange sound, but fear is one thing that is specifically strange to her. She fears nothing even though she is a little princess of only eight years old.

Little Andrea is the lovely princess of Great Crest Pack. Her father is the fearsome alpha Andrew while her mother is Lolita, the most charming luna of the amazing pack.

At this tender age, the little princess is already aware of the fact that she is not like any other average little kids her age or even like other fancy little Princesses that she had come across. And even though up to this time, she is not yet clear as to what her particular purpose is, yet she does not allow herself to be overtaken by fear of the unknown.

So many mysterious and strange things have been happening to Andrea, but among these, the one that made her feel very special but which of course has been a cause of great bother to her father, alpha Andrew, alpha of the Great Crest Pack, is the fact that she can already communicate with her wolf right before she turned two.

Andrea could not understand why her father was more particular about the lovely name of her wolf. To Andrea, her wolf, Dahlia is the best thing to happen to her after flowers. And as expected, Dahlia loves flowers just as much as Andrea does. However, most times much to Andrea’s dismay, Dahlia made it look like flowers may pose a great danger to them.

Today, coming to the garden was Dahlia's idea. She insisted they spend the whole day in their garden located very close to the city spring, which is only a little distance from the woods. It was while in the garden that the strange but familiar noise began. The strange noise was mixed with all kinds of emotions and was filled with the untold story of pains and pleasures.

As Andrea goes deep into the woods, she began to feel some presence around her. Some spots were dark and appeared as if they are shadows of unknown creatures, and most times she would feel some goosebumps indicating the presence of some unseen forces. And there were also occasional movements around her characterized by the rhythm of the strange voice.

Soon Andrea realized that she has never really been this far into the woods and so many wild thoughts flew through her mind. Were they here to harm her? Why has the person or thing behind the sound refused to show his face all along, and what exactly was she to do for the caller?

As time went by, Andrea began to feel that coming into the woods was not completely a very good idea but she wouldn’t go back for she was already on the adventure and she is not one to give in to fear.

As she went deeper the presence began to feel stronger and at this point, she could tell that her wolf, Dahlia has left her.

For sure, Dahlia is going to be with Andrea all through her life’s journey but will definitely not be a part of fulfilling whatever unique purpose Andrea was on earth to accomplish. This is a fact that Andrea had become accustomed to. However, she had always wondered why this is so.

At the moment, Andrea did not allow herself to dwell on the thoughts of what Dahlia’s real mission in her life is, because it is obvious that Dahlia is only going to be around at good times and it seems someone else would be with her at times such as this one, ‘the fearsome times'.

Maybe this realization contributed to making Andrea stronger because she is yet to see that other person and it is becoming quite convincing that she might as well be that other person.

At a point, Andrea felt a hand almost touch her and she instantly drifted back to the present and shoved off the presence. This she did by shaking herself. After shaking off the presence, it became clear to her that whatever had called out to her was here strictly for business.

“Whewww... crrrrrr... An... d... reaaa... ooiii”

The sound was becoming clearer and clearer, and yet, Andrea could not understand the message it was trying to send across to her.

At this point, she decided that she needs Dahlia to help explain the message to her. However, Dahlia would not come to her, and so she must go to Dahlia. The option of going to Dahlia is a very dangerous one at the moment. It entails mind-drifting to meet Dahlia wherever she is currently hiding and having a conversation with her.

The reason why mind drifting to Dahlia at this time is dangerous is that she is yet to decipher the intention of the presence around her and if it was here to bring her any harm, mind drifting would only make it easier.

Even with this obvious difficulty, having made up her mind to unravel the mystery behind the strange sound at whatever cost, Andrea decided to mind drift to Dahlia. Right now, she doesn't seem to be left with much choice and so she must do it.

“Whewww... shiii... trrr...”

Soon a strong and terrifying wind started to blow, and the trees in the woods bent with their branches touching the ground. They all swung from left to right and it was as if they intend to sweep the woods and cause them to glitter.

Their actions caused the surroundings to be filled with thick dust, and suddenly, everywhere was overtaken by total darkness.

Being covered by the darkness sent a cold chill through Andrea. She looked around the woods and agreed that whatever it is, is truly here for her. But at the moment, she could tell that the presence is not aware of her exact spot. And so she thought of taking advantage of this and making herself to be temporarily undetectable while she mind drifted and searched for Dahlia.

The ability to be temporarily undetectable is one of her many powers. However, this act would as the name goes, be temporal, but she hopes it lasts long enough to enable her to locate Dahlia and get all the information she needs surrounding this mystery.


Having drifted, Andrea found herself in a large unending open space covered by clouds. She looked around her but there was no sign of anyone, not even her wolf, Dahlia. She started to run around. She does not have much time, and the sooner she found Dahlia, the better for the both of them.

Having run for a while, she stopped and decided to use her voice instead. *Dahlia, Dahlia, please where exactly are you?* she called out to Dahlia.

She was met with silence and so she called again. *Dahlia*

She was sure that Dahlia must be here somewhere, as she could feel her. She is not sure how close Dahlia is, but this is the only place that Dahlia can come to, her subconscious.

*Dahlia...” she whispered, and tried to trace her with her sense of smell this time around.

*Please tell me why you are calling and stop shouting* Dahlia’s voice was suddenly heard. *Sorry, I can’t show myself and you know it* she added.

Andrea knew it would be a futile attempt to in


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