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The Alpha’s Spy

The Alpha’s Spy

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Ian Hathaway gets a new chef in his house, Cara Gomez. The beautiful Italian scientist who has set out to prove that Ian is a werewolf to the human world—unknown to him of course. Ian finds out that Cara is his mate, but how is he supposed to open up to her about his true identity, when humans and werewolves were not allowed to mate. Cara is also one bent on exposing Ian is a werewolf, but things get complicated when her feelings gets in the way. CARA GOMEZ - [26 years old] Cara Gomez was nearly attacked by a werewolf when she was seven years old. She told everyone about this experience, but no one believed her. She has grown up with a strong determination to prove that she's right. IAN HATHAWAY - [28 years old] Ian Hathaway was doing well enjoying the life of a single bachelor, leading his pack before Cara Gomez—his human mate—walks into his life. Ian Hathaway is willing to do anything to make Cara Gomez his, but for the first time ever, a woman will prove difficult for him.

Chapter 1

People have different things to say about adoptive parents, but Cara had just the best adoptive family, they treated her like their own daughter and never treated her differently from their son.

“Cara! Cara!! I hope you don’t plan on spending the entire day there packing your stuff? I don’t even understand this daughter of mine, I packed her bag but she still puts in more stuff, for goodness sake it’s just a vacation we are going to, it’s not like we are moving out of town or something” Cara’s mother said.

“Mum you should know your daughter by now, she even takes her textbooks along anywhere she goes to”, Cara’s brother mockingly says.

In a few minutes Cara is seen dragging out her bag, she stops and exhales deeply. Her mother and brother let out a loud laughter as Cara stands in awe looking at them and wondering what made them laugh so hard.

Cara’s father comes in immediately, he carries the remaining bags into the car, and he shuts the trunk of his car and beckons on his family.

“Come on, family , let's go get a vacation” Cara’s dad shouts as he gets into the car and starts the engine. Cara’s mother gets into the front seat of the car, while Cara and her brother get into the back seat. Their car speeds off immediately causing the atmosphere to be filled with dust.

“We are here people!” Cara’s father said as he gets down from the car and head straight to the trunk of the car, he brings out everything in it and everyone carried theirs. They all went inside and dropped their bags.

“Cleaning time, let’s get this place shining like a diamond shall we?” Cara’s mother ordered.

“Sure, but after we rest a bit, because I am really exhausted” pleaded Cara as she slumped on a sofa.

“Bookworm! I know that if you were told to read a thousand pages in a few seconds you will gladly do so, but now that it is not about books our dear Cara has suddenly become tired”, Cara’s brother teases her as he goes ahead and tickles Cara.

“Alright brother, just to prove you wrong and for you to know that I am not slacking off, I will start cleaning immediately”, sounded a determined Cara as she started cleaning.

The family was going to spend their vacation in a cabin, near the woods. It was a great way to interact and be near nature.

The fresh air, cool breeze, sounds of a nearby fountain, chirping of the birds and the occasional noises made by squirrels jumping from one tree to another was what anyone who loved nature will always want to be in an area surrounded with these.

Cara’s mother had picked this place as she was a great lover of nature and also wanted her family to share in this delight. She had convinced her husband and the kids that it was a great idea to have their family vacation here, and they immediately agreed with her to come here.

The entire cabin and its surroundings have been made clean and everyone is seated outside the cabin having a picnic. Cara’s father is roasting some meat while Cara’s mother dishes them out on plates. Everyone gathers around the picnic mat and starts eating. From the way they ate, you could tell that they were very hungry.

“Thanks father, thanks mother” Cara and her brother chorused immediately after they finished eating. Not quite long after they finished eating, Cara and her brother set out to play. “Kids don’t wander away too far, and make sure you stay nearby” their mother warned. “Yes mum” they both chorused.

“Let us play a game of hide and seek, Cara . What do you think?” Her brother suggested. “I’m in and I go first” Cara said as she runs off while her brother turns back while closing his eyes and counting down in order to give her enough time to go and hide.

When he was done counting, he opened his eyes and turned around and immediately rushed off to find his sister. “I will soon get to you my little sister! Make sure you hide yourself very well”.

Cara was hiding at the back of a tree. She stood there while squeezing herself to fit in properly, to make sure that her brother wouldn’t find her.

“He’s going to spend all eternity looking for me but he won't find me”, she said to herself and adjusted immediately. Just then, a cold hand grabbed her from behind and she was shaken.

“Got you!” Her brother shouted while she came out of hiding.

“You startled me,” protested a frightened Cara. “Sorry about that but am I permitted to tell you something?” He paused and continued almost immediately.

“You really suck at hide and seek, even a blind person could predict and know that you were hiding behind that tree”.

“Your dress was visibly showing, and I could clearly see your shadow”. Let me give you a tip, next time think of a better place to hide from me ok, and it is my turn, come and learn from a pro.

Cara turned back and closed her eyes with her palms and started the countdown. Soon her brother was out of sight and she searched the whole place for him, she was getting tired and she sat down to take a little rest. She called out his name severally but after not getting any response, she became worried. As she was walking around while calling out her brother so loud, she could also feel that she was being monitored and followed by someone.

She so much wanted to look back and know what the presence behind her was. She summoned the courage immediately to turn back, and she screamed immediately. Her brother has been following her and he made a mask probably out of dry leaves and put it on his face.

“For the second time, would you please stop doing that!” Cara exclaimed.

Chapter 2

“Sure I will, if you hadn’t been so slow and if I hadn’t gotten so bored, I wouldn’t have had the time to make these, you were supposed to find me, but I was the one who found you instead, how convenient?” Cara’s brother said as he shoved the mask made out of leaves on Cara’s face.

“So do we now agree that I am the better one at this hide and seek game?” Cara’s brother asked with a smirk on his face. “Come on sister lets go home, it’s getting late and I don’t want you being out late”.

“Really? But I want to play some more, I don’t feel like going yet, we could continue our hide and seek game or play other fun games too” Cara protested.

“You are right, but like I said it’s getting late. I am your elder brother and it is my responsibility to look after you. Father and mother will be worried and at the same time angry if we come in late. There would still be other times when we can play and run around the whole place ok. Besides, both of us know that you are not good


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