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The Alpha's secret affair

The Alpha's secret affair

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Carmys
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 35
  • 3.0
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Lucy 22 years old just finished college preparing for her graduation, went to the shopping mall to buy a dress and bag for the party, slipped on water in the mall, opening her eyes and seeing herself in a world filled with mysterious beings she had only seen in the movies and read in books... Armie the most sort after alpha king in the most powerful seat in the kingdom of Aris who once believed in mates but having waited for years and not met his mate decided to get married to his childhood friend who has always been around him Selina. Lucy: what are you doing? Armie: am doing you.... Who will get to be Luna? Will the secret come to light? ..........

Chapter 1

The morning sun shining brightly a beautiful young lady with a cute round face filled with baby fat is seen walking the streets..Lucy wearing a sleeveless gown in shades of yellow looking sunny and cute with a ponytail was smiling while walking towards the park where her boyfriend James said they were going to meet, on the way to the park she spotted her cousin Ella going towards the park and wanted to talk to her but she was too far for her to call so she let it be and stopped at the mall because it was the second year anniversary of her relationship with James and she wanted to surprise him with a gift. so when she entered the mall she searched around the shops selling branded items for guys since she was able to save money from her part-time side jobs of washing dishes at the restaurant and finally entered the store that sells watches.

Looking at the watches placed in the glass, she was amazed and also stunned because she had no idea what to buy and also seeing that the watches are expensive, she was pensive about it and also started feeling inferior, James holden,a second generation rich guy from the holden family that deals with construction materials that took a liking to her, Lucy flashes back to when she just met James,

She was on her way going home and saw a guy almost hit by a car so she rushed to him and pushed him and on doing that fell on him, James was stunned and saw someone on him a girl cute looking with baby fat still on her face not looking sexy but refreshing to look at, he thought “ she’s pretty” but not really his type, so after she spoke with him a while and him thanking her they exchanged contact details and he said to buy her a meal to thank her next time as he was rushing to go somewhere, that was where they parted.

A week later Lucy received a call on picking up the call this conversation ensued Lucy said “ hello, who is this?”

James said its me the guy you met last week James,

“oh James how do you do? How can i help you?”

“I want to treat you to a meal as a thanks for what you did , can i?”

“ Alright i will be free at noon we can meet at xx cafe"

alright i will be there, and that was how they started meeting regularly and also entered a relationship three months later...

People passing by looked at Lucy as she smiled foolishly while holding a watch, and the sales lady asked again “hey, are you still buying the watch?, Lucy came to and said yes, after paying for the watch Lucy felt a bit sad because the watch cost all her saving and for now she would only have to eat buns while at school but she also felt happy because it was worth it to get a gift for their two years anniversary.

Lucy got to the gate of the park and called James with her old broken phone that isn't working fully well, “where are you?” Lucy asked and James replied “behind you" on turning back to see James, Lucy saw her cousin Ella holding James forearm and glaring at her condescendingly, they were looking intimate, Lucy looked confused at James and Ella wondering what is going on, Lucy asked “James whats going on here?”

Before James could say anything Ella rushed to say “what do you think is going on here? Or are you blind and can't see that we are together" Lucy looking lost for sometime before she caught her voice and said with trembling voice while clenching her hands that where hidden in her clothes, “i don't understand what you are saying,James what's going on ?” James looked at Lucy and said “ sorry Lucy, Ella and i got back together two months ago.

Lucy was flabbergasted, she felt like she was dreaming, wait hold on Lucy said you mean you guys were dating before,” Ella said “ do you think a stinky looking unmatured girl like you would really be with James, the James holden please wake up from your dream, what do you have?, what do your family have? You poor girl wants to climb up to a rich man's thighs in your dreams.

Lucy breathing hard said “ i thought you said my being poor doesn't matter to you that you liked me for who i am James why are you doing this to me? What did i do to deserve this?” James said “ Lucy you are not really my type i was just dating you because i wanted to make Ella jealous" “am sorry that it came to this" Lucy said “No, James you are not sorry there isn't a single remorseful sign on your face, if you were sorry you should have called me separately and told me that you don't like me anymore, you shouldn't have brought Ella with you to insult me, this isn't fair to me,is it? I thought you were a good person, what did i do to deserve this treatment" Lucy ran away when she got far away from the park she broke down in tears hitting her chest while sobbing with tears and mucous all over her face, after crying for some time, she stood up and went home with swollen red eyes , avoiding her parents and her brother she entered her room and closed the door.

When Mr and Mrs Jones came home from work the house was cold and looked lifeless, Mrs Jones shouted “ Lucy, Felix, is anyone home? Lucy still in her room laying on the bed looking depressed just stayed there without moving and looking up at the ceiling going through her memories of her relationship with James checking if she missed anything that could have shown that James was trying to make Ella jealous, and noticed that every time she and James went out Ella was there too, whether it was to a restaurant or a park, Ella was always around, and she started feeling stupid for not having realised it sooner

.while Lucy was still reminiscing her mother knocked on the door,”Lucy, are you asleep?” Lucy?

Lucy came to and said “no mom am awake,

“but i have been calling you but you seemed absent-minded,whats wrong are you not sure of your result"

“Am sure i will graduate this year mum am not thinking about school"

“then what's wrong" “ mum its nothing there's nothing wrong" “are you sure?””am sure mum “ “ okay then, oh where's your brother? I haven't seen him since i came back"”i don't know mum i haven't seen him too"”Alright stop whatever you are doing and quickly come down to eat".

Chapter 2

“Hello,am home....mum dad sissy where are you?”

“ Bug head where have you been mum and dad have been asking me of you?”

“awwn sis did you miss me?”

”shut it stupid"

“where’s my sweet mother and bitter father"

Mr and Mrs Jones came out of the room stepping towards the dinning to eat Mr Jones said “ Felix where did you go to, you don't have a job yet so where have you been?

Felix said “you see why i call him bitter father he didn't even ask me how i am doing ohhhh my father doesn't love me at all"

Mrs Jones and Lucy started laughing with Lucy laughing the loudest, Mr Jones threw his shoe at Felix with Felix running round the house while cowering and covering his head, Felix shouted “mum,sis help.....your father and husband is going to kill your beloved son and brother" Lucy smiled while watching her family forgetting what happened at the park with James and Ella.

“Alright alright lets eat"


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