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The Alpha's Replaced Mate

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Isabelle and Giselle are the twin daughters of Alpha Mathias Corbyn. Mathias is a vain and shallow man who ends up sinking the businesses of the Night Warriors pack. Desperate, he pleads for help from the most dangerous Alpha of all: "The Monster" Alpha Aidan Fernsby. In exchange for his help, Aidan demands to marry one of his daughters, Isabelle. But Belle is already engaged to Hugo, so Giselle will be Aidan's bride. Terrified at the idea of belonging to the Monster, Giselle and her mother devise a plan to compromise Giselle and Aidan's reputation. The plan backfires, and Aidan is furious to learn that the foolish Corbyns set him up. Hurt by her family and her fiancé's betrayal, Isabelle decides to leave with the Monster and build a future as Luna in the Blood Moon Pack. But now Giselle is repentant and will do anything to win Aidan back, while Hugo decides to get revenge on Isabelle. And things get worse when Isabelle can barely stay away from Aidan's bed and discovers that he intends to kill her father and exterminate his former pack.

Chapter 1

In the corridors of the grand Corbyn family house, twin sisters Isabelle and Giselle argued. This was common, and Giselle always ran to their father for support to win the argument.

"Oh, daddy. Belle is so selfish!" Giselle said, throwing herself into her father's arms, who was standing in the living room.

"No, I'm not," Isabelle said, entering the room behind her twin sister. "Giselle isn't a caring person."

"Don't speak of your sister like that!" Amelie, their mother, reprimanded Isabelle.

"Belle always treats me with arrogance, Mom. It's like we're not even sisters," Isabelle rolled her eyes and sat silently on the sofa. Giselle always managed to get support from their parents with her dramas.

"What did Belle do to you, dear?" The mother ran her hand through Giselle's hair, asking in a consoling tone.

"She wouldn't lend me the ruby earrings our grandmother left for us," Giselle pouted.

"Our grandmother didn't leave them for us, she left them for me," Isabelle impatiently replied.

"But what's the harm in lending your sister?" Amelie asked her daughter.

"If I recall correctly, Grandma left a very similar pair of emerald earrings for Giselle. But she lost them!"

In truth, Giselle never cared much for those earrings. But at the last party they attended, Isabelle received many compliments for the grandmother's earrings she was wearing. Giselle was just envious.

"It was an accident, Belle!" Giselle pretended to cry.

The parents hugged her and glared at Isabelle.

"I can't risk Giselle losing the earrings!" Isabelle justified herself. "Besides, I plan to wear them on my 21st birthday in a month. It will be a very special date. Not only because the twins will come of age on this date."

It turns out the Corbyn family is not a common family. They are a family of werewolves. And on their birthday, Giselle and Isabelle will receive their wolves.

Mathias, the girls' father, is the alpha of the Night Warriors pack. And so, the daughters were raised as little princesses in the pack. However, Giselle is clearly Mathias and Amelie's favorite daughter.

Since the couple didn't have sons, the father decided to marry Isabelle to an Alpha of the pack. Hugo turned 21 the previous year and is now engaged to Isabelle and the heir to her father.

Belle would never choose Hugo, whom she considers a shallow and brash boy. Aside from his handsome face and athletic body, Belle doubts there is anything more to Hugo. Still, Belle hopes to interfere with the pack's control by marrying Hugo.

Giselle is looking at Belle with a furious expression.

"Are you afraid that if I wear Grandma Cecile's rubies, Hugo will like me more than you?" Giselle asked, clearly jealous.

The concern was that while Belle's fate with Hugo might not be the best, Giselle's could be worse.

Months ago, Mathias, who had always been extravagant and wasteful, had finally sunk the Night Warriors pack's businesses. Desperate, the Alpha turned to other Alphas in the region for support to rebuild.

But Mathias's terrible reputation as vain and arrogant left him alone in this difficult time. None of the other Alphas responded to his plea for help. Except one: The Monster.

The Monster was the nickname given by packs to the most feared Alpha Wolf of all, Aidan Fernsby, the mysterious leader of the Blood Moon pack. The most powerful and dangerous Alpha ever known.

Aidan saved the finances of the Night Warriors pack, but in return, he asked for something. He wanted one of Mathias's daughters to be his wife. Looking at a photo, he chose Isabelle. But Mathias warned him that Isabelle was already engaged. Aidan then agreed to take Giselle to his pack when she turned 21.

The Blood Moon pack led a secluded life. Thus, there was no glamour in being Luna of such a pack. A great disappointment for Giselle.

"I'm not worried about Hugo liking you. After all, you're the bride of the great Monster," Isabelle tried to contain a smirk.

Giselle began to cry for real. For months, she had been unhappy with her fate alongside Aidan. Especially because Belle would stay where they had always lived alongside Hugo.

"Oh, Daddy, you have to do something! I don't want to marry that monster!" Giselle squealed with a tearful voice.

Mathias was conflicted. He had chosen Belle to marry Hugo because he didn't want his favorite daughter to marry that idiot. In fact, he hoped to find a good Alpha to marry Giselle, and then they would replace Hugo and Belle in leading the pack.

But then he needed the Monster's help. And in the end, Aidan asked for one of the daughters. He couldn't refuse Giselle without upsetting the monster. The only alternative was to accept.

"Isabelle, go to your room now. I don't want to see you anymore today," Mathias said without looking at his daughter, while hugging his favorite.

Isabelle sighed and left without saying anything. She had long stopped being hurt by these things. When she was little, she cried alone in the early hours of the morning realizing that her parents didn't love her as much as they loved her sister. Only Grandma Florine preferred Isabelle.

Grandma Florine had always been her best friend and her true family. The only person who made her feel safe and loved. It was from her grandmother that Belle inherited the cleverness and determination to face life's challenges.

Entering her room, Isabelle locked the door and knelt beside the large four-poster bed. She felt under the bed until she found the loose board. That's where she hid everything she needed to hide from her family. Grandma's earrings, her diary, photos, and letters. Small but valuable things.

She took out the earrings and stared at them. How much she missed Grandma Florine! She felt so alone without her.

Grandma had passed away three years ago, and since then, there was no one special in Belle's life anymore. She knew she would never fall in love with Hugo. But she hoped she would be happy when she started her own family. It was almost time to begin her training as Luna. And who knows, in a few years, life in the Night Warriors pack might be better.


(One month later)

The day of the Corbyn twins' grand party had finally arrived. The Alpha had truly invested in the party, which would be grand and luxurious.

All the important wolf families had been invited. And Alpha Mathias knew how to throw a good party. Additionally, it would also be the announcement of the daughters' engagements. This meant that the "monster" Alpha Aidan Fernsby would be present. And everyone wanted to see him.

So, it was expected that the most important people in their world would be present.

The twins were now doing their makeup and hair for the party. Their dresses were laid out on hangers on the side. Photographers were capturing every detail. Their mother was radiant as she watched her beautiful daughters, who would soon be adults.

They hadn't received their wolves yet, but that was supposed to happen after 8 PM. Giselle and Isabelle were born on a dark, rainy night. The weather was terrible, and there was no time to get to the hospital.

Amelie had given birth to the twins at the Corbyn mansion, with the help of her mother-in-law Florine and women from the pack. The twins were born healthy, but the mother had to go to the hospital the next day, where she stayed for a few months. She couldn't have another baby, and the twins were the only fruit of her marriage.

And there they were, two beautiful women who would soon be Lunas. Although the grooms were not the ones she would have wanted for her daughters, at least they would be rich and powerful women. She was especially concerned about Giselle, who had always been fragile and sensitive. Isabelle had always been stronger and more stubborn. Deep down, she preferred Isabelle to go away and her beautiful Giselle to stay. She and Mathias always liked Giselle much more. And it would be painful if she had to leave. That's why they had an idea in mind, and it had to work.

"Oh girls, you look perfect!" Amelie commented, looking at her daughters through the mirror, while the makeup artists finished their work. "Your grooms will be delighted to see you tonight."

Isabelle smiled indifferently, but Giselle seemed sad and upset. She still feared that the plan wouldn't work out.

"Mama, I don't want to marry the monster!" Some tears began to streak through Giselle's makeup.

"Don't cry, Giselle. You'll be fine, Aidan is a respected Alpha. At least you'll be safe," Belle tried to console her.

In truth, she felt a little sorry for her sister. The monster was an unpopular figure, for being reserved and cruel to his enemies. But Belle had never heard that he was bad to his friends or mistreated women.

"Then why don't you marry him? You can go to the Blood Moon in my place. I'll stay with Hugo in yours," Giselle suggested angrily.

Being honest with herself, Bella didn't know which was the worse option. Being in another pack with a totally unknown husband or marrying an idiot like Hugo.

"You haven't even met Aidan yet, you might like him," Belle advised.

Giselle grabbed a hairbrush that was nearby and threw it at the mirror. The brush fell weakly to the floor, and Giselle began to throw everything around her at the walls. Belle got up and decided to finish getting ready in her own room.

She was tired of her sister's outbursts of anger.

Amelie watched her daughter walk away while drinking a glass of champagne. If it worked out, soon Belle would be leaving far away from the Corbyn family.

Chapter 2

Aidan Fernsby stepped out of the car accompanied by his Beta, Laurent. He carried only an elegant backpack. He didn't need suitcases because he didn't intend to spend much time at the Corbyn's house. He would only be at the party, and the next day he would leave, taking his fiancée Giselle with him.

Mathias was standing at the door and came to him with his cordial smile and gestures of a attentive host. Aidan felt aversion towards that man. Mathias was a failure, vain, and selfish, who jeopardized the pack's financial security to maintain his own luxuries.

"My esteemed son-in-law!" Mathias said with open arms.

Apparently, he intended to hug Aidan, but seemed to change his mind. After all, Aidan was a little over two meters tall, while Mathias was barely 1.75 meters tall. The closer he got to Aidan, the smaller he seemed.

With the absence of greetings from Aidan's part, Mathias invited him in and asked to be taken to his room


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