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The Alpha's Rejected Mate Is Back For Revenge

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The Alpha's Rejected Mate Is Back For Revenge Book One and Two Synopsis After getting rejected ten years ago by her mate, the Alpha Prince, She's back after ten years, for revenge, to torment him and make him pay, But she's back just not as anyone but as the Alpha King's Mate and Wife, Luna Daciana. How will her quest for revenge go? But she wasn't the one who got rejected anyways, it was her twin sister. Will she give up on the revenge after finding out the Alpha she hates and torments is her rightful mate? Let's Find out.

Chapter 1

Chapter 01

* 10 Years Ago *

* Crescent Moon Pack *

* Laurasia's POV *

" Hey, are you okay? " My roommate asked me as I landed on the bed tiredly. " Yes, I guess " I mumbled tiredly.

I'm not only tired of being worked out every time but I'm tired of being the Alpha's s*x slave.

This gruesome title has been mine ever since I was caught trying to steal from the Alpha two years ago, his precious gold ring which was said by history to have been gifted to him by his father.

I tried to steal it for selfish reasons which I regret now as I'm m being punished for it now. He made me his s*x slave ever since then.

It was a painful trauma for me, a painful memory she could never forget. My family did all they could to help me but Alpha Domini wasn't ready to let go.

But I still believe there's hope for me, which is finding my mate.

As a gift and fate gifted to the people of the Crescent Moon Pack by the moon goddess. Every werewolf is fated to meet their mate on their eighteenth birthday.

And it's my birthday some days from now, I can't be more excited and anxious to meet my mate.

My instinct thinks my mate might be someone powerful who would save me from this gruesome title of mine.

And Alpha Domini, had promised to let go of me once my mate had been found, more reason why I should be more than happy.

" Hey, Laurasia! Why are you in smiles all of a sudden? " Aledia asked me, it was then I realized that I had been smiling out of the blue.

I only passed her a smile before closing my eyes deeply, my imagination filled with thoughts of whom my fated mate could be.

** Two Days Later **

" Happy Birthday!! " Aledia screamed into my ear almost immediately, and I jumped off the bed immediately.

" Oh my!! " I screamed in excitement, hugging Aledia who was also happy for me

" Happy eighteenth birthday! " Aledia said in smiles and I smiled widely.

" Thanks so much! God, I can't believe this! Aledia!! I'm going to meet my mate today!!" I screamed, jumping happily around the room.

" Yeah, I'm so happy for you, You've been living cruelly as Alpha Domini's slave. I feel bad for you but I'm glad it's ending soon. I'm really glad " Aledia said sadly, suddenly feeling bad for what her friend had gone through during her years of being an s*x slave. She's only a slave in the palace while I'm the Alpha's bed satisfier.

" Yeah. I really can't wait to be out of here. I hate being Alpha Domini's s*x slave! I hate it! And now I'm leaving. it's ending today, I can't wait!! " I cried hurtfully and Aledia pulled her to herself.

" It's fine. you will be fine.. everything's fine now. it's ending soon " She comforted. I pulled away from the hug suddenly as I wiped my tears in a hurry.

" I'm meeting my mate today, right? " I asked and Aledia nodded.

"You are! You will be free from all this soon " Aledia said and I nodded as I dried my tears with my palm.

" If truly I meet my destined mate today, I will be free from this bondage, right? but then... What if? No, it can't happen.. it can't. " I mumbled to myself silently hoping things won't go wrong like I'm thinking.

I suddenly felt a cold and chilly aura and I hope things won't go wrong.

" Hey, are you okay? " Aledia asked when she noticed my sudden sullen mood.

" Um yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine " I muttered, suddenly feeling restless.

" It's the Alpha's Son birthday today, right? " I suddenly asked and Aledia nodded.

" Yes, it is. it's almost midmorning, I'm sure we would soon be called out to start the birthday preparation soon. I can't believe you and Alpha Dorian have the same birthday " Aledia gushed and I nodded.

" Yeah, it's probably fate," I said with a tiny smile.

** Crescent Moon's Palace **

" Hey! Where's Aledia? " I asked the guards guarding the big palace gate.

The birthday celebration was going on. It was more like a festival, kings, queens, Alphas, and Lunas from other kingdoms were available as well as their offsprings.

The celebration was indeed an extravagant one. Slaves weren't allowed in and were only restricted to their rooms. They weren't allowed to be a part of the celebration.

The Palace's big gate was shut and no one was allowed in as the celebration went on. The slaves could only listen to the music and loud interactions with people going on in that big hall.

They could only listen from their rooms. I had been in my room together with Aledia when suddenly I found out Aledia wasn't in the room and I was worried.

" We don't know who that is and we would advise you to go back to your room before you get caught. Slaves aren't allowed to be seen around here " One of the guards said to me and I knew better than anyone that they were right.

Who was I kidding anyways? We're just slaves anyways. This guard can't know who Aledia is.

" Oh yes " I muttered. I turned to leave until suddenly I saw someone walking out from the other door that leads to the palace hall where the celebration was going on.

I had never seen that face before but judging from the attire he was putting on, I knew it was no one other than the Alpha Prince.

No slave had ever seen his face before as it was said that he lived somewhere other than Crescent Moon Town.

It was his first time visiting home after 10 years. It was said that he left home together with his mom at the age of eight and no one knew where they lived until now.

I bowed my head immediately as he approached them.

" Hey, did you see some... " He suddenly stopped like he felt something I had also felt.

He must have also heard the same thing I was hearing from my wolf.

My wolf, Guaria who had been dead for years suddenly woke to life and was dancing in my head.

" Mate.. mate.. mate. " It kept chanting and I raised my head in shock and our eyes met.

" Mate!? " We both chorused at the same time and the guards behind us gasped out loudly.

I could guess what he was thinking at the moment.

A slave? His mate? He probably couldn't believe this!

Why would the moon goddess pair him with a slave out of every werewolf in the world?

It is the same for me, I'm more than shocked right now and I can't believe this.

I am shocked as I don't even know how to react. Should I be happy? My mate is the Alpha Prince, but then... I'm his father's s*x slave.

He definitely can't accept me, can he? He definitely can't!

Things didn't go right as I had hoped, instead, they went wrong!

It's my fate, right? To be gifted with a mate who can never accept me?

What a cruel fate!

* Now *

* Daciana's POV *

" My Queen. " I heard my personal guard's voice behind me and without looking back, I replied, " Speak Up! "

" The ride is ready! " He reported.

With a wave of my finger, I sent him off. Time to visit Alpha Dorian.

A smirk played on my lips for some second before it was replaced with a friend which faded in seconds as I remembered my twin sister's words.

" Avenge me! "

I let out an evil smirk. ' I will twinny. I will '

Chapter 2

Chapter 02

* Crescent Moon Pack *

Alpha Dorian watched as the elders assemble before him and he could hear them talking among themselves silently. He was seated on his throne with his two best friends by his two sides - Beta Caddel and Omega Kaden.

" Are we gathered here for a staring competition? " Alpha Dorian finally spoke up when he was getting tired of the uncalled-for silence that erupted between him and the elders.

An elder cleared his throat to get Alpha Dorian's attention on him as he was ready to speak. " Speak up Elder Sebastian! " Alpha Dorian commanded. Elder Sebastian bowed in acknowledgment before speaking up.

" Your Highness, we elders are gathered before you concerning your marriage issue " Alpha Dorian raised his hand in the air, making him swallow the rest of his words.

Alpha Dorian readjusted his hips on the throne, sitting properly with his chest pushed forward and his brows raised at Elder


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