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The Alpha's Regret: I'm Never Coming Back

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"I AM NOT JUST THE LUNA. I AM THE MOON GODDESS!" Miranda declared with an ethereal voice as she transformed into a wolf for the first time, leaving her pack members in shock. As the lone wolf less girl in the pack, Miranda was despised by everyone, including her ex-mate, Alpha Damian, who traded her for investment with Alpha Jayden, the leader of The Red Crest Pack. *. * "I, Alpha Damian, reject you, Luna Miranda Sword, as my mate. I want nothing to do with you or your affairs," those words spoken by Damian would change Miranda's life forever. Little did Damian know that Miranda was carrying his twins, but his words had sealed their fate of never being involved with her. Miranda's first dilemma arose when she felt the mating call towards Alpha Jayden before she was rejected by Alpha Damian. What secrets were hidden behind this call? But Miranda's second challenge began when she arrived at The Red Crest Pack and discovered that Alpha Jayden's mother held a strong dislike for her and wished for her son to mate with someone else. What will Alpha Damian do when he discovers that Miranda is carrying his children and is not as powerless as he believed? Will the mating bond between Alpha Jayden and Miranda flourish or will it be crushed by his mother? And how will both Alphas react when they realize that Miranda possesses the abilities of the Moon Goddess? Now, it is a battle between the Alphas for her. Whom will Miranda choose?

The Prologue And The Prophecy.

As the sky transformed into a murky hue, the faint clouds dissipated into nothingness. The violent rumbling of thunder reverberated across Silver Moon Pack, causing fear to creep into the hearts of its inhabitants. They were left wondering what was causing this tumultuous weather, which had been ongoing for hours without a single drop of rain.

Meanwhile, the Gamma of Hibiscus Pack, my father, paced back and forth outside his home, clutching his waist and breathing heavily. He seemed unaware of the chaotic storm and the relentless lightning strikes. Perhaps, his mind was occupied by the turmoil within. Internally, he fervently prayed to the moon goddess for the safe delivery of his wife and first daughter.

The pack's seer, known as Old Damon, appeared before my father, Beta Herrick Sword, who was a highly respected figure in all three packs that made up Silver Moon Pack.

"Old Damon, what is going on? It is taking longer than expected. You assured me that there would be no complications since she is the chosen one," My father inquired, his forehead creased with worry.

Old Damon's face remained as composed as the calm sea. He reached into his white-to-brown shoulder bag and pulled out a mysterious artifact. Raising it towards the sky, he muttered some unintelligible words before his lips curled into a sly smile of triumph.

"She has arrived. The one who will save our Pack in the years to come. The moon goddess is present within the body of our future Luna!" He exclaimed, his voice echoing into the sky. My father's expression turned sour and agitated. He wondered if Old Damon's advanced age was causing him to become confused.

Meanwhile, inside the house, his wife's groans, growls, and screams echoed through the walls, signaling the beginning of a new era for the Silver Moon Pack.

As he stood outside, his wife's pained cries filled the air as she labored to bring their first child, a daughter, into the world. But Damon, the pack's elder, was saying something else. Annoyed, he was about to voice his frustration when the door opened and the pack's midwife emerged with a wide grin.

He swallowed hard, trying to calm his nerves as the midwife announced the arrival of another girl. Relief washed over him as he asked about his wife's condition.

"She's fine, but we need to clean them up first before you can see them," the midwife replied with a chuckle, understanding his anxiety as a first-time father.

As she hurried back inside, the beta's sea-blue eyes suddenly turned white, emitting a strange lightning-like pattern.

"I am the Moon Goddess," the seer's ethereal voice echoed in his mind. "Your daughter has found favor with me, and I have bestowed my powers upon her. As she grows, you may notice some peculiarities, but do not let them trouble you. Until her powers manifest, she will be seen as a curse and a mistake. Only after her first child labor will she be able to shift and discover her true identity as the Moon Goddess on Earth. Protect her, Herrick Sword, for she is the future Luna and savior of the Hibiscus Pack. You shall name her MIRANDA."

As the seer finished speaking the final word, the electricity in his eyes dissipated, leaving behind no trace of the intense moment that had just occurred.

My father's legs weakened, his jaw dropping in awe, and his eyes rapidly blinking as he struggled to process the unimaginable information he had just received.

Why had the moon goddess chosen his daughter? Whose life had he saved in the past to deserve such a gift? Unconsciously, his knees gave way, and tears of joy streamed down his face.

"I am unsure of what you have just heard, but you must not reveal it to anyone. Not even your wife. This is the only way to protect her. Remember, Beta Herrick, the future of the pack rests on the shoulders of the LUNA, and you are the only one who can safeguard her from danger and attacks."

Just like that, the sky returned to its usual brightness, and everyone went about their daily routines, unaware of the powerful exchange that had just taken place.

Chapter 1 - The Divorce Contract



My eyes fluttered as my gaze fell on the document Damian placed in front of me on the table. It felt like my entire world was collapsing right before my eyes.

He was my mate. I had loved him alone for seven long years, even though we only tied the knot a year ago. This meant that I silently harbored feelings for him for six years before we finally discovered that we were mates.

"What have I done to deserve this from you, Damian?" I asked with a raspy voice. The tears that I was holding back were constricting my throat, making it difficult to speak. I couldn't find the right words to describe the overwhelming emotions that were surging and stabbing my heart.

Anyone could imagine how I felt a year ago when I found out he was my mate. I felt like I was on top of the world, even though my family did not approve of our marriage. I did not pay attention to their murmurs and criticisms. All I wanted was to spend the res


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