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Ra - Your

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  • Author: Ra - Your
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 43
  • 7.5

"I AM NOT JUST THE LUNA. I AM THE MOON GODDESS!" Miranda declared with an ethereal voice as she transformed into a wolf for the first time, leaving her pack members in shock. As the lone wolf less girl in the pack, Miranda was despised by everyone, including her ex-mate, Alpha Damian, who traded her for investment with Alpha Jayden, the leader of The Red Crest Pack. *. * "I, Alpha Damian, reject you, Luna Miranda Sword, as my mate. I want nothing to do with you or your affairs," those words spoken by Damian would change Miranda's life forever. Little did Damian know that Miranda was carrying his twins, but his words had sealed their fate of never being involved with her. Miranda's first dilemma arose when she felt the mating call towards Alpha Jayden before she was rejected by Alpha Damian. What secrets were hidden behind this call? But Miranda's second challenge began when she arrived at The Red Crest Pack and discovered that Alpha Jayden's mother held a strong dislike for her and wished for her son to mate with someone else. What will Alpha Damian do when he discovers that Miranda is carrying his children and is not as powerless as he believed? Will the mating bond between Alpha Jayden and Miranda flourish or will it be crushed by his mother? And how will both Alphas react when they realize that Miranda possesses the abilities of the Moon Goddess? Now, it is a battle between the Alphas for her. Whom will Miranda choose?


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