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The Alpha's Nine-Tailed.

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: ANNA
  • Chapters: 104
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 11.7K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 70


A fox among wolves? Yes! But not a normal one, it’s a golden nine-tailed one! …….. Liviana was the daughter of an alpha from a small pack. When she was six years old, because of a rogue attack, her parents died but she survived hiding inside of a little cupboard as her mother asked her to. With her parents’ death, she was taken away by the greatest and the strongest alpha alive. Alpha Daniel to his huge pack. Everyone was nice to her. But, someone was not happy with her and it was the eight years old son of alpha Daniel’s and Luna Maria’s, Ahren! Because of him, Liviana’s life became a hell. She was forced to become his maid, she became a joke to everyone in her school. She became lonely without anyone. But she had one hope of her life and it was her mate…. Hopes shattered, painful thoughts appeared, life became even worse… Her mate was none other than Ahren!

Chapter 1

Outside was a mess. Screaming, shouting, fighting and killing each other. Women died hugging their children and men were fighting. Some are falling on the ground lifelessly while some are there with all their strength. Fire burned the small houses and everything was destroyed without a hint of mercy. Men shifting to their wolves, their sharp teeth and claws piercing enemies' flesh. Painful cries echoed inside of the whole pack along with the fire.

A six years old little girl watching everything that is happening outside through the little window of her room. She was scared, hugging her plushie bunny. She had no clue about what’s happening outside but she knew the thing that’s happening was not a good thing at all. It was a war. But yet she stared at it calmly.

“Livi, you need to hide here” the little girl looked turned and looked at her mother. Then she saw her mother’s eyes were red as if she had been crying. Looking at her mother, she moved her eyes behind her mother expecting to see someone but she saw nothing. She couldn’t see the one she was expecting to see.

“Where’s daddy?” she asked her mother.

“Daddy had to go somewhere. You need to hide until he comes, okay? Once daddy comes, he will find you.'' she nodded at her mother and obediently took her mother’s hand. Then, walking towards a little cupboard inside of her room, she walked inside of it. Sitting inside of the cupboard, she looked at her mother.

“Daddy will come soon, right mommy? Everytime I hide here, my legs hurt!” she pouted looking at his mother. She saw the way her mother’s eyes were suppressed with tears but she didn’t know the reason for it. Then her mother nodded at her and moved closer to her before kissing her forehead.

“Mommy is leaving now. Do not make any noise, okay? Don’t come out!” her mother said to her again before closing the door and of the cupboard. Then she heard the voice of her mother’s footsteps fading. She sighed and hugged her bunny and slowly closed her eyes ignoring the sounds and people’s shouts that she heard from the outside. Just like her mother asked her to, she would not go out of the cupboard until her daddy comes.

While closing her eyes, she slowly fell asleep. She didn’t know what was happening while she was sleeping and she didn’t know that both her mother and father were killed. But just to protect her from the rogues, her mother had casted a spell around the house with the help of a witch, so little Livi survived because all thanks to the spell and her mother’s and father’s sacrifice. She was the only one who survived from the rogue attack that deadly night.

Time passed, Livi woke up from her deep sleep. She was hungry and she was tired, her legs were hurting and had gone numb because she stayed in the same position for a long time. But yet, she didn’t go out of the cupboard because she was an obedient little girl who always loved to listen to her parents.

It was afternoon, and suddenly, she heard the sound of someone coming. A smile appeared on her face, she knew it was her father.with a smile on her face, she got ready to go out of the cupboard once her father opened it. Soon after the door of the cupboard opened. She looked up at the man who opened the door. Her eyes stopped at the glowing golden eyes of the man.

Those eyes were gorgeous, from the first look. Livi felt that she was nervous. But she looked at those eyes and bit her little lower lip. The man who opened the door was not her father. It was a strange but handsome man. The man looked young and strong, Livi watched the man’s face and slowly looked around him wanting to see her father but no one was there.

“Are you a daddy’s friend?” she asked innocently.

Then the man smiled at her and nodded. He slowly bent towards her and took her out of the cupboard as he carried her. She felt how strong his arms were and she felt that she could reach the roof of the house with his height. Not even her father was tall like this. Looking around for a while, she looked at his eyes again.

“Close your eyes Liviana, don’t open your eyes until I ask you to” Liviana nodded at the man and closed her eyes and wrapped her little arms around the man’s neck. Soon she felt the man was walking, she wanted to open her eyes and look around. She wanted to know why her daddy was late and why her daddy sent a friend.

After some time, she felt that she was sat on a soft seat by the man. She bit her little lips and waited until he asked her to open her eyes patiently. As she expected the man asked her to open her eyes but not so soon. She was asked to open her eyes after the man took her away from the pack where she lived for six years.

“Open your eyes Liviana.” As soon as she heard that, she opened her eyes and looked around. She was inside of a luxurious car. As she opened her eyes, the car instantly moved forward. With that, she looked at the man who was sitting next to her. As her eyes stared at him, he gently smiled at her and patted her head.

“From now on, you will live with my wife and son.” the man’s words didn’t make her understand the situation fully. She stared at his beautiful golden eyes without uttering a word. She was confused and shocked. She didn’t know where her parents were and why this man was taking her to live with his family.

“Where’s mommy and daddy?” Desperate everything, she asked one little question from the man and it was about her parents.

“Your mommy and daddy were so tired from work. So they left for a long vacation but they didn’t take you because you have to go school and study hard and become a gorgeous and intelligent girl in the future. You’re not mad at them right?”

Liviana was somewhat upset with what she heard. She didn’t expect her parents to leave her and go for a vacation but she was not mad at them. She always liked to study and she will become a gorgeous and intelligent girl in the future for her parents. With that thought, she looked at the man and smiled brightly.

“Okay.. I will be intelligent and gorgeous for mommy and daddy” her voice was excited.

“Aww… good girl. You will have a bright future.” the man caressed her little beautiful face and said. Then Liviana smiled at him and slowly turned as she looked out of the window of the car. She watched the way when the car moved forward, the trees and everything outside moved forward. She found it interesting and she stared at it until she arrived at a huge and beautiful mansion.

“This is your home from now on” The man spoke as he got out of the car, then he came towards her side and opened the door for her as he picked her up and placed her on the ground. Hugging her bunny, she looked up at the beautiful house and smiled. Thinking the house is a castle, she thought that she would be able to be the princess here. Just like the bedtime stories that her mother told.

Then the man took her little hand and walked into the mansion. Liviana looked inside of the mansion and her eyes fell on the gorgeous woman who came towards them with a smile. Seeing her beauty, Liviana thought that she also wanted to be like her once she grew up. Then the woman came to the man and kissed his cheek before looking at her.

“Liviana?” she smiled.

“Yes,” Liviana replied with a smile.

“Aww.. she’s so cute Daniel” stroking Liviana’s shoulder length light blonde hair, the woman said with a gorgeous smile on her face.

“Yes.. she’s very obedient. Not like someone!” Liviana heard the man saying, then at the same time, she saw a boy coming towards them.

Liviana looked at the boy. The boy had golden eyes, jet balck hair and sharp jawlines. He was so beautiful and handsome. Seeing him, Liviana smiled at him but the boy didn’t return a smile. He stared at her and curled his little fists upwards to balls before walking away angrily.

“Don’t provoke him Daniel!” The woman said in a strict voice and the man chuckled but Liviana’s eyes were on the boy who was walking away.



An eight years old boy looked at his father and said vociferously. His eyes were red and he was crying. He didn’t like it, He didn’t want a girl to come here and live here. His mother always said that she liked girls and he knew his father also liked girls so he would never want a girl to come here and ruin everything.

“AHREN! SHUT UP” his father roared, making him shut his mouth completely and cry silently. He feared when his father shouted angrily at him. His heart ached and he sobbed, lowering his head.

“You have become so stubborn Ahren! Don’t make me angry. I am the one who takes decisions here. Her parents were killed along with every member of the pack. So no one is there to adopt her. And especially, I can’t bear to give her to another family not knowing what will happen to her”

“She’s just a little kid like you Ahren! Don’t be so selfish. I’m taking her here tomorrow. As Kevin mentioned, she was hiding inside of the house but because of a spell no one can go in so I have to go and get her, can’t let that child die”

His father’s words were knives to his heart. He stared at his father’s handsome face and clenched his fists to balls. He was angry, he was scared that once that girl washere, his father would ignore him and love her. So he didn’t want to face that thing. That’s why he tried so hard to stop his father from bringing her home.

“Ahren… it will be okay. You can treat her as your little sister okay? Let daddy bring her here, please baby… mommy loves you the best” coming towards him, his mother pulled him to a hug. Hugging his mother back, Ahren cried. Then he nodded at his mother, even if he nodded at his mother, his heart knew that he would not let that girl spend a good life here.

This is his home, this is his mother and father so how can he let a parentless girl come and take his place? No way! He would never let that happen and he would make that girl leave his house and go to an orphanage. If she was alone, she should go to an orphanage instead of coming to his house and making things bad.

“Okay…” he whispered burying his face against his mother’s warm embrace.

Ahren didn’t have a good sleep. His little mind was filled with annoyance with this girl’s sudden presence. But he slowly fell asleep thinking about so many things that he should not think. Ahren woke up the next day, when he woke up, he found that his father had gone to bring that girl. He was really upset.

While having breakfast with his mother, he was impatient. He didn’t know why he was waiting to see that girl. He wanted to see her soon but at the same time he was angry and he didn’t want her to come here and live. Seeing that he was impatient, his mother looked at him and smiled. Then she spoke.

“Ahren.. She will be your younger sister, she’s two years younger than you. You should take care of her, okay?” his mother’s words made him both hurt and angry. He didn’t want to take care of a wild girl that he never knew but not wanting to make his mother upset or angry, he nodded at her with a smile on his face.

Time passed, Ahren waited and waited but his father was not there yet. He was impatient and he didn’t even go to play with his friends today because he was waiting for his father to come with that annoying girl. While he was in his room, he heard the sound of his father’s car. Running towards the window of his room, he watched the way his father was getting out of the car.

Seeing his father, his heart was covered with pride. There was no man who could win against his father. His father was the strongest, powerful and handsomest man in the entire world. So he was really happy with his father. Soon his heart broke, his eyes filled with tears as he looked at the way his father picked the girl out of the car and placed her on the ground. Then smiling at her, his father took her hand and walked into the house.

Anger and pain. He was a kid but he had so many emotions. Wiping the tears in his little eyes, he slowly walked out of the room. Then he walked through the stairs of the house and looked at the girl. Seeing him, his father teased him but he couldn't take his eyes off the girl who was standing next to his father.

A pair of sapphire blue eyes, shoulder length light blonde straight hair. She looked like a doll. Her pink heart shaped lips were pouting. She looked small but cute. He stared at her for a while and moved his eyes towards the plushie bunny that she was hugging. Seeing it he felt annoyed. He didn’t like those stupid things.

Then suddenly, she smiled at him. She looked beautiful as she smiled at him and his little heart skipped a beat seeing her. Why does he think that she was like an angel from heaven? She’s gorgeous, Ahren thought but his thoughts vanished and he got angry.

He ignored her and simply walked away. He didn’t like the girl. She came here to take his parents’ love from him. No matter how pretty she was, to him, she was nothing but an annoying cow! He wanted her to leave this house and go to an orphanage because this house is not an orphanage!

Chapter 2

The night arrived, Ahren stayed inside of his room all evening without coming out to see his mother and father cuddling that girl but he was hungry, so he came out of his room and went to the dining room to see that the girl was sitting next to his daddy. Her hair was combed up, she was wearing one of his t-shirts. He felt so angry seeing her but he ignored and walked towards his father and stood next to him.

“I thought you would not come out!” his father chuckled looking at him.

Ahren was angry earlier, so no matter how many times his father came and knocked against his door asking him to come out, he didn’t come. He didn’t talk with his father, he slowly moved his eyes and looked at the girl. As he looked at her, he saw that she was looking at him with her cheeks reddened. Then suddenly she smiled.

“Liviana, this is my son. His name is Ahren Flynn. He is eight years old, he is so intelligent. He can do so many things. He’s strong, he’s handsome, he’s the best stu


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