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The Alpha's Mistake

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MATURED SCENE) WARNING, (THIS BOOK CONTAINS WORDS LIKE R*P*.) You can swipe to another book if you aren't comfortable) Miriam Alexander is a boulevard gorgeous woman who became the apple of the eyes of a wealthy millionaire son Christain Robert, the two love birds managed to pass through all obstacles and decided to get married but all too soon the biggest and richest billionaire who left his pack because of enemies who attacked and burned down it's members got entangled in the two love birds' relationship. Soon, the sweet fairytale romance between Miriam and Christain soon jeopardize under the mud. ****. He gradually pulled her into a hug. Miriam began to breathe heavily when he began to place soft kisses around her neck, she shivered under every kiss placed at the crook of the neck! Miriam opened her mouth to say something but words eluded her. She had nothing to say, he was her husband now. It was just like yesterday when they first met when he saved her life and today, she was in his arms. A tiny metal around their both fingers and a title of Mr and Mrs had been granted to them. Miriam couldn't ask for more because Carlos was the one she had been waiting for. "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me!" His voice came out hot and spicy.

Chapter 1


There are those who claim that it never was possible but then there are also those who think they are safe in the modern world of technology and weapons. safe from all the ancient evil.

They believed that wizards, witches, vampires, dragons and werewolves were long dead.

A world where life has become unfair and unjust. The world dominated by werewolves wasn't easy for some of them as they moved to live in between humans for one reason or the other. Most of them hide their identity and even mate with the human, they end up having mixed babies with the blood of a human and a werewolf which is known as a Hybrid.

The wind blew lovely air, making street workers put on their cardigans to prevent cold but soon enough an umbrella was visible everywhere as the rain began to pour hard. Few without umbrellas were seen running to prevent being soaked in the rain.

Miriam was soaked in tears as the black stain of her eye pencil lingered all over her face, she had no care in whatever situations she was presently in. Her neatly arranged and flowered-looking hair an hour ago now looked a mess. Her wedding dress was torn and drenched in water, she cried and laughed at the same time.

Anybody who would catch sight of her might mistake her for a runaway bride but it was nothing close to that. She slowly walked under the rain, not minding the number of stares she got from people. Her life was nothing and shattered without Christian. All the taxi drivers she boarded wouldn't stop, she wanted to get to the beach real soon.

A car soon stopped in front of her. Without looking at the car or person, she pulled open the back seat before sliding inside. "Please, drive to the beach," she ordered.

"I can't mam, it's like an hour's journey and the clouds aren't so good," the driver insisted. "Please, take this wedding ring, it is worth a lot, I would give it to you in exchange for driving me there," she said, pulling out the ring from her finger to hand to the driver.

"Alright," he muttered.

The drive was slow and with every passing minute, Miriam felt sad, pained, devastated, and depressed. What more to life without Christain in it.

"We are here?" The driver muttered.

"Thank you," she said, pushing the door open to get out. The rain was almost done, it was left with a little drizzle, she walked towards the beach, the breeze pushing her hair and clothes back but she had no care for her situation.

"I hope you know I loved you Christian and I can't live without you," she muttered striding into the big stream. She stridden deeper until she couldn't swim anymore, she began to struggle until she couldn't anymore.

The lovely breeze coming into the one-bedroom flat of Miriam and her sister was enormous. She was already shivering but not from the breeze, she was nervous because by seven pm dot! Christain was coming to pick her up.

She kept wandering from one side of the apartment to the other while checking her watch. Soon there was a knock on the door, she adjusted her dress before going to open the door but to her surprise, her elder sister Eleanor was the one at the door.

"Miriam darling, why do you look disturbed?" Miriam's sister asked, dropping the basket she held on the tiny table. "Eleanor, Christian is coming to pick me up, I guess I am just nervous because his parents don't like me." Miriam said glaring at her sister. Eleanor placed a hand on her hair, Miriam guessed she was trying to arrange them.

"Miriam, you are perfect, nobody can resist your beauty or kind heart! Have you thought about why Christian fell in love with you in the first place?" Eleanor asked and she shook her head.

"Because you are incredible, Miriam Alexander, our parents must be proud of the lady you have become in heaven! May their souls rest in peace." Eleanor said as a knock was heard from the door.

She turned her head towards the direction of the door before staring back at Eleanor.

"I think Christian is here," she said standing up to get to the door, she opened the door to notice Christain at the door! Seeing him at the door made Miriam blush with one of her most charming smiles.

"Hey, have you been waiting for me for a long time?" Christian asked, wrapping his hands around her waist. "No, don't flatter yourself! I was getting ready actually." She lied. She could smell the flavorful scent of his fragrance, it was killing her crazily.

He leaned closer and kissed her nose softly before asking. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," she said, going inside the room to grab her bag. Immediately she was done grabbing her bag. Miriam came back to notice Christian chuckling with Eleanor in a way that made Miriam curiously want to ask what they were discussing but Christain chipped in immediately.

"Can we?" he asked, making Miriam nod her head.

They finally reached the Robert Mansion. Expensive-looking Cars were packed everywhere, Miriam could feel her heartbeat! It felt like her heart was going to pop out any second from now.

"Are you okay?" Christain's voice startled her.

"Yes Christian, just thinking, your parents don't like me! You know the background I come f..." Miriam tried to complete what she was saying but Christain silenced her with a kiss on the lips.

"They don't only like you, but they also love you," he said, opening his car door and coming to open hers.

"Thank you," she said as Christian held her hand to help her get up from her seat.

They strolled into the building as a well-dressed bodyguard approached Christain to whisper to his ear which he nodded before holding her hands more tightly as they strolled to the garden where the party was going on. From the look of things, the party was wholly for the rich.

Miriam knew from their expensive dresses and makeup, she sure didn't belong here.

"Christain, can I just get some water?" She asked before striding in the direction of flavored drinks and water. There was a sound from the microphone! It felt like someone was trying to make an announcement, she strode to where some group of girls stood.

"Hey everyone, thank you for taking your time to welcome my son who just got back from Mexico and I'm using this medium to congratulate him on being a counselor. His father said, earning cheering and applause from the crowd.

"Hold on, that's not all," The man said, raising one of his hands to stop the cheering.

"Please welcome my son Christain Robert." he finally said, making Christian head to the stage to take the microphone.

Miriam instantly felt proud at that moment. I mean, Christian was just her man alone and nobody was stopping them or their relationship.

“Thank you dad,” Christain uttered before giving his father a side hug.

"Hello everyone, thank you for coming to my welcome party! I feel honored and my stay in New York has been wonderful, and most especially with one loving woman in my life now." He said, making the girls who stood close to Miriam scream with happiness.

Miriam didn't care about them. She knew Christian was already hers and her alone, she loved him that she couldn't ever share him. She could notice him coming down the stage and striding to where she and the girls stood. The screaming of the girls was increasing with each step he took nearer! Maybe they thought he was coming to pick one of them.

“Uhmmm, if you would allow me. For some time now! I have been living a sad life.” He uttered on the microphone.

“Yes, from being a depressed man. I became happy once more and that is every minute and everyday of my new life, because of you!” Christain said pointing at Miriam who blushed shyly.

He came to Miriam's front as he kept staring into her eyes and she also stared back.

“I don’t want to be ever depressed again or want my life to lose direction because I want to wake up every morning to know that you would be beside me. I love you very much Miriam, more than my own life!” He said to her with a charming smile.

"You are the most beautiful, gorgeous, and most incredible person I have met in my life, you have shown me what being in love is! I don't ever regret any moment spent with you. Instead, I want to spend more time with you." Christain said, making Miriam blush more, she knew she was turning into a red tomato already.

She was still staring at Christain. The man she fell in love with two year ago, she had no idea if she could ever live without Christain, Miriam knew he was already part of her heart forever.

She was still in her thoughts when she looked down to notice Christian on his knees.

"Miriam Alexander, I don't have any regret and I know I wouldn't have. you were a God-sent! And I appreciate him every day for bringing such a huge gift to me,". He said through the Microphone.

"Miriam Alexander, Would you do me the favor of being my wife?" Christain asked, making Miriam shocked as he went on his knees before making a ring visible.

She could notice the large eyes that surrounded them. She could see the amazement in Christain's father's eyes, but couldn't detect the expression on that of his mother. "Miriam, I'm still on my knees?" Christain muttered, bringing her back from her shock.

"Yes! I would marry you, Christian." Miriam said, Christian fixed the ring he held on her finger. He lifted her up before kissing her as cheering and clapping were heard from the crowd.

"Thank you," Christain whispered close to her ear before slowly kissing her lips tenderly.

Chapter 2

Christian had just dropped Miriam back at home. She entered the house before admiring the ring clutched to her fingers. She just couldn't believe that Christain had asked her to marry him. Who would have thought he would make such an announcement at such an expensive gathering.

"When did you get back?" The voice of her sister Eleanor echoed, making Miriam turn to give her a huge grin. "You won't believe what happened at the party Eleanor," Miriam let out happily.

"What? Tell me," Eleanor said, taking a seat as Miriam sat down beside her.

Miriam said nothing more as she put her hands forward displaying the expensive-looking ring. Eleanor slowly held onto her sister's hand before staring back at her in gloominess. "What happened? You don't peek happy," Miriam let out.

"Uhmm," Eleanor said, rubbing the side of her neck.

"What is it? It seems like you aren’t happy with the news!” Miriam said.

"I just feel sad because of how that family treats you beca


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