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The Alpha's Luna Is A Sex Freak

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Meet Alpha Logan Smith; Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack.Logan is a young, successful businessman in the human world with his true identity hidden from non-creatures. He believes he has everything he needs in his life until he encounters his mate. She turns out to be a crazy Nymphomaniac, a werewolf obsessed with sexual desires. But he is determined to have her in his life. How will he handle this s*x freak who wants no commitment to any man? How can he get her to stay loyal to him? A lady whose only desire in men is a good hump. Find out in this romantic adventure!!

CHAPTER 1 Mate!!

"D*mn it!!" Logan cursed as he checked the time on his five thousand dollars wristwatch; well, he was pretty rich and wouldn’t mind spending that much for something that tells just time.

He looked out of the car window towards the ugly, unholy, one storey building in front of him; it was a brothel, and his best friend had gone in there, while he had to wait for him outside.

The young, handsome, Irish Alpha werewolf was someone who valued his time. He disliked the idea of women selling their body for money, and saw the men who patronized them as useless

But it didn't matter how many times he warned or advised Bartholomew; his American friend; the dude would just always go back there to do his thing. Perhaps he was addicted.

Logan had advised him to get a girlfriend or wife like the humans do, but the dude just didn't want a relationship, he believed it would become toxic sooner or later.

Love was definitely not for him, he preferred to do his thing with no emotions attached. He has already had his fair share of toxic relationships.

The only reason Logan had decided to accompany him here today was because he claimed he had left his charger and ID card with one of the women by mistake, so Logan was persuaded to wait for him outside the gate.

It had been almost thirty minutes since Bartholomew went in there and Logan was starting to get impatient; Well, he was not too good at being patient.

Bart was one of the few humans who knew his real identity as a werewolf, his kind had been forced to stay in the dark to keep the balance of the world.

He had been friends with Bart since first grade and his friend's bad behavior of visiting Brothels which he disliked was not enough reason to push them apart, the young Alpha just had to make a compromise.

Unable to wait anymore, Logan unlocked his seat belts and rolled up the car windows; of course, he was a law abiding citizen like an average human, he never forgets to strap on his seat belt even though there was little chance of him dying in an accident.

He got down from his car; the latest Mercedes Benz and walked towards the Brothel with a look of disgust on his face. It was twenty minutes past eight in the evening and he needed to retire to his mansion. Even the werewolf needs his rest and relaxation after a stressful day at work.

Logan was the first and only son of Donald Smith; the former Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack. Humans and other creatures now lived together but it didn't stop the werewolves from continuing their ranking system, they just gave up on a few of their cultures but not their identity.

Alpha Logan walked into the gate and was welcomed by the horrible stench of Alcohol, it struck his nose and almost choked him.

He looked around and saw so many dirty drunk men dancing around with half naked women, from the expression on the women's faces, he could tell that a few of them disliked what was happening, they were only putting up with the drunk old fools, probably for the money.

The entire environment was lit with poor illuminating colorful lights; they were not bright but enough to see everywhere and Everyone. The building was painted yellow, with pornographic images on the walls

Logan looked up to the balcony on the other side of the building and noticed the lights were brighter there. The building was in the shape of an L if viewed from above. The ladies up there were more classy; perhaps that area was for VIPS

That must be where he would find Bart, but how does he get up there? He had just climbed the threshold into a long cement floored passage.

"Hey handsome, looking for a nice c*nt to spend the night in, well search no more because you just found one," a lady suddenly uttered and clung her arms on his neck.

"Hey, get lost!" He scolded and pushed her away in anger, he felt irritated by her touch. He didn’t even see her coming

"Hey!! That is rude!!" The lady whined as he walked past her. She muttered a few more silent curses to which he paid no attention

"D*mn it Bart, the things you make me do," Logan cursed silently. He brought out his phone and dialed Bartholomew's number one more time, it rang but there was no response. He looked back and noticed the lady was still staring at him while puffing cigarette smoke in the air.

If this human called Bart wasn't his very best friend, then he would have ripped his head out of his body the moment he found him.

Logan reached the end of the passage and met two doors, one had stairs that led up while the other led into a hallway with doors on each side. He believed that these rooms belonged to the prostitutes, but where could he find his best friend.

He was still confused on which way to take when something strange suddenly happened, something he had not expected to ever happen.

His other half, his animal side, the wolf howled those four letter words that changed the life of every werewolf. "Mate!!!"

The Alpha refused to believe what he was hearing, the wolf must be mistaken. In the present day and time, werewolves who were able to find their mates were considered lucky because there were too many humans in the world making it difficult.

Was his mate really here? What was she doing in a Brothel? Was his wolf playing games with him?

His doubts were cleared when he felt a strong wave of emotions flood through him, a desire to find her, an urge very strong that fighting it felt challenging.

His wolf wouldn't stop howling, the animal was itching to take over, he hadn't let it out in a decade or so and it never bothered him, but today was different, it was willing to go find the mate itself if he wouldn't.

Alpha Logan suddenly froze when an attractive scent struck his nose, it was stronger than the disturbing scent of Alcohol and intoxicated dirty old men. A scent so alluring that it made his nose flair; that was his wolf detecting his mate, the scent belonged to her and it was what he needed, to find her.

Going after the scent, he headed into the door that had a stairway and climbed up with a speed close to that of lightning.

He got to the end of the stairs and walked into a long hallway. He could hear moaning sounds of pleasure coming from some of the rooms and his blood boiled. Was his mate one of these women?

He had not even met her but the thought of that made him clench his fists in anger. He took to his heels, running after the scent and he suddenly halted at a point. He looked around and sniffed, the scent was getting stronger.

He took a few steps backward and noticed that it was coming from that particular room. He tried to open it by turning the door knob but it wouldn't open; it had been locked from inside.

The Alpha growled and took a step backwards, then he attacked the door with his right shoulder and it blew open. He had destroyed the lock.

A man and woman under a bedspread screamed as he jumped in. A look of betrayal in his eyes. He felt pain run through his chest followed by anger, he gritted his teeth while frozen at the spot.

"Hey dude! Are you crazy or something?" The middle aged man yelled and jumped down from the bed. He was completely naked with his third leg swinging in between the other two.

Logan's eyes were locked on the naked lady under the bedspread while she looked at him in awe. She was the one, his destined mate in the arms of another man. He doubted he had faced pain worse than this before.

"What the f*ck is wrong with you man? Who the heck are you?" The naked man shouted and walked towards Logan.

The Alpha turned to him and growled, he was itching to let his animal side out and it took a lot of restraint to keep it in.

"Can't you hear me? Why the hell did you break through the door, you should have just waited patiently for your own turn if you wanted her, I am not done with her yet, you horny idiot." He barked.

That was it; his last words p*ss*d off the Alpha wolf. Logan swung his arm in two seconds and it landed on the man's face, he lost his consciousness immediately and fell with a thud.

The young lady under the bedspread gasped and Drew the sheets closer to her body, covering herself properly.

"You… you are him," she muttered softly with unexplainable emotions in her eyes.

Alpha Logan nodded softly. He didn't even know what to say to her but eventually the words came on their own.

"We are mates, werewolves destined to be together, now you have to come with me," he stated in a stern, yet soft voice. That seemed like an order, was he supposed to sound authoritative like that with her?

She sat up properly without letting the bedspread fall off her, and then she sighed with a blank face and looked up.

"No… I am not coming with you!" She announced with an adamant face, it sounded like she wouldn’t even give it a second thought; her mind was made up.

To be continued!!

CHAPTER 2 A sex worker!!

Alpha Logan stood there staring at her in silence while a lot of thoughts raced through his mind, this might not be the 19th century but she was still his mate and he had the right to take her away, he could claim her right here and right now if he wished to.

But the Alpha werewolf didn’t want to be forceful with her, unlike most of his kind, he could be as quiet and slow as a snail at times. He was quick to anger but slow to react, moreover he also considered her human feelings.

The fact that they were part animals didn’t mean that they had to act like one. He also admired the look of courage and fearlessness in her eyes; just his kind of girl… The moon goddess knew just what was right for him, it’s only unfortunate that he had to meet her in such circumstances.

“We belong together, so why won’t you come with me?” He asked in a calm voice, trying to pretend that seeing her like that was no big deal, even though he could still fill the stinging pain in his heart.


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