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The alpha's kisses

The alpha's kisses

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Karen
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 17
  • 3.0
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Tatiana: a human adopted by a family of lycanthropes, when she is 2 years old. She understands the habits of lycanthropes and already recognizes them as family, with 1 meter 62 cm tall, thin, with chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes, intelligent and somewhat cold when she first meets people, but very affectionate when she loves them, strong, she won't let them walk over her. Dalton: the Alpha of the Golden Moon herd, desperately looking for his Mate for over 700 years. With 1 meter 88 cm tall, has a very worked body, black eyes, and dark brown hair, is possessive, jealous, intelligent, a millionaire, and does not like to be argued or to be contradicted. What could happen between them?

Chapter 1


"Honey wake up... " even with my eyes closed, I heard my mom's sweet voice asking me to wake up, but I was sleepy and wanted to keep sleeping even though it was my birthday.

"Princess, it's your birthday... "Said my dad stroking my head, but if I don't say anything, and keep my eyes closed, they will go away and let me sleep a little longer.

Last night I had stayed up until two in the morning reading Obsession, the story had completely gripped me, and I only had three chapters left to finish the book.

"Sis, we have chocolate cake, with cream and strawberries? " crooned my brother Ian. I opened my eyes, immediately rearranged my hair quickly, and sat up in bed.

"Good morning... " everyone stared at me and said in unison. "Happy birthday!

"Thank you... " I was so happy, I had finally turned 16, this last week had taken forever.

"Let's go to breakfast, Daniela prepare your favorite cake. " said my mother.

We all went downstairs and sat down to eat and talk pleasantly.

In the main room and everything was decorated for tonight, the only thing missing was the distribution of tables and chairs.

"Are you excited? "Dad asked with a smile, he seemed to be more excited about this than I was. In fact, if it weren't for him, the beautiful dress he would have me in today, and the food, I wouldn't have celebrated my birthday. I don't like being the center of attention, in fact, it makes me quite nervous to be.

"Yes, but I'm nervous too. " my brother reached over and ruffled my hair.

"You don't have to be nervous, sis, everything will be perfect. "Daniela presented us with a good portion of cake and we all devoured it, it was exquisite, just like everything else she prepares.

I think the party will be more for my parents than for me. At the party, most of those who would go would be friends of my father, Alphas from some packs, friends of my brother, my mother, and family in general. However, I didn't know more than half of those who would be attending the party, and my father would want to introduce me to everyone.

From what my brother told me, some people didn't like that my father had adopted and raised a human girl as his daughter, which is why he had broken some ties with several important packs, but at this party, I hoped the conflicts would be settled.

I was well aware of the between packs, for territories, mates, conflicts with other species, and the rules there were problems between these clans, maybe even more than my brother who would soon be Alpha.

"Daughter today will be a great day, Alphas from packs all over the world will come to meet you, and with any luck, we will close peace treaties and alliances with packs or clans of different species. " He didn't notice, but that made me more nervous, I felt I would do something stupid and everything would go down the drain.

"I understand, I'll do my best to make everything go perfectly.

"I know it will, you are a smart, beautiful, and very mature girl, you have always helped me with the conflicts in the herd and I hope you will help your brother in the future too.

"That's for sure, daddy. " I gave him a small smile, ate the last bite of cake, and looked at the clock on the white wall, it was 11:56 am.

"Gentlemen, lunch will be in an hour and a half," said Alma, one of our cooks, as she lifted the empty plates from the table.

"All right. I'll go get your present in town "Said my brother getting up from the table "I'll be back in a little while "He gave me a kiss on the forehead and left. My father got up from the table when his Beta, Esteban, called him.

My mother and I were left, and she started to tell me that after eating I would have to sleep a little because then I wouldn't be sleepy during the party, which was what always happened to me. Every time we went to a packing party I had to leave and put the car to bed because I could not stay awake, instead, for some reason lycanthropes seemed to have more resistance when it came to staying awake.

The human being must sleep a few hours before the party to have at least half his stamina.

Finally, I got up from the table and headed to my room in search of my book, intending to finally finish it, but it was nowhere to be found. I looked under the pillow, where I thought I had left it last night when I heard my mom get up and come to my room. Also under the bed, on the little shelf where I put my books, in the drawers, under the sheets, in the bathroom of my room, on the bedside table, behind my bed, but there was no trace of my book, I figured my mom had realized that I stayed up late reading and hid it from me, but it could also have been Sofia, one of our maids who was always in charge of tidying up my room.

I went downstairs to go ask Sofia, who is almost always cleaning the living room, but as I passed my father's office I heard her voice along with my mother's and her Beta's, curiosity was killing me so I stealthily leaned my ear to the wooden door trying not to be noticed by these creatures with highly developed hearing.

"Our men are not enough to fight the Southern Clan. "Said Esteban, my father's Beta.

"Some of the nearby herds could help us. "Said my mother somewhat worried.

"I doubt it, the packs we have alliances with are at war with other vampire or witch clans. " Dad commented.

"What if they make an alliance with the Golden Moon pack of the Alpha Dalton today, they could help us. " My mother spoke hopefully. "They are one of the strongest packs in the world, their warriors are very powerful Alphas and Deltas.

"I don't think so, they don't make alliances if they ask for something in return first, and there is nothing we can give them that they don't already have. " opined my father. It's true, some packs asked for things in exchange for their help, for example, men to fight, women or material things.

"What shall we do then? "Esteban asked, but as I wanted to get a little comfortable, I made noise and everyone stopped talking.

So that no one would notice that I had heard them, I knocked on the door.

"Come in.

"Hi. "I said laughing lightly, knowing I was interrupting. "I was looking for you mom, I wanted to know if you had grabbed my book because I can't find it. " I smiled squinting my eyes and she smiled back.

"I took it, last night, you fell asleep too late because you stayed up reading, so I won't give it back to you until tomorrow. "Did you go crazy, I only had three chapters left to finish it!

"But mom, I only have three chapters left and I'll finish it! Besides, it's my birthday today! You can't do this!"I pouted a little, maybe then he'll take pity on me.

"I don't care, we already told you that you can't stay up so late, humans must sleep at least eight hours, otherwise, they're tired. "That I knew very well, I felt very tired. "And take the pout off your face, you won't accomplish anything.

"Mom... please, give it to me and I won't do it again... " I tried to convince her, knowing she would do it again as many times as she wanted.

"That's what you told me last week with the other purple-covered book.

"That's different.

"Why is it different?

"Because I got it late at night, what did you expect me to do?

"I'm not giving it to you until tomorrow, so don't insist.

"Okay. "I left the office. I was worried, I didn't know we were threatened by a clan, let alone that it would be difficult to survive. Daniela passed by me and I thanked her for the cake, she told me it had been a pleasure to make it for me, and we ended the conversation.

I was a little angry about the book, but even if I had it, I couldn't pay attention to the reading knowing what I knew, I had to do something. Maybe if I talked to Golden Moon's Alpha, we could work something out.

Chapter 2


I was in my room, I had already bathed and had to wait for my hair to dry.

I approached the dress that I would wear today, it was beautiful, the soft pink color I loved and it was not too flashy, with some earrings in very soft pink tones and some heels, which added a few extra centimeters.

About an hour and a half passed while my hair dried and so did the cream I had put on my body. I put on a white robe and began to comb my hair and make soft curls at the ends and make a half ponytail with some fallen locks. I put on some makeup and finally put on my dress, earrings, and heels.

The dress, earrings, and makeup were in soft tones, with the intention of not attracting too much attention.

I came out of my room and met my mom in the hallway, she was wearing an embroidered dress with big ringlets in her light brown hair and makeup that highlighted her beautiful blue eyes.

As Ian and Dad came downstairs we were praised, they we


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