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The Alpha’s Human Mate

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A tall.. super handsome guy stands by the door... his hazel green eyes staring into mine like he's trying to find my soul. My eyes moved to his lips and I subconsciously bite my lower lip.. I suddenly feel like crashing my lips on his.. I feel myself being drawn to him. I can hear my heart beating fast... it's just like I fell in love with him at first sight.. this is the first time I'm feeling this way. Then I heard him utter a word. "Mate" ************************* She's a girl who lost her parents to the rogues attack and was left with ger two elder brothers who decided to change her environment for fear of being hunted again. Stacey got into a new school. She was treated bad for not being a werewolf. But everything changed when it happens that she's the Alpha's mate. Will she agree to be his mate after her parents were killed by creatures like him?


Sanne Maria

Review after half of the novel

I like it a lot! Besides my little sidecrush on Dylan(so funny and soooo dramatic). I enjoy the story so far, it is fast pace, the characters are relateble, the villain is annoying enough, like a proper villain should (not Juliet she is just stupid). I like our heroine, she is just normal, even when she turned wolf. I like seeing the struggle, confusion, growth and understanding from normal human with a little side of trauma to the Luna queen she is. Ray is funny stupid. I have a feeling he doesn't really want to be King. Well I am curious how they story continues

May 3, 2024

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