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The Alpha's Fated Omega

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"Going to pack your things already?" Sebastian stared straight at me. "I'm not one of the Omegas that are going with you," I said keeping my tone normal. "But you are an Omega, aren't you?" he raised his dark brown eyebrow. I opened my mouth to say something, but Alpha bated me to it. "Sebastian, you should pick someone a little more... Obedient." He looked at me as if I was a bug under his shoes. "Elizabeth always has had a problem with discipline," he continued. A moment later, my chin was caught by a callous thumb and finger, and my face was jerked up. Sebastian looked over my face and turned it to one side, then the other. As if observing whether or not the product he wanted to fulfill his demands. "An Omega who's not obedient to Lycan?" Sebastian said. "I wonder why no one has taught you otherwise yet." *** Every ten years, the Alpha King will host a competition to choose the Alpha Supreme, and the competition always has twenty competitors participate but only a quarter survive. When Elizabeth Grey is offered freedom in exchange for accompanying Alpha Sebastian Walt on the Hunt, she has no reason to refuse. After eight weeks of blood, mayhem, fruitless feeling, and dark secrets, a cursed Alpha with a made Omega are on the Hunt for a deadly game. Will things ever remain the same?



“Run! Hazel, run!”

The sickening sound of flesh being torn apart filled the air, wide hazel eyes watched in horror, as the wolf tore apart the very man they had always looked at with every bit of love in her heart.

The beast raised its bloodied muzzle and snared in Hazel's direction. With a shriek of terror, she instinctively turned on her heel, ignoring the stones bruising her bare feet, and broke into a run.

She could hear the power of wolves padding on earth like the boom, boom, boom of a loud drum. The sound of her heart was echoing in her ears like dug, dug, dug.

She looked back, and two wolves were hot on her heels, snapping their blood-stained Jaws at her. Her stomach throbbed with the effort of running her legs and threatened to give up, but just then, three wolves appeared from the front, baring their teeth, and fell upon the others. Pained howls and snapping of bones filled her head.

As if in a nightmare, tears streamed down her face. Hazel dashed forward. She run, and run, and run until she could no longer feel her feet until sweat covered her like second skin until she was only going on for her unborn child. In the distance, she saw light. High walls, the smell of other lycanthropes. Shelter.

Heaving, stumbling, gasping, she reached the high iron fence that marked a pack's territory.

“Stop!” a stern male voice barked. “Who are you? State your name and purpose.”

Hazel looked at the two tall males that approached her rapidly, even for werewolves. Her lips parted to say something, but her mind was blank, her soul-shattering, her energy crushed and darkness was filling her vision and she fainted.

Several hours later, Hazel was holding a baby girl in her arms. Hazel's eyes, so much like her own, gazed back at her.

“Elton would've loved you so much,” she whispered, tears prickling her eyes.

A knock on the door of the little room snapped her out of her thoughts. A woman in her late twenties came inside.

“Hazel, The Luna wants to see you,” she said gently. “Come along, dear…”

“Yes, let's go.” Hazel nodded at the Omega Lydia.

They walked through the long, narrow passages of the omega quarters to the wide and glamorous hallways of the Alpha and Luna's Chambers.

The guards let them into the meeting room where the Alpha and Luna sat. The Alpha was a big man with broad shoulders, a proud scar on his left cheek, and fierce brown eyes. The Luna was a fragile-looking woman, but her blue eyes were sharp as a hawk, piercing as shards of glass.

“Mrs. Grey,” the Alpha spoke. “We sent troupes to your pack territory, but no one could survive the rouge attack. No one but you and your daughter…”

Hazel just nodded, feeling her chest constrict with pain. “Now, we understand you need shelter,” the Alpha continued. “So, we would like to offer you a place here in the states, as werewolves and Lycan are not so different after all.”

“That would be very kind of you,” Hazel replied meekly.

“But…” The Luna interjected. “You are not part of our pack. Hence, you can only stay as an Omega,” she explained.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Hazel looked at her daughter's hazel eyes, and with a deep breath, she made the choice any mother would've made.

“I accept the conditions,” she announced.

After Hazel had been officially converted to an Omega by taking an oath and shaking her hand, which she'd cut a bit to draw out blood, with the Alpha, who had done the same. She went out clutching her baby.

She hadn't taken any more than a few steps when someone tugged at the hem of her dress. Not only that, but she whirled around, and her eyes landed on a four years old boy. With his dark brown hair and deep blue eyes, it wouldn't take a genius to guess who he was.

“Who are you?” the child asked, though his eyes were curious, his voice had been commanding.

“I, well…” Hazel struggled with her words.

“I'm the new pack member,” she exclaimed.

The boy nodded, craning his neck to look at the child in the woman's arms. Hazel lowered her arms to let him have a look.

The boy smiled at the infant. “Hi, there. I'm Sebastian Walt. Nice to meet you.”

He looked at Hazel, apparently to know the name of the child. Hazel just blushed. She hadn't thought of it yet, but… looking down at her angle, a soft smile tugged her lips.

“Elizabeth,” she said. “Elizabeth Grey…”

Luke grinned and let the baby hold one of his fingers. He smiled because of that.

From the bottom of his heart, he said. “Welcome home, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth's Point Of View

Many years after...


I whirl around, my pin-straight hair following the movement. My eyes are familiar blue ones.

"Shuss!" I mock-glare at my best friend. "I'm doing something important!"

His lips tug upwards in the usual crooked grin and he simply leans against the wall, watching me as I achieve greatness.

Right, I take the culprit, grab a big walnut and take aim. One, two, three...


A banshee-like scream meets my ears and I quickly duck behind the wall, choking on giggles.

"Who did this?!" A shrill voice demands. "Who did this?!" repeating its question.

A familiar deep chuckle reaches me from my side. "What are you? six years old?" he asks, his eyes shining with amusement.

"Just because I'm nineteen, that doesn't mean I can't have fun." I grin at him. "You wanna try?"

He considers it for a moment. "Why the hell not?"

I give him a walnut and the catapult, we exchange a serious nod like the ones best friends do before stealing ice cream from the fridge.

He takes aim, pulls the rubber back, and— snap!

"I'm going to kill you when I found you!"


Elizabeth's Point Of View

Unable to hold myself back, I stumble away, clasping my hands on my mouth. Only when I'm out of earshot, laughter bubbles past my lips and I can almost feel my face becoming red. Another laugh combines with mine and I realize I'm not the only one who ran.

"Goodness, you didn't see her face!" he says.

I grinned and told him, "Oh, don't worry. We always have next time."


Both of us jump at the stern voice, and soon enough a tall man with pale blond hair and grey eyes comes into my view.

"Beta Drew," Cleo and I bow our heads.

Beta look at me for a second, his eyes holding the usual glint of disdain, then turns to my bestie.

"What are you doing here?" he demands. "All the pack warriors are supposed to be training right now," he added.

"The training ended not five minutes ago, Beta," Cleo says, jumping to his serious voice. "In fact, I was just here to tell the Omega to clean the weapons."

Beta t

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