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The Alpha's Burning Desire

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" What's happening here? Do you two know each other? " Alessia asked, looking at both of them. " We don't only know each other, but we are best of friends. " Kane replied, smiling but Marcus scowled. " Not anymore, Kane and not now that you're talking to my mate." Marcus said, growling slightly as he pulled Alessia to him. "Your mate? I don't think so, she's my beloved." Kane said, pulling Alessia back towards him and it was fast becoming like a game of tug of war with her. *** One human, two ruthless predators, both Kings of themselves. One is an Alpha with a grudge, while the other is a blood thirsty vampire. Alessia was caught in between two predators and both are claiming her as their mate, but they were forced to accept a horrible truth, one that would unfold more and more secrets along the way.... What would happen if the secret from the past unfolds?! Would they still fight for possession over her…?

Chapter 1

Somewhere in the woods in Nevada….

Five white wolves silently slunk through the woods moving so smoothly that it was as if they were not there but one of them was injured and blood dripped on the ground as they ran, steadily but fast. The leader was guarding the others when the hunters attacked them. They were able to subdue and scare most of them but in the process some of them were killed and injured and the remaining ran for the prevention of being shot by a silver bullet.

Not far behind, a man followed their trail behind as he occasionally stared at the ground for any sign of wolf claws. His eyes caught the sight of bloodstains on the ground and a sinister smile came to his lips.

In his left hand, he carried a rifle with a wooden handle with a silver head. It was so sharp that it glittered when stray rays of light from the moon shone upon it, behind the man were four other men holding the same rifle. They were hunters! Hunting for wolves!

They were bloodthirsty hunters, hunting for wolves but how did they get to know wolves live here?


Marcus entered his room which had not much interior design or decoration. Then, he saw his beautiful s*x doll laying flat on the king-size bed, she looked so petite and fragile on it, dressed in a very s*xy red coloured lingerie. The top was barely covering her bosom. Her round juicy and succulent t*ts were spilling out of the cotton cloth, the sweet pink n*ppl*s standing alluring visible as it peeked out slightly and giving just a hint of Sexual appeal under the thin red cloth she was putting on.

Upon seeing his Dominant figure in the room, she stood up from the bed and bowed down her head, showing respect to her Alpha.

" Strip. " One word. And, a command.

Louisa obeyed his command as she took off the thin cotton from her body in an exciting way, maintaining eye contact with him. She was now Stark naked before him and the hunger in him arose but his wolf yawned loudly as to the undying need of pleasure. She waited patiently for his next command and which he said

" Get on the bed with your legs spread apart. "

She obeyed with a smile and climbed on the bed, pressed her face on it and spread her legs, her already wet p*ssy was now visible.

Louisa had been Marcus's mistress for years and that's why she had a high rank in the pack. Before Marcus became the Alpha of the Blue Water's pack, he used to be the slave of their former Alpha not until he had to kill their former leader and attain the position as the leader of the pack, then he made Louisa, his mistress for she used to satisfy him sexually.

Being an Alpha, he has a reputation among other werewolves and other mythical creatures as well as humans for being ruthless, dangerous and cold. Sincerely, he is. He doesn't blink twice when he kills someone and everyone fears him for that because he gives no second chances and has no time to show mercy just like how he is on bed. Always the dominant. Though he was cruel, he remained loyal to his pack and they were his family.

Louisa heard the ruffle of clothes so as a zip opening. It doesn't take too long before she felt him come behind her, he grabbed her hips, his long, sharp fingers piercing into her flesh and his beast nudged her behind. She made a silent whimper as she could feel the heat beneath them. She loved the feeling of his breath and hoped it would be like this forever but she knew it wouldn't because she isn't his mate.

Both of them were werewolves. Louisa was going to be twenty-one in a month and then she was going to find her mate. Every werewolf in the Blue Water pack was supposed to find their mate when they're twenty-one years old. Louisa was his s*x doll, a s*x doll he could f*ck however and whenever he wanted and she would beg him for more. Marcus was twenty-five years old and yet he hasn't found his mate or maybe she was out of his reach, or already dead. Marcus and Louisa had been together since the first time they met three years ago and had shared a lot of s*x adventures with each other. Marcus knew Louisa had her eye on being the Luna of the pack and that's why she had a high status in the pack.

He gave her a spank on her butt and in return a gasp escaped from her lips. He adjusted his knees on the bed, still holding her by the hips and then pushed forward with one long, hard thrust, rocking her from the behind, a loud moan escaped her lips. The clamping of flesh filled the room so as to the moans and groans of Louisa, the atmosphere in the room became ecstatic.

He grabbed her neck tightly, pressing her to the bed as he roughly penetrated his big c*ck in and out of her from behind, her scent was making him feel intoxicated but his hunger was more dominant. His long wet tongue ran down the length of her ear, slowly but steadily gliding down from her ear to her milky white neck.

A sinister smile came on her lips, as she waited patiently for him to mark her. She shivered as she felt his cold long teeth coming closer to her neck, about to bite her but the moment was interrupted by a knock on the door which made the both of them groan at the same time due to the interruption.

" Who dared to disturb?! " He demanded

" Gunnar and the rest went in search of food when the hunters attacked them but in the process Gunnar was shot and wounded by a silver bullet. He's in the cave and he's requesting to see you. I pledge for your mercy for the interruption, Alpha. " The werewolf said and walked away from the door.

Marcus's face darkened, he isn't fond of humans but hearing one of them killed some of his pack members, he couldn't help but get infuriated.

To be continued...

Chapter 2

Alpha Marcus rushed to Gunnar's side, but as soon as he got there he could smell the silver that was coming from his open wound, which could explain why he wasn't healing. Pack members were desperately trying to stop the bleeding, but they were unsuccessful and in the end Gunnar told them to stop. He knew there was no use in trying because of the silver poisoning his body. Alpha Marcus stepped forward and took hold of Gunnar's hand, hoping to ease his pain slightly, but in the end Gunnar had lost so much blood that he died in his Alpha's arms.

The death of Gunnar shook almost everyone in the pack, as he was almost everyone's friend. Especially Marcus because he had just lost some of his pack members all because of those heartless humans, he had sworn to avenge Gunnar's death and the other pack members who died in the process.

The pack gathered together in their werewolves form as Alpha Marcus stood on the mountain, staring down at his pack,


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