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The Alpha's Bridal Nun

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I tried to get away from him. “Running away, I see." He sneered as he crawled on top of me. "You must fulfill your duty as my Luna. you are no longer a church maid, Rosaria. " He grabbed my legs as he spread them apart. "You will be rewarded with my seed, and you will reach ecstasy just to be filled." "But I didn't want this! I only wanted to be pure!" "You were never pure to begin with. Not as long as you are born in this accursed pack." ========================================================== All of her life, Rosaria devoted herself to the Hatiist Church. Hati, the Sun God and one of the sons of the Great Wolf, Fenrir, who attempted to eat the Moon Goddess and a threat to the werewolf race. But was he truly a danger despite his genuine love for them? So, she stayed at the covenant and prayed for their god’s return. However, just before her ordination, the Alpha King of the Skollist pack came to the scene and declared her his fated mate. “Bear me a child who can rule over the pack,” he said. Lord Varick despised Hati for bringing damnation to their pack and forced Rosaria to be his Luna—and her life changed for the worse.

Chapter 1 A Prayer During The Ritual

Warning: non-consensual s*x and blood

Our Sun God, Hati, who chases thy moon, hallowed be thy name...

I shivered, trying to stop myself from losing the strength of my legs as the unfamiliar being stood before me. My hands held tight in a form of a prayer, asking for redemption.

Your Kingdom come, thy will be done on us, Lycan dwellers of thy Earth….

Not a word was exchanged in this ceremony, as he stared at me, with the absence of lust. I couldn’t imagine any expression of this beast as his hand reached out to touch the knot on my chest.

Slowly, he untied it with his one callous finger, pulling the string off, loosening the only thin cloth I’d ever worn. Not long after, the silky dress fell softly on the floor and I stood there, bare for only him to see.

I n-never showed myself naked to anyone let alone a man I hardly knew.

I immediately covered my breasts with my arm and the other palm on my lower regions.

“Don’t hide them,” he commanded, coldly. “Your actions are futile as you will be bare for the whole evening.”

I trembled like a newborn fawn as I turned my head away, trying my best to avoid the man’s gaze, and slowly did as I was told.

“Are you looking down on me, church maid?” He asked, as he grabbed my chin and forcibly moved to look in his direction.

“N-No…” I shook my head, frantically. I held my shaking hand and gripped it tight. I couldn’t allow him to see me in a moment of weakness.

Staring at me once more with a hint of disgust, he released my chin as he ordered. “Lie down on the bed and spread your legs.”

My eyes were visibly wide as my lips trembled, refusing to utter a word.

I wouldn’t dare to do something… promiscuous! Dark thoughts I never knew invaded my mind as the blood started to drain from my face.

I knew I should do my duty. For the sake of Father Gosepp, for the nuns, and the children of Hati!

Yet, I was struck with fear.

So, I swiftly turned a heel and without a moment of hesitation, my feet instinctively dashed out away from the man, just to get away from him as far as possible.

Or so I thought.

I shouldn’t underestimate his capability to sense fear as he pulled me forcefully back and threw me on his bed.

Give us this day with your sun-like presence and forgive us for our sins...

“Ah!” A whine released from my lips as he crawled on top of me.

“Running away, I see?” He snarled. “Are you that half-hearted to protect your so-called cult?”

“It’s n-never a cult! The Sun God saved us wolves from damnation!” Never would I have thought that I have the strength to construct thoughts in my mind. Despite the fear ingrained in my whole being as I was naked, defenseless against the strongest alpha in the pack, a moment of anger resurfaced as he soiled the name of my church.

His emotionless expression changed to anger as his dark brows curved into a glare. Once again, my body stiffened in fear.

I’ve heard many stories of him from other wolves. A war hero who is destined for greatness and the ruler of the Skollist Pack. But he also held a reputation of violence and wrath to those in his way.

And he despised the believers of Hatiism.

I had buried my grave right here from uttering the words I shouldn’t say out loud.

“You should be thankful that we didn’t burn your church the moment I stepped in.”

He forced my legs apart as I continued to struggle with all of my vigor. I was far from his brute strength as he spread my legs, revealing my clean-shaven sacred place.

As we continue to forgive those who have forgotten Your existence...

“Please! Let me remain pure! Hurt me! Torture me! But don’t take it against my will!” I sobbed as I squirmed before him.

“You agreed to this. I gave you a choice.” He leaned closer and his icy blue eyes stared coldly at me. “Now, you should fulfill your duty as Luna of the pack.

"NOOO!" I continued defying him with my shrill scream, stricken with anguish and fear as I made violent movements for a way out of his clutches.

He felt annoyed, gritting his teeth as he tightened his hold on my lower body. While doing so, his other hand made its way to loosen the tie of his lower garments.

When it dropped, it freed his manhood and my body unconsciously become immobile. Yet my eyes couldn't stop looking at it.

The sight scared me.

Years devoted to the church made me unbeknownst to the topic of procreation. But the sight made me pale, sick to the pit of my stomach and all I ever wanted was to away from this terrible fate.

I pleaded with him and begged him to change his mind. But it was on deaf ears as he positioned himself directly to my opening and he gave one full thrust.

My eyes widened even more as tears started to fall from my eyes.

It all took a single thrust inside and dear sun god, I felt nothing but excruciating pain centered in my lower body. I felt it got torn from the intrusion.

"AAAAH!" I screamed and then I began sobbing as the stinging pain hadn't subdued.

He wasn’t a patient man. He didn’t wait for me to adjust as he thrusted again. Soon, the slow movements became faster, pounding me until his member reached my womb.

I couldn't do anything,

All I did was stay still, enduring the pain, the agony, and the despair and I hope to the sun god that it would be over! It was just a test of my faith!

It's a test of my faith, right?

So I continued praying.

And lead us not into t-temptation, but d-deliver us from e-evil.

I couldn’t stop crying as pain won’t stop with his animalistic thrusts and the squelching sounds mixed with the dampness of our essence and my blood.

I wanted to throw up but I couldn’t because he continued to thrust fast, and harder and the pain reached its peak which shattered every logic and reason in my mind.

But one emotion remained.

"I H-HATE YOU!" Words I didn't expect to say just came out and he wouldn't care, he wouldn't give the damnest care that I was overwhelmed with pain as the pace never stopped.

I couldn't even look at him in the eye as my vision went blurry. Perhaps because of the tears in my eyes or perhaps I was losing consciousness then.

But I felt it... it would end soon.

And finally, I felt an essence spilling inside after he stopped. It was the most disgusting feeling I've ever felt.

He leaned in, his hand pushing my head to show off my bare neck. His head morphed off that as an alpha wolf, baring his fangs before he pierced right through my skin.

It was a silent scream, my voice already hoarse as a new form of pain entered my being. My senses heightened as the Alpha Leader released his fangs and thus, completed the mating ritual.

And with that, it was finally over.

I just lay there lifeless as my eyes were distant, staring off-space. He—my husband, m-my mate, pulled himself out as his manhood was coated with his own essence and my blood.

The thought of it sickened me yet, I had long stopped my tears as they were wasted during this ritual.

He stared at me for a moment after he adjusted his pants. Again, not without any emotions and he wordlessly left, leaving me alone, barren, in this unfamiliar room.

It was our first night together.

I was supposed to commit my whole life to Hati. I, Rosaria, should be ordained as a nun.

But the moon goddess declared me as the Luna of the Alpha Leader, Varick.

For t-thine comes when the lycans open thee eyes,” I muttered in a raspy-like breath, allowing my lips to move on their own.

“Is when Your Grace shall return to save us all, tetelestai.”

Chapter 2 A Tormented Luna

It wasn’t great to wake up the next day. Soporific feelings and confusion were the two things that registered in my mind.

I was oddly tired despite waking up on my own. Then, when I felt the pain and soreness in my lower part, it struck me as a reminder of last night’s events.

My eyes widened as I jerked up, ignoring the incessant pain as flashes of that man plunging and thrusting me resurfaced in my mind.

Right now, he wasn’t present before me but I could still feel his hands roughly holding onto my hips, intruding into my core as he tore me inside during the marking of our mating ritual.

Who could have thought that mating rites were painful for wolves?

The flooding memories made me get off the bed, desperately finding a spot to throw up in the sickening pit of my stomach.

However, as my leg tangled with the sheets, I clumsily fell off the floor with a loud, painful thud.

I groaned as the sheet fell off along with me. I tried to pull the he

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