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Having been rejected and banished by her father and her mate,the beta, Poor and abused Brielle was left to rot at the edge of the pack, the territory of the cruel Alpha king, Zadyre.Terrified, she finds out the king is her second chance mate, but that's not all.He wants nothing to do with her. All he wants is his heir, and then she will be killed and replaced by a woman better.Torn and rejected, she fled his kingdom, never to see him again, but what he doesn't know is she fled with what matters to his legacy, his pups.Now, five years later, they meet again, but things have changed.Zayre wants her with every fibre of her being and would do anything to get her back, but Brielle hates him with every fibre of her being.How long would she be able to hold a grudge against his past self? How long can she act like she doesn't feel the attraction building between them?And how long does it take for him to leave her once again when he finds out she stole what mattered to him the most and ran. His HEIR.

Chapter 1

Brielle’s pov

“Hurry up Brielle! I don’t have all day to look at your stupid face.” Anna sneered and I increased my pace in cleaning her shoes. My father wouldn’t bat an eyelash if my step sisters begin their assault. He never cared, not even when I got a black eye and a broken arm.

Evelyn groaned, “I don’t have time for this. My shoes also need some cleaning.”

A shoe covered leg kicked my stomach and I bit my lip, swallowing the pain.

“Maybe that would hurry you up.” Anna gritted and I blinked back the tears forming in my eyes.

This was a normal behavior in alpha Richard’s house. My dad, the Alpha of Crescent hills had seven daughters. I was the fourth of the seven and was the only one who was from another mother. They all had blonde hair and blue eyes while I had green eyes and brown long hair. I was the odd one out.

Hence, the hatred.

They called me the bastard, the unwanted pregnancy. They hated my mother because my father was cheating on their mother, and she gave birth to me.

But instead of taking it out on my father, they took it out on me instead.

Even my father took it out on me, claiming i was a mistake when in reality, i knew he loved my mother.

She died immediately she had me, and I was made to stay here. She was his true mate, and his wife was the chosen mate.

His wife was not happy about it, andashe began to abuse me, until she died, and her children took over.

My family didn’t care about me. After my mother's death, i became the maid. When my sisters were allowed to attend the parties and train, I was made to clean after them and stay cooped up, preparing dinner.

Now, even my own father hated me.

I felt a sharp sting on my scalp as my hair was pulled backwards. “Did you wash my clothes?” My father growled. I didn’t sense him come in.

My wolf cried in pain, like she always did when he assaulted me.

I nodded quickly, my hand reaching up to hold his hand in my hair, “Yes Father.”

His cold eyes studied me for a while then he let go of my hair, causing me to land painfully on the floor.

I groaned a bit but I struggled to keep the tears at bay. Showing weakness would only make things worse. My father's gaze lingered on me, his lips curling into a cruel smile.

"You're lucky I value my reputation," he hissed. "Otherwise, I would've disposed of you a long time ago."

I clenched my fists, my nails digging into my palms. It was a constant battle to hold back the anger and resentment that simmered within me. But my survival depended on my ability to endure, to play the role they expected of me.

Anna snickered from the corner of the room, enjoying my humiliation. "Father's right. You're nothing but a burden, a stain on our family's reputation."

“Shut up.” I growled then immediately regretted it. My father’s eyes flashed with anger. He lifted a hand and it made contact with my skin, making my head spin.

“She’s right. You are, like that whore of your mother.” He sneered and I couldn’t hold the tears anymore.

She’s not a whore! My wolf screamed in pain as the rejection cut through her. We should have gotten used to this by now, but it still hurt when our family treated us like this.

“Hurry and help your sisters get dressed. The party already started.”

I silently cleaned their shoes and helped them get ready for the moon ball, which we were hosting this year. Alphas from all around we’re going to be present and it was the best party of the year. Or so I heard. I had never attended, but now I was eighteen, I was finally old enough.

It was the ball most people found their mates.

I never really thought about mates, but maybe I could find mine?

My father would never allow me to go. I was a disgrace, his shame.

But I was going to go as a cleaner. Better to watch the festivities from afar than not be a part, right?

My sisters filed up in the living room while waiting for my father, and I just stood beside the door, looking at them. How I wish I wasn’t the ugliest. They were all pretty and loved by my father, except me.

My father walked to the living room and smiled at each of them and then his eyes landed on me, then turned cold.

“Gabriella.” He called, and my eyes widened for a second. He always avoided calling me by my name.

“Y-yes sir?” I stuttered, feeling uncomfortable under everyone’s stare.

He glared at me, "Make sure you clean up before we return."

I nodded quickly, refraining from telling him i would be at the ball. He would hate that.

Bowing my head, I waited for every one to leave. They all did, not before hitting me one way or the other.

I sighed as they left, and moved to change into my cleaning uniform.

Have to make that extra money if I want to eat more than once in a day.

Chapter 2

Brielle’s POV

I avoided my sisters, because I couldn’t bear be humiliated this night. The hall was filled with beautiful men and women, all looking every bit regal as they danced around the hall.

I watched in jealousy but I did my work, so I wouldn't be scolded by the head maid.

Who was storming towards me now.

"Gabriella. " She called, and I lifted my head to look at her.

"Yes ma'am?"

She gestured to a tray of food. "Go and serve the Alphas and Betas. Hurry up."

My heart leaped to my chest. The Alpha, my dad, and the beta's son, Cole.

I always had a crush on Cole. Despite the way everyone treated me, he never treated me that way.

Could he be my mate? No way, a low slave like me, and a beta like him?

Only in my dreams.

Smoothing my dress, I dragged the tray up to the table where they were, my body shaking as I avoided the glare from everyone, including my father who wasn't happy to see me here.

I would pr


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